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  1. john hanson says:

    i had a bridge done 8 years ago that was glued in,one has finally chipped in the front,how much to get fixed,i can send pics,thinking of coming over around the 30th may 2012 for 10 days,could it be fixed in this time frame ,thanks john

  2. Kelley Heron says:

    Hi there
    Can you send me your prices for a filling, foot canal and a tooth implant? thanks. i am booked to come to Koh Phangan 2nd June 2012, do i need to make a booking?

  3. Chris Gillard says:

    Hi there,
    I had a wisdom tooth taken out probably about 6 years ago at your surgery and i would love to come back and have some more work done. I need a crown, a few small fillings and a general clean. I was think of coming over sometime after Christmas and was wondering how long would it take and how much would it cost.
    Look forward from hearing from you.


  4. Alex says:

    Before i came to thailand i heard some stupid rumors about the healthcare there and when i lost a front tooth in some accident i was kind of nervous about going to local dentist. i just wanted to say that all these rumors were complete BULLSHIT!
    DR Taengs clinic is very clean, with brand new equipment and is up to any standard in any western country, and the most important thing is that shes a real proffesional. i didnt have enough time on the island to make a permanent tooth so i did a temporary one, the doctor warned me that usually a tooth like that will hold only for a week or two but now after two MONTHS its still holds! so i finished my trip and now i am back in my home country doing the permanent tooth, and i am sure that without DR Taeng and without a front tooth i wouldnt enjoy my trip so much.
    So long story short, just wanted to say THANK YOU! and that i HIGHLY recommend this clinic!

  5. Kent Bravin says:

    I need a full makeover in my mouth.
    Two front teeth broken, several other totaly braked.
    At least 5 need to go out.
    A lot of them (if not all) should go out.
    I stay on koh Phangan long time.
    Please contact me.


  6. daire mcgee says:

    hi i lost my denture, two front teeth, i know u are closed but its kinda of an emergency
    i hope u can get back to me asap thanks

  7. Rachael Wright says:

    Hello from Qld, Australia. I will be on Koh Phangan, flying in on ?24/25 June. My son Danny was working for a Dive Company at Chaloklam & visited your clinic in 2012. He highly recommended your work. I am hoping you would please send me a price list of your services & also, maybe, book me in for some dental work while I am on the island?
    I need 2 fillings, a definate teeth clean & whitening, & a chipped front tooth which maybe you could improve? I do also have a partial plate on the bottom with 5 teeth on it … which drives me crazy as food gets underneath it on a regular basis! – but I’m not sure whether that is something you could address if we are only available for about 4 days on the island. Do you work weekends?
    I look forward very much to hearing from you & when I do, I shall book in with you so I don’t miss out on your help! Cheers for now,

  8. becky says:

    Hi Dr.

    I’m going to go through a root canal , but I already have a fight to Koh Phangan next week. How much would it cost to get a crown ?

    Thanks, Becky

  9. Alice Helding Laursen says:

    Hello Doctor Taeng,

    I will stay on Koh Phangnan between the 12-28 dec. 2013 and I am interested in having some dental work done. Do you please have an email address I can write and make arrangements?

    Kind regards

  10. Helen says:

    Please could you send me contact details so I can get a quote and arrange an appointment ASAP. Thank you

  11. Malcolm says:


    I will be arriving on Phangang on Friday 16th jan 2015 for five days.

    I would like to arrange to have a three- tooth denture made, plus a crown replacement and possibly a filling. Can you give me an appointment for Friday afternoon, or Saturday, please?

    Thank you.

  12. dan phillips says:


    Can you give me a price for a root canal treatment please?

    Also do you have availability next week?

    Many thanks

    Dan Phillips

  13. camila says:

    Hi how much is a ceramic crown with palladium base please? Thank you

  14. adam says:

    I have a slight pain on the back tooth. I had a look at it seems my gums are slightly covering it so when I bite it hurts. need it cleared up basically. how much am I looking at? im in Koh Phanghan in around 3 hours time.

  15. Marian Rus says:

    Hi there,
    I would like to know if is there any possibility to have an appointment tomorrow, I’ve few filings to do and a crown and I would like to know how much it will cost please.
    thank you so much.


  16. Eden says:

    hi I recently damaged my gum and it will not stop bleeding and continues to form blood clots. Would like to know when I can come through to get it checked out and what the price is for a check up. Thanks.

  17. Arianna says:

    Good evening,
    my name is Arianna.
    I will come in Koh Phangan in February 2016 and i would like to do 5 implant.
    I would like to have some information about the implants price and if there is availability in February 2016.
    Thank you

  18. Ellie says:


    I’m going to be in Koh Phangnan over New Year and would like to book an appointment around 4th January please, do you have availability then?


  19. Isabel says:

    Do you do implants ? My partner has three to do & already has the screws fitted (he had them done in Chang Mai 6 months ago) so just wondering is there any chance you can do the rest ? the caps etc & if so what is the process ? How long between getting a mould done & making the caps & fitting them ? Also the cost of this ? plus whitening, Thanks … Look forward to hearing from you.

  20. Caroline Pallut says:

    Good morning Dc Taeng,
    It’s emergency: My french dentist put me a bandage on my teeth because of bad theeth. But there was a long time ago and I think me theeth are open again. I need a new. bandage very quickly because it is very painful. I’m to Koh Pan Gan now et I take taxi at 11am for your Dental home. Can you help me and how much to put a new bandage on my teeth?
    Thanck you for your answer.

  21. comfortably numb1 says:

    If you have a true emergency, get off your ass and go to Dr.Taengs office. Show them your problem and the good people there will, I’m sure, try to help you.
    You want a $$ quote and appointment via social media ???…. Get Real !

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