Koh Phangan Moondance … the Van Morrison way!

Koh Phangan Moon Dance

Koh Phangan Moon Dance

I managed to squeeze enough out of my credit card at the local Flight Centre to get onto the very next flight to Bangkok, with an immediate change over to Samui and a short ferry ride to Thongsala Koh Phangan.

I had just survived yet another bad attempt at suicide by binge drinking the week-end away at Caprice, in Camps Bay, Cape Town and was in bad shape. The idea was to check into a spa of sorts, detox, shed a couple of kilos and look forward to extending my life beyond 43. This however was not to happen.

Carrying my only possessions in a plastic Woolworths shopping bag, I took the long walk from the ferry down the Koh Phangan pier into Thongsala in the suffocating midday heat, to plan my next move and find somewhere to get my hands onto a frosty little friend. Down a side street I ambled, clutching my ‘plastic’, looking for indicators that would lead to quenching my thirst.

A’s Coffee Shop appeared appropriate enough and ‘bergie like’, I shuffled to a table farthest from public scrutiny and in no time at all I was in the company of new and familiar friends. Chang, Becks, Guiness, Campari, Stella, Jack and Bacardi, we were all there getting to know each other all over again, getting along just fine, when I heard a couple of familiar South African voices.

Looking up into Chris’s moon-like face, I instantly knew exactly how this was all going to end up ……

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7 Responses to Koh Phangan Moondance … the Van Morrison way!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Duuude, are you like from Afreaka ?????Wowwwww. How did you get here ? I mean you said you flew, but, on like your own plane or what ? Did you get on one of those United Nations cargo planes that drop food bundles on the starving natives , you must of like snuck on right ?

    If that is you in the picture, where did you get those clothes ? I’ve seen the Discovery channel loads of times about everywhere in Afferika and like nobody wears pants and shirts. From what I know they mostly wear animal skin one piece stuff. You must be really happy that in Thailand we don’t have thousands of flies on all the food and on our faces like you Affericuns.

    Hope you enjoy our civilized way of life here dude, cause when you go back it’s gonna give you culture shock !

    I have one question that has been buggin me about Aferika, are there more lions or more tigers there ?


    curious mike

    • Anonymous says:

      Tigers are more prevalent, my house boy was savaged by a tiger while putting the garbage out. I still bear scars on my left leg after being mauled by a man eater while waving a taxi down in my village. Lions are scarce, my grand father loved telling stories of the last rouge lion that was seen south of the Sahel. His roar was so load that he could be heard right through a Pearl Jam concert.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your house boy was savaged by a “rouge” tiger, my God my guess is that your boy was in tight white leggings a water bra and a pair of heels that would be more apt on a pole dancer…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Curious Mike, well it has been a while but finally I got behind my all American, made in China, assembled in Spain, packaged in Ghana, and shipped from Taiwan, Apple Mac (schew just had to get that off my chest). Dear Mike having already met you in my tiger loin cloth and all, I am somewhat surprised by your total lack of African knowledge, but then again, you are a Conservative Republican, whom by the way is about to have a mixed race muslim as President (teee, heee, heeee). Anyway surely such a highly paid information gathering employee of that Great American Agency (GAY) or is it the CIA should at least try and remain current with international affairs. And oh puleeez Africa is not in the French Quarter, so do not even go there to start with ok.

    • Anonymous says:

      ciao raga….io sono stato a koh phangan molte volte e vi posso dire che è sempre peggio….oltre a ristoranti come a s coffee shop che un riso con due schifezze costa 4 euro e un caffè illy quasi 2 euro,ci sono posti come la casa italiana a thong sala che di italiano ha solo il nome…anzi neanche quello perchè si chiama “italiana casa”…
      la signora che si sente miss universo è di un antipatico che nn vi dico…..eravamo 4 amici e il padrone parlava tedesco????abbiamo chiesto chi era italiano in quel ristorante??la puttana thailandese o il tedesco???
      con un aria da strafottenti ci han risposto di andar da un altra parte…..
      cara la mia bella thai la prossima volta che torno a koh phangan ti tiro sotto la macchina.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t imagine Chris letting a mate pass out on the street in Thongsala. He would never allow it, he sets the bar high in this department, well that’s what he told me… Hey does Thongsala look like the Serengeti? No, this is a classy town on a paradise island, in case you didn’t notice! It sounds like you were on a safari…. Mind you A’s Coffee Shop would be a good place start on the day following a full moon. I know Mike has sent me on more than one.

    The Woolworth bag is a good front, it would really mess with taxi drivers heads..

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