Full Moon Party

OFM – Once in a Full Moon Festival on Koh Phangan Island finally cancelled!

OFM Koh Phangan finally cancelled!
OFM Koh Phangan finally cancelled!

Due to last Sundays terror bombing attacks in Hat Yai, south of Thailand, the local administration of Koh Phangan has shortly decided to CANCEL this months “Once in a Fullmoon” Dance Festival!

This information was confirmed by different reliable island sources and should be hereby official and ready to be posted on Koh Phangan Island News. Administration officials announced that local security task force can’t provide the extra security required to handle the increasing numbers of expected visitors for this global Full Moon Festival event. Especially as the southern provinces of Thailand are on high risk terror alert at the moment!

But this months Full Moon Party April 23.rd 2005 will continue as normal without any special international DJ acts. Local security forces are prepared to handle visitors at normal levels whilst at high alert, officials said.


3 thoughts on “OFM – Once in a Full Moon Festival on Koh Phangan Island finally cancelled!

  • phanganisland

    this sounds like a really lame excuse to me … No other party is canceled because of “Terror” Risk … there is no “Terror Risk” … Ossama is still in on holiday in in the middle East … FMP is not on his programm

    .. I more belive the cause is the poor management of the event and bad relations with Haad Rin locals … anyway … who needs more commerce on the FMP … it’s much too much already ….

    … and I wonder how such an ‘investigative’ magazine like KPnews.org … doesn’t comment on this servere “Terror Risk”, we all facing in the upcomming Full Moon …

  • Just thought to mention I was in Donsak Pier on Tuesday waiting to the 7am car ferry. While there a large truck drove onto the ship with huge Ossama Bin Laden Mudguards on it and Ossama’s face displayed in several places underneath the truck.

    Strange, Im not saying this truck was full of explosives but whatever was on it was heavily wrapped and boarded up and it was huge.

    So if you see a truck driving around on Phangan with Ossama Bin Laden Mudguards on it maybe it will be worth walking the other way.

    Has anyone seen this truck?

  • lcengland

    Do you not read the news??

    The ‘Terror’ isnt from Osama, its from the muslims living in the south of Thailand.

    If they think there is a potential risk I would rather they cancelled it than carried on and something terrible happened.

    If they didnt cancel it, and it all went tits up, it will all be the organiser and authorities fault. I sure as hell wouldnt want that on my head.


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