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Thai man arrested after British tourist was shot dead on Koh Phangan Island

Thai Suspect Ekkapan Kaewkla
Thai Suspect Ekkapan Kaewkla

Police on Koh Phangan Island have arrested a Thai man after a British tourist was shot dead at a New Year’s Eve party when he was hit by a stray bullet as he danced with friends.

Police launched a search for a 26-year-old Thai man identified as Ekkapan Kaewkla, or Lae Kaewkla.

About noon, a team of police led by Pol Col Kittakarn searched for the suspect who was thought to have gone into hiding up in the mountain and arrested him in tambon Ban Tai. Mr Ekkapan was found with a home-made gun believed to have been used in the shooting.

Mr Ekkapan denied he fired the shot that killed Ashton but admitted he had fought with another group of men when partying at Zoom Bar.

Pol Col Kittakarn said police had several witnesses and enough evidence to prosecute the suspect. Royal Thai Police adviser, Pol Gen Rachata Yensuang, Pol Lt Gen Kittisan Dejsoonthornwat, the Provincial Police Region 8 deputy commissioner, and Surat Thani provincial police chief Kiattipong Khaosum-ang will interrogate the suspect at Khao Phangan station at noon on Wednesday, he added.

The Thai suspect is expected to be charged with manslaughter following an arrest, police in Thailand said.

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3 thoughts on “Thai man arrested after British tourist was shot dead on Koh Phangan Island

  • The Thai police are charging him with manslaughter, but when a deadly weapon is used, even if not premeditated, then surely the charge should be murder. The fact is that a gun being carried is proof of premeditation, even if the person who got shot just happened to be the wrong one.

    I’m afraid that this character will almost certainly walk away from this after a few months. The Thai police mentality, and I have had dealings with them having been married to a Thai for 10 years, is that if a tourist gets killed or injured, it is unfortunate, but it would not have happened had the tourist not been there in the first place. The same rule applies if you get involved in a traffic accident, if you weren’t there, then the accident would not have happened, so therefore you are to blame no matter what.

    Thai men in general are just so pathetic. The police are corrupt. The rule is when in Thailand, never drink in a bar where there are Thai men. They hate us Ferangs (white Europeans) with a passion. Stay where there are only Europeans, if any Thai men appear, leave the bar. Never, ever argue with them. I note in this story there was an argument with Thai and young tourists. This is a consequence of what happens. I have no doubt he meant to kill a white tourist and not another gang member. This sort of thing is a lot more common than you might think, but the police will cover it up, as usual.

    • Little bit harsh to tar all Thai men with the same brush . I agree on some points however not all . I lived on this island for 13 years and ran a very successful business which employed both Thai men and women and at all times they were polite and harmless . I was 22 when I went there speak fluent Thai and to top it all I was with my English girlfriend who became my wife . At no point did We feel in danger in any bar when Thai men walked in. I was young and involved with police and Local rogues and I agree that a lot more happens then you read about as I too had a friend murdered. The Thais don’t like to lose face and some do retaliate , to be honest I live in London now and I am more scared there . It was a tragic accident for the tourist but I know as a fact that Thais are aware that killing a farang or tourist will infuriate the tourist police and local police . They hate it as it drives away tourism. They seem to be more lenient when Thai on Thai crime is committed. The gang scene is massive in koh phangnan and Samui alike but the average tourist never see this, the local top man keeps very tight control of this and his minions know that . You will probably find this Thai man won’t be freed soon unless he is very well connected and local, if not he too is dead. Happy new year

  • To bad. I feel sorry for the guy. This is nothing anybody wishes somebody forthe new year.


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