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A British tourist was shot dead on the holiday island Koh Phangan after a quarrel with Thai youngsters

A 22 year old British tourist was shot dead as he danced at the New Year party on Koh Phangan islands after a fight between rival Thai gangs erupted on the beach, police said on Tuesday.

The holidaymaker was killed when a Thai man opened fire at a bar on the island of Koh Phangan in southern Thailand in the early hours of the morning.

“He was shot in the side while he was dancing on the beach,” local policeman Lieutenant Colonel Somsak Noorod told AFP, adding the area had been packed with revellers during the evening’s New Year celebrations.

Police believe the gunman was aiming at members of a rival gang.

Shooting took place at Zoom Bar on Haad Rin Beach, Koh Phangan. The British tourist was staying at Pink Bungalow. Police hunting the shooter

Details not known yet. Would seem a series of shots were fired by a drunk Thai youth. One hit the British tourist in his chest, killing him.

The incident happened at about 4am. As it is a holiday, not sure if the police informed the embassy yet. Thai media printed name at 1:30pm

Thai media reporting that the British tourist was accidentally shot & killed after drunken Thai youths opened fire at a NY party on Phangan

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4 thoughts on “A British tourist was shot dead on the holiday island Koh Phangan after a quarrel with Thai youngsters

  • My friends and I were standing right next to where the guy fell. We carried him to medics. Hard rin needs better medical facilities!! He may have been saved if a proper hospital was on the island. An island that hosts parties for thousands of people every month needs greater medical facilities. This is not the first shoot out that has happened in the island’s parties and yet neither security nor medical facilities were proper!

    • Kpg has an exelent public Thai hospital that foreigners never use. I have been there twice. It is different from western hospitals, but the expertise and care are excellent. Just need to know it exists. Most farangs dint know about it, or they don’t want to go…

  • I wholeheartedly agree. Ambulance stations are put in force during this period between Haad Rin and Ban Tai but it’s simply not enough. Tourism officials thought there was to of been around 80,000 people on the island during full moon and néw years eve period yet hospitals are few and far between. Tourists spend a lot of money on your island (Thailand) during this time – look after them!

  • Ashley

    I came to the scene only about 10 minutes after. Some Israeli guys tried to do CPR on him but it seemed hopeless. Thai gov should finance a hospital on this island!!! How can it be that an island hosting more than 80,000 people has such a poor “medical” facility?


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