Blues and Rock Live Music at Tranquil Resort on the island of Koh Phangan

Live Music Blues Rock Koh Phangan
Live Music Koh Phangan

One Scotch … one Bourbon … one Beer! Also this high season in the year 2005 Mick Ford and his ‘Koh Phangan Headband’ are still alive and rocking.

After a couple of gigs around the island it was time again for a life concert back home at the Tranquil Resort. Lots of live music lovers found their way to the most tranquil spot on the island to enjoy this island top act. The band around Mick Ford was in good conditions and newly equipped with a saxophone player named Gustavo who was doing quite a good job playing these fancy notes.

Though the ‘Koh Phangan Headband’ was starting a bit slow it soon came into serious action and the whole place was shaking and having a good time. Also to mention again was our special Canadian guest ‘Glyn Jagger’ on vocals who did his brilliant bit on performance singing this song which name I can’t remember. But Becki was really impressed – two thumbs up ‘Glyn Jagger’ 😉

Unfortunately this time I can’t offer any pictures of this fantastic live gig. Just because Becki got sort of influenced by our special guests from Canada named Karen & Glyn and their tiny but marvelous 100% pure Canadian missiles. Uuuppssaa … Becki got hit … Becki was paralyzed 😉 And finally I even forgot to pay for my beers! But will do so on Sunday when the ‘Sunday Roast’ is on the menu again at Tranquil Resort. Something also you shouldn’t miss!

Well … all the best & have fun like usual 😉

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