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Blacklisted Russian who came back to Koh Phangan as Romanian will be deported again

The chief of the Immigration Bureau Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang has formally announced the arrest of a Russian man who was blacklisted and deported and who then changed his name and went back to Koh Phangan as a Romanian.

Sergey Milentiy was previously based on the holiday island in southern Thailand. In January of 2016 he was fined for illegal work and given a two month sentence and fine for running a business without a licence.

The sentence was suspended and he was deported and blacklisted.

However, in September of last year he sneaked back into Thailand on a new fake passport posing as Romanian national Sergiu Milentii.

He was finally caught staying at the Up 2 You hotel on Koh Phangan on May 9th of this year.

He will now be deported again.

Thank you to Siam Rath  “ตม.จับกุมชายชาวรัสเซียแปลงสัญชาติเป็นโรมาเนียหลบประเทศไทย” which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

Photo credit @ Siam Rath

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