Russian mafia figure arrested on Koh Phangan island

Russian mafia figure arrested on Koh Phangan island after sneaking back in as Romanian with new name.

A Russian thrown out of Thailand three years ago for mafia activities was caught sneaking back into Koh Phangan where he was formerly a well known bar owner.

Since he was deported he had changed his name and nationality but not his face. He was picked up in Koh Phangan and taken by speedboat to Koh Samui immigration officers where he faced interrogation. It was a joint operation by the tourist police and Surat Thani immigration.

The russian mafia figure was now using the name Sergiu Milentii, a 33 year old Romanian, according to his new passport. But in reality he is a Russian national called Milintia Sergei (name transliterated from Thai script).

In January 2016 he was blacklisted from Thailand for ten years. He was the owner of Similan Bar in Had Rin. He hired a hit man to shoot at Palita Lodge nearby and was also charged with offences related to his work and business practices.

In the meantime he had returned to Europe and changed his name and nationality but not his face, reported MGR Online.

MGR Online further reported he had sneaked back into Thailand through the Sungei Kolok immigration post on the Malaysian border and made his way to Koh Phangan.

He is now in custody and helping the immigration police with their inquiries.

Thank you to MGR Online “รวบอดีตมาเฟียรัสเซียเจ้าของบาร์บนเกาะพะงัน แอบเปลี่ยนชื่อย่องกลับเข้าเกาะหลังเคยถูกเนรเทศ” which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

One thought on “Russian mafia figure arrested on Koh Phangan island

  • May 10, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    This is fake news (and straight up libel). I’ve been going to Simiram parties and witnessed the shutdown. It was a thai mayor who actually ordered the shooting. Russians were falsely blamed.

    Proof (your own news article):

    Police, armed with a court warrant, on Friday evening arrested Chanin Phetsri, 54, after searching his home in Tha Khanom municipality in Khiri Ratthanikhom district on the mainland of the southern province. He is charged with hiring two men to fire shots into a resort next door to a property he owns at Haad Rin beach on Koh Phangan. Mr Chanin is also the mayor of Tha Khanom.
    [end quote]

    As you know, libel is a criminal offence in Thailand. I’ve already taken screenshots of your news article, don’t bother taking it down. Tomorrow they will be handed to the police., thank you for posting this. Libel is a criminal offence in Thailand. Screenshots are already taken and will be handed over to the police tomorrow. Don’t bother taking down this post.


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