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Koh Phangan Paradise Island in deep shit

The Thai military swung into action Sunday to make the Koh Phangan authorities act over sewage polluting the island.

Pictures had appeared online with dozens of complaints from locals that raw sewage was flowing into the sea in the Ban Thong Sala area of the holiday island in South Thailand.

Reporters from Thai Rath went to look at beaches there and found it stank with filthy, foaming, black water messing up many parts of the local area.

Some spots were being used by tourists, they said.

Locals told them they had been complaining about it for ages, but the local authority did very little to address the problem. It was now getting critical.

On hearing the news local army commander Thanongsak Permsanam took a contingent of soldiers to investigate and he was clearly not happy with the situation.

He is now telling the local authority to get their collective fingers out and do something about the pollution quickly.

Thank you to Thai Rath “สุดทน! ชาวบ้านพะงัน ร้องน้ำเสียถูกปล่อยลงหาด เหม็นคลุ้งทั่วบริเวณ” which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

Koh Phangan Paradise – The shit hits the fan – Picture Credit @

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