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Dead sea turtle found on Koh Phangan island died from eating nylon rope

An autopsy found that the latest sea turtle found dead on Koh Phangan island died because of a green nylon rope inside its stomach, a veterinarian said.

Watchara Sakornwimol, a vet at the government Centre for Agricultural Resources Systems Research, said the rope caused bleeding in the turtle’s stomach and in turn caused its heart valves to become swollen.

The 50-kg turtle was found on the Haad Chao Pao beach on Koh Pha-ngan island on June 19 – the fourth sea turtle found dead on the popular tourist island in Surat Thani in just two weeks.

Watchara said the turtle apparently mistook the green nylon rope for seaweed and ate it.

She said fishermen and tourism operators should be aware that garbage could jeopardise marine animals including turtles.

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