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Koh Phangan’s first International Airport has finally landed!

Airport Koh Phangan Island
Airport Koh Phangan Island

Now it’s Official! Koh Phangan’s first international Airport has finally landed!

On December 31st, Koh Phangan locals and international visitors were greeted with open arms as the arrivals gate opened at ‘The Airport’. Everyone knew that eventually there would be an international airport on the island of Koh Phangan, they just didn’t know when it was coming. The islands newest edition to its already booming nightlife has a lot to offer to its clientele. Situated on the islands main bar strip in Bantai village, you cant help but notice the three meter airplane crashing into the roof.

This cultural melting pot offers a variety of international music along with a vast selection of exotic drinks in a laid back atmosphere. A weekly Bar-B-Que and live band guarantees that you won’t miss the good times on your visit. Of course no airport is complete with out hostesses and the Airport lives right up there with the best of them and the stewardesses will make sure that your flight will be most enjoyable.

Be sure to stop by and check out the good times the next time your plane lands in Thailand, and it’s a guarantee you will depart with great memories and a smile on your face 😉

Airport Koh Phangan Island
International Airport
Airport Koh Phangan Island
Finally Landed!
Airport Koh Phangan Island
Koh Phangan Island

2 thoughts on “Koh Phangan’s first International Airport has finally landed!

  • and nobody had the idea to check how much it could cost to build a bridge beteween samui and hadrhin???private cars and buses from airport could come easily to phangan… coud cost less that airport that is polulting, noisy , detroying nature ect?

    USE YOUR BRAIN!!!!! before doing such stupidity! and check the possibilty of bridge first…


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