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Working illegally on Koh Phangan – Swiss Barber Arrested!

Police apprehended a 51 year old Swiss hairstylist in Koh Phangan for operating a barbershop without proper authorisation, challenging the local police’s ability to detain him. He was arrested at Oliver Twist Hair in Ban Tai on charges of working illegally in Thailand.

The arrest took place after Police Lieutenant General Saksira Pueak-am, Commander of the Tourist Police, ordered Police Lieutenant Colonel Winit Boonchit and a team of Koh Phangan Tourist Police, in collaboration with local administrative officials, to investigate the matter. The police had received reports of a foreign national unlawfully working as a barber, a profession reserved for Thai citizens.

Further investigation on social media, specifically on facebook, revealed a fan page for Oliver Twist Hair, advertising hair-cutting and styling services by Oliver Ehrat. Customers could book appointments through the WhatsApp application.

During questioning, Oliver admitted that while he held a permit to work as a Managing Director of Oliver Twist Art Co., Ltd., he had been working as a hairstylist at Oliver Twist Hair, which had been operating for nine years. The charges for haircuts ranged from 500 baht (US$14) to approximately 4,000 baht (US$110), depending on the style.

The police informed Oliver of the charges.

“You are charged with being a foreign national working outside the scope of your permitted occupation (hairstylist).”

Following this, he was taken to Koh Phangan Police Station for legal proceedings.

Read the full story at KhaoSod – จับช่างตัดผม ชาวสวิต เปิดร้านแย่งอาชีพคนไทย ท้าตร.จับฉันให้ได้ถ้านายแน่จริง which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

Photo credit @ KhaoSod

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