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So … Fuck You Beckmann!

Mental Help Desk Koh Phangan
Mental Help Desk Koh Phangan

Hello Becki,
I used to be an avid reader and supporter of your site. I was outraged that you would receive a threat re: Crime rate increases on Koh Phangan. I was the one who responded on April 5. You have now termed me a “retard”. I don’t understand your logic behind this slur. I WAS on your side, and was responding to a very stupid posting, in support of YOU. So…….fuck you Beckman!
I have now removed your address from my “favorites” list, and will recommend alternative sites to my friends.

Well … Becki just received this email a couple of minutes ago. Unfortunately without a proper email address I could privately reply to. doesn’t seem to work – he he he 😉 Anyway … seems that there’s a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING here and to prevent any more damage it’s a very good idea to clear up things in public! There might probably be more avid readers and supporters of Koh Phangan Island News out there who were thinking exactly the same. And I really don’t want to offend anybody by calling him a RETARD when posting comments on this website.

The story of the misunderstanding is simple and straightforward. Becki has the possibility in the PostNuke CMS to globally define the name for any anonymously posted comments on the website. The default name was setup to be ANONYMOUS. Meaning any comments posted by non registered users would be termed ANONYMOUS! But as Koh Phangan Island News is the place of madness for lunatics, potheads and any kind of morons, Becki just thought it would be simply FUN to change the global settings in the CMS to RETARD! Why not?? That would be a major fun improvement 😉

But as I can see now some people take it really serious and personal! By the way, if you would have taken a closer look on other comments you would have discovered that somehow most comments were posted by RETARDS – not only yours 😉

Anyway, my dear avid reader and supporter, SORRY 😉 … and in case anyone else was offended by the term RETARD Becki wants to apologize for any personal or long term mental damage! Global comment settings are back to ANONYMOUS and hopefully all of you are feeling relieved now 😉

If you’re still experiencing slur feelings then don’t hesitate and contact one of our certified Island Psychiatrists. The Mental Help Desk is available 24/7 and provides HOTLINE numbers for emergencies.


One thought on “So … Fuck You Beckmann!

  • It’s such a shame that a coward has chosen to hijack a website like this to throw grenades from the jungle and threaten the webmaster. Come out you spine less piece of shit!

    Beckman has put a lot of energy into this fantastic site which I enjoy from around the world in Canada. This is our site to post stories, make friends and have fun. Becki made this site for all of us, this is a place to talk about your experiences or share photo’s and generally keep up on some gossip. This site is all about good things, not a place to come and threaten each other. It’s this type of publicity that will put off tourists and hurt business on Paradise Island. Take a pill, have hoots or maybe you should go home for a while, but chill out!

    I appreciate what you’re doing and how much work it is to maintain a site like this and so do many, many others Becki, Please continue to post the news and the great stories, don’t be discouraged by some chicken shit coward. Your story about crime is right on and crime has been a problem in the Wok Tum area for a few years now. I don’t understand why anybody would be upset with you reporting the news. The greater crime is to not report news.

    Hey I for one know that I haven’t stepped up and posted a story yet. It’s not easy but I know it would be great if more people did. Then I think we would all appreciate how much work Becki has put into this site for us all to enjoy.


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