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Koh Phangan Songkran Festival – Surprising Side Effects!

Songkran Festival Side Effects

As everything in our lovely 3 dimensional dualistic universe has two different sides also the Songkran Festival here on Koh Phangan Paradise Island definitely had a special surprising side effect for some minor developed humans on this hidden island!

As you can see at the picture to your left, drinking and driving a car is probably a very good idea if you want to end up as an example here on Koh Phangan Island News 😉 The truck from our Real Estate Agents KP-Property was found one day after the Songkran Festival on the hospital road close to the west coast on Koh Phangan. Looks quite impressing, isn’t it 😉 So … always think twice before starting your engines! A special THANK YOU goes to the team of for providing this piece of uncensored information.

Today – the day after – Becki saw a few crashed motorbikes next to the road and I can only assume that there were at least a couple of accidents on this magical Songkran Festival Island. Would be great to get the official numbers from the local police 😉

Also worth mentioning was a fight of about 20 young Thai teenagers in front of Psy Shop just next to Beck’s Beer Bar. Unfortunately … thinking about some digital evidence … luckily … thinking about my health … Becki was not around that time 😉 A general Becki Songkran Festival advice is to leave the scene around 3 p.m. as things developed a bit nasty in the last two years late afternoon. Becki always reads in some Island magazines that the local Thais are very well known for something they call ‘Djai Dee’. A kind heart! From my personal experience I would rather say that the local Thais are also very well known for something they call ‘Djai Roon’! A sort of overheated heart 😉

Well … mix it up with a couple of Vodka Red Bull based liquids, some Singha, some more Chang … probably some more bottles of Thai beer … as it kicks like a Thai boxer … a few hours of hot sun … and finally don’t be surprised finding yourself in the middle of something you would rather not like to be in. As a friend of mine said today, once he saw that half of the ear of that Thai guy was ripped off he decided to better leave the special carnival atmosphere. Well … what a wise decision, isn’t it 😉

Also re-confirmed today, by some local secret undercover agents, was the killing of two people in Srithanu area somewhere next to the Arrow Bar. The two people, probably Thai or Burmese (not farang!), were killed the old traditional fashioned style. Knifing 😉

What else to say? HAPPY NEW YEAR???

P.S. Arrow Bar was closed the Songkran Festival day. So please don’t blame them for the killings 😉

3 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Songkran Festival – Surprising Side Effects!

  • phanganisland

    sorry I forgot to login before I send the previous post …. for more pictures …

    … and I don’t know if they really crash because of too drunken, maybe they sleept in …. but they took out the power supply for the northern part of the island for a few minutes …

  • Anonymous

    I can confrim these ugly things around Srithanu, unfortunatly I’m living there,one of my dogs got shoot last year by drunkyard living near by, often gun shots can be heard at night. Police seem to don’t give a shit about it. These armed lunatics are well know in the neighborhood here, but nobody dares to do something against it, since they are im most cases rich and can aford bribes.

    Becki keep up the good work … and I guess you are right, without showing the ugly stuff happening here, there will be never a change.

  • not drunk and drive but mau maak maak from ee our jaa baa. they dont sell only land but also ee in the backyard


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