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Agama Yoga founder flees amidst sexual assault accusations

Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, the founder of Agama Yoga has indefinitely fled the center in Koh Phangan Thailand several sources confirm. He is believed to be headed to Europe, presumably Romania where he is from. His abrupt departure comes just four days after the publication of an expose that chronicled numerous accusations of sexual assault against him and several senior Agama teachers. The story has gone viral, gathering over 25,000 views since it’s publication on Tuesday. A public statement posted on Facebook by Agama says that Swami has “taken the decision to step back from all his administrative and teaching responsibilities” while they investigate.

Agama yoga teacher Ram Avnur, accused of sexual misconduct in the article, fled Koh Phangan yesterday sources confirm. It is believed Muktananda, also accused of sexual misconduct, is leaving the island.

The accusations have rocked the island of Koh Phangan, where hundreds of people flock for Agama yoga and tantra programs each year. “It’s like a bomb exploded” on the island wrote one student. Another wrote that everything is in “chaos” at the center. Several witnesses report that it is a “ghost town” with little activity and very few people attending classes. Additionally, some key Agama staff have quit since the publication of the article.

The current director of Agama, Ananda Maha, held a community meeting on Friday night to address the controversy. An attendee reports that the meeting was “a big cover up. No acknowledgements. There was no compassion for the victims.” She said it was clear “there will be no investigation into what these 31 women from the 31 written statements have experienced. Not by an internal committee, nor by an external source.” In regards to the numerous women who have come forth with sexual abuse stories, Maha said “It had all been their own perception, because of the wounds they were already carrying” the attendee claims. A source previously stated that Maha, who is Swami’s former lover, has turned a “blind eye to every abuse” that has occurred over the years.

A Koh Phangan resident has started a Facebook group called “Boycott Agama”where people can stay updated on the story.

Yoga Alliance, the governing body for Agama’s yoga training certifications, has receive several formal complaints and has begun their own investigation.

Read the full story at Medium.com “Agama Yoga Founder Flees Amidst Sexual Assault Accusations” which was brought to us by Be Scofield.

2 thoughts on “Agama Yoga founder flees amidst sexual assault accusations

  • Finally!

    Of course Mihaela Pintuc (original name of Ananda Maha) will deny everything. That is their style since the beginning. To explain everything away using a spiritual hogwash, or criticizing someone else or blaming it on ‘demonic / dark forces’.
    Even other ‘senior’ teachers who are no longer teachers at the school directly but conduct some programs like Monika Vazirani (original name of Monika Nataraj) and Manu Akshobhia covered up everything even way back in 2007 when i was exploring the school by saying ‘its upto the individual to choose what they want. there is no force at the school’ and they still take the Swami as their big teacher.

  • Deni

    Did the Thai police arrest any of the rapists?


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