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Koh Phangan Island Ministry of Ethics publishes Green Party Zone list for upcoming High Season

Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 01
Party Zone Koh Phangan Island

Today Koh Phangan’s non-profit and anti-corruption Ministry of Ethics and Moral Support has published their Green Party Zone list for the upcoming high season on the island of madness, also known as Koh Pha-Ngan Island in the south of Thailand.

Koh Phangan Paradise Island has received world wide recognition over the last couple of years being the host of the biggest beach party on this planet. The world famous Full Moon Party at Hadrin Beach!

To ensure safe partying and overall success in satisfying your soul on this beautiful island, the Ministry of Ethics has recently conducted an intensive research project on the current party zones activities around Koh Phangan Island.

This survey was mainly initiated by the Ministry of Ethics due to the fact that an endless number of local Thai individuals and also foreign immigrants started complaining about insomnia, headache, vibrating houses and very loud disturbing noises throughout the whole night.

The report of Koh Phangan’s Ministry of Ethics further revealed a high density of Party Zone activities close to the residential areas of Baan Tai, Baan Nok and Baan Nuea village.

“Living here has become a nightmare over the last couple of years! Every couple of days we are unable to sleep because of the local party organizers playing loud bum bum bum music throughout the whole night. What happened to the tradition of respecting each other? How is something like this possible? We have asked our local administration and police officers to help protect our village many times but so far nothing has been changed! It’s all about money, power and corruption!”, a local Thai living in Baan Tai village said.

“I have build rental houses for tourists in Baan Tai village. Since we got this terrible loud music every couple of days my rental houses stay empty!”, a desperate local business owner stated.

Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 03
BANNED - Black Moon Party
Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 02
APPROVED - Full Moon Party Green Zone
Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 04
BANNED - Half Moon Party

The main cause for the major dissatisfaction around local Thais living in the Baan Tai village area are local party organizers like Black Moon Culture, Half Moon Festival, Shiva Moon Festival, Baan Sabai Day Party and also the Jungle Experience Party organizers. These party zones are mostly located right at the edge of the villages with some of them directly placed in Baan Tai village, the report from the Ministry of Ethics further disclosed.

A local bungalow owner explained, “My bungalow resort is located close to the Black Moon Party in Baan Tai village. As soon as the tourists hear about it they simply check out and move somewhere else. This party development is really not good for my business. I already lost quite some money because of it. Parties should only be allowed at Hadrin beach. This is where it all started; let’s better keep it that way. A lot of tourists coming to this beautiful island still enjoy the nature and tranquility this place has to offer. No more parties in Baan Tai please!”

“It is somehow a real bizarre situation! While I’m trying to give my students a decent education we have loud techno music playing in the early morning right behind the school in Baan Tai village. You can always hear a distinctive bum bum bum in the background. Why is something like this tolerated by our local administration office?”, an unnamed teacher from the Baan Tai school told.

Koh Phangan’s Ministry of Ethics has already contacted the local administration office and highest chiefs from the local police station but so far any comments on these topics have been denied!

“I’m living right next to the Shiva Moon Party Zone in Baan Tai village. What first started as a one time per month only event has now developed to a once per week event! I’m forced to rent a room in Baan Tai village during the Shiva Moon Party night otherwise I won’t be able to sleep. Can you imagine this? Police … Island Officials? Ah … forget them. All totally corrupted!”, an unnamed foreigner living in Baan Tai village told.

“Peace, Love, Unity! Satisfy your soul! Ah … cut that crap. These parties are not about peace, love, unity or satisfying your soul. They are mainly money oriented organizations to increase their profits and bribe all local authorities on the island, including the local district office, police chiefs and other village representatives!”, another reliable source said.

The reliable source further explained, “Why don’t the local parties organizers look out for a solution which satisfies all souls including especially the local Thais living in that villages? I can assure you that all of the Thai locals are very upset about the current situation but are afraid to speak up as they know about the corruption level involved!”

Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 06
BANNED - Half Moon Party
Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 05
BANNED - Baan Sabai Party
Party Zone Koh Phangan Island 07
BANNED - Shiva Moon Party

“A final solution could be a centralized party zone which is located far away from any residential areas. This party zone could then be administrated by the local district office and guarded by local police security forces. Any party organizer could then just easily rent out that official party zone from the local district office and finally all souls will be satisfied and will enjoy peace , love and unity together!”, an official member of the Ministry of Ethics announced.

“Local island officials would then have an official steady income instead of supporting corruption. Party organizers could increase their profits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without disturbing local residents anymore. And finally the local Thai and foreigner community could enjoy peaceful and natural life on Koh Phangan Paradise again. This setup would only benefit all interest of all groups involved!”, the Ministry of Ethics further added.

Koh Phangan’s Ministry of Ethics and Moral support is currently in the process of negotiating a better solution with all parties involved on that matter. Meanwhile the Ministry of Ethics has published an up-to-date Green Party Zone List as a general guide line for all the tourists coming to this beautiful island.

Help fight corruption and help protect Natural Koh Phangan by joining Green Party Zones only!

Green Party Zones by Ministry of Ethics: 

* Full Moon Party (Hadrin Beach)
* After Party Backyard Club (Hadrin Beach)
* The Rock (Hadrin Beach)
* Paradise Bungalows (Hadrin Beach)
* Drop in Club (Hadrin Beach)
* Zoom Bar (Hadrin Beach)
* Vinyl Club (Hadrin Beach)
* The Cactus (Hadrin Beach)
* Beach House (Hadrin Beach)
* Tommy Bar (Hadrin Beach)
* Mellow Mountain (Hadrin Beach)
* Same-Same Lodge (Hadrin Beach)
* Outback Bar (Hadrin Beach)
* Warm Up Bar (Hadrin Beach)

Banned Party Zones by Ministry of Ethics:  

* Black Moon Culture (Baan Tai)
* Half Moon Festival (Baan Tai)
* Shiva Moon Festival (Baan Tai)
* Baan Sabai (Baan Tai)
* Jungle Experience (Baan Tai)
* Illusion (Baan Khai)

Please enjoy safe and green zone partying on Koh Phangan – in cooperation with Koh Phangan Ministry of Ethics!

32 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Island Ministry of Ethics publishes Green Party Zone list for upcoming High Season

  • Anonymous

    About bloody time! Not only will the Thai villagers get respect but the whole vibe of the island might change if it discourages arrogant foreigners from visiting. Even the quality of Haad Rin partygoeres may increase (from aggressive semi-conscious football hooligans to sensitive and aware dancers).

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a great move.

    Its a shame the whole island is so economically dependent on Full Moons otherwise the best thing to happen would be a ban on all parties on the island. Get it back to being the lush tropical island of natural fun and not so dependent on drug and booze fuelled shinanigans.

    Love peace and coconut grease.

  • Anonymous

    How about parties deeper in the jungle?

    • Anonymous

      Spread the names of the banned party’s, maybe people get back to there senses and do not visite does party places, and in the end

      without demmand there is no offer

  • Anonymous

    Thats the best decission of the last years! This party people only destroy the nature and this beautifull island! I’m going there for more than 10 years now and its getting more worse every year. Too much constructions and more and more criminal people joining the island. You never had to lock your bungalow some years ago but now due to the party the thefts are increasing every year. I hope it is getting better now. Let’s see! The full moon party in the former days was very nice but what they made out of it “horrible”

    • Anonymous

      there is no ban and the whole thing is made up by this site. the owner owns loads of land close by the party sites and wants to get rid of the parties since we can sell the land better in this overpriced market. guess that one will be censored for sure. the whole site here is a propaganda site with loads of fake stuff and bullshit. the parties don’t destroy the nature but the ground speculators who drive the illusion of prices and try to lure investors do. people try to sell the land here for 70 times more as they bought it just some years ago

  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe that this ban will hold…. Who’s the ministry of ethics? I’m sure this ethical ministry has it’s price… 😉

  • Anonymous

    hey guys,

    look what if found … another Anti Shivamoon Party website on the internet done by a local thail living in Baan Tai village. Really good piece of work … with some good info and also pictures about shiva moon drug dealers …

    and DJ alex a.k.a. satwah who first organized the shiva moon party really takes the piss in the comments posted there. yes … yes … DJ alex satwah only wants peace and love for baan tai village and still supports this shiva moon party by playing 2 hours during the party night.

    well … DJ satwah … you seem to be one of those truely magical island miracles 🙂

  • Islander

    That is the right thing to make a ban on this parties.

    I wish the intelligent people who come to this beautiful island for holiday and to party will follow this idea to respect the Thai people living here.

    Don’t participate with this ruthless and selfish party organisers in Bantai and Bankai village.

  • Anonymous

    Was the minitser of moral and ethics elected democratically?

    And: Who cares for balance of intersest over there now?

    And: How will you avoid the dominance of economic short time opportunism facing the lack of holistic view?

    Good Luck mister minister!

  • Anonymous

    what I don’t understand is that these parties are banned according to this article on dec 8 and on dec 17 there was the half moon partie when is this ban gonna be effective.
    First see(or better hear) and then believe.

    • Anonymous

      there is no ban and the whole thing is made up by this site. the owner owns loads of land close by the party sites and wants to get rid of the parties since we can sell the land better in this ovrpriced market. guess that one will be censored for sure. the whole site here is a propaganda site with loads of fake stuff and bullshit. should this be not so this article will be readable otherwise the whole site will be uploaded as screen shot. you welcome to give a decent explanation about your anti campaigns

  • Anonymous

    hei beckmann…

    was bist du denn für eine knalltüte????

    da machst du eine ganze webseite lang hetze gegen die einzigen parties auf der insel, die auch noch von netten freaks aus “alten tagen” besucht werden und die einzige möglichkeit für uns hippie trance freaks ist, auch mal ohne scheiss haadrin bucketheads zu feiern und dann kannst du am ende deiner webseite nichtmal zu einer hetze stehen und schreibst auch noch, dass alles spass ist und es keiner ernst nehmen soll????

    klar weiss ich, dass es typisch kpg ist, alles zu übertreiben und dass aus ein paar parties plötzlich hunderte werden und das dann leider ohne akkustische grenzen (hab selbst auch die bedauerliche entwicklung in haadrin verfolgt und selbst dort leider keinen spass mehr), aber du weisst genau, dass es solche und solche partieveranstalter gibt (auch für ein und den selben partieplatz) und statt uns hier öffentlich zu blamen und uns mit allen veranstaltern über einen kamm zu scheren, versuche doch lieber mal mit uns zu reden, denn wir sind gerne bereit, die lautstärke auf unseren parties soweit runter zu drehen, dass man aussenrum auch schlafen kann.

    partieveranstalter von bankai parties sind nicht alle rücksichtlose arschlöcher und nur weil du persönlich da irgendeinen schrägen film fährst, ist es nicht in ordnung öffentlich so aufzutreten und hetzkampagne zu betreiben.

    denk mal drüber nach ob man da nicht eine lösung finden kann, die für alle beteiligten zufriedenstellend ist.

    denn parties in haadrin sind auch nichtmehr das was sie einmal waren und wir hätten auch gerne unser plätzchen wo wir fern ab von massenkonsum feiern können.

    eine mitveranstalterin von einigen shivamoon parties

    • Becki

      dear shivamoon organizer,

      great to get a reply from you guys … great to know that you also want to have your own private place far away from the hadrin bucketheads so you can enjoy partying with nice freaks from the good old days? Well … i personally think most of the freaks left the island a couple of years ago, don’t you?

      well … actually i really think that you didn’t properly read the article and received all the infos posted in there!

      anyway … the viallge of baan nuea already spoke with the shiva moon organizers a few times and asked for lowering the noise or move somewhere else not close to a residential area. but somehow shiva moon party organizers still refuse to this very day to lower this terrible sound or look for another place.

      We got shiva moon party last night again, 28th dec 2008, and the noise was really loud and more than terrible throughout the whole night until 10 a.m.!

      so far the shiva moon organizers don’t seem to be interested in any way to find a solution which fits all! great to see that you are somehow interested 😉

      i understand that also you would like to have a place where you can enjoy peace, love and unity throughout the whole night! but why does this place need to be next to a residential area where lots and lots of people are not able to sleep while you guys are desperately trying to satisfy your souls?

      please .. read this article again … there’s a solution to all these problems you’re causing!

      MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE … look out for another party place not close to any residential area and there you can have parties all day and night long. 24/7 and 365 days a year!

      Please satisfy your souls as much as you like but please without bothering all the people around!

      what is so diffcult to understand about that??

      and it is not only my personal becki vision … or ‘schraeg film’ how you called it! it’s the opinion of all the villagers living in baan nuea, baan nok and baan tai village! go and talk to the villagers here … listen what they have to say!

      why don’t you guys understand that simple fact?

      and please stop telling me that i should think again and look for a better solution which suits all! this is really ridiculous 😉 you guys are causing the problems by thinking only about yourselves without showing respect to anyone else but yourself!

      I think it’s really time that YOU start thinking in a more holistic sense!

      don’t you trance freaks always say stuff like expand your consciousness … cosmic awareness … and so on … well, i think it’s time that you start expanding something …

      all the best & fun

      p.s. please post in english language so others are able to follow our conversation and post comments to it – thank you!

      • Anonymous

        high becki,

        as someone who knows this island for more than 20 years, i´ve recognized both sides of this party story.

        you and some locals are absolutely right that suffering with that noise almost every night is awsome. and there is no excuse for any party organisers who ignore the dialogue about respective noise levels.

        so, how to find a way out for both sides? fact is, there are still a lot of people coming for certain parties to kpg. also fact is, there are differences in party visitors. the ones coming for shiva moon won´t enjoy fullmoon party and the bucketheads (hopefully;) won´t having fun at shivamoon. just sending them all to bucket-haadrin, like you did with that >banned party< thing might be funny, but doesn´t solve the problem. another fact is, you and some basic local thais won´t break the structures of corruption, moneyflows and threatship, that means the chance to get any of this partys down decreases with the influence this organizers get. i was thinking recently deep about your suggestion to move the party area out of baan kai, but, to be true, what is the only reason for its resistence? the land belongs to the organiser family. that is the land they have, they are using it. as a former party organiser in haad rin i remember the only way of having party is to get familiar with the landowners, and they must be powerful enough to >protect< this event. so - everyone could be happy if this place is somewhere far out, but as a nature of simple infrastructure, it mainly wasn´t. so, as a consequence, i am nearly shure if someone could really offer a nice party place somwhere outside, with at least the possibilities to bring necessary equipment there and with the >official< protection needed - believe me, most of the party people i am speaking for would love to celebrate there better yesterday than now! but you can´t offer that aerea, and most of the complainers also can´t. and thats the dilemma with your suggested solution, as simple as it is. that means, thinking about solotions has to keep on and be shure, there are a lot of this party joiners with us. please don´t call them all egoistics and disrespectful, due to that some really are, but the amount of idiots is - by average - same in every society 😉 p.s. i am not the person who wrote in german, but i understand her opinion in the same way like i do yours. greets and fun, STJ

        • Becki

          hi STJ,

          Thanks for your reply 🙂 looks like you’re a bright person and we can think about that subject together, great!

          In my opinion I don’t see any problems creating a party zone for the real old Phangan trance freaks far away from the Hadrin bucket heads! But to be honest the Phangan trance underground freak scene has dissolved many years ago because of main stream commercialism of the party events here. Please tell me if I’m wrong here – thank you!

          Anyway … I think an official party zone can be easily integrated into koh Phangan. All it needs first is the vision from the party organizers that such a thing would be a great improvement for anyone – Party organizers, party goers and local Thais and foreign residential as well. It would only benefit all parties involved – trust me!

          Great … once the understanding and vision is there all you finally need is money, isn’t it? Could we agree on that part? Money makes everything possible?
          Awesome … so ALL the parties here are totally commercialized! There’s an entrance fee, beer and drinks are sold overpriced. Not yet thinking about pills, ecstasy, acid, weed, etc …
          Message is … these parties produce a massive income! Otherwise they wouldn’t all organize parties here 😉

          I mean look at half moon festival. They started with a couple of coconuts and a rented sound system. Now look there. DJ stages, bars, buildings, the owners got new cars, etc, etc … I think they make a whole a lot of money.

          So … why not invest all this money into a new party zone? I’m sure if you are willing to look for you will find a spot somewhere in the jungle which will do the trick, isn’t it?

          Do you really think that is impossible? Remember … there’s lots and lots of money there 😉

          And then another question … if most of the party people you spoke to would love to celebrate parties in a protected zone … meaning not pissing off neighbors living around … why don’t you tell it to the party organizers then? Why don’t you tell this to Shiva moon guys, half moon, black moon, etc … Why don’t you tell them that you would like to organize a party without upsetting all the neighbors around? Expand their consciousness 😉

          When there is a demand people will follow or better to say provide that service, don’t you think? Why don’t you all try to make party on Phangan a nice and peaceful event again? But so far I don’t see any efforts going that way …

          Then … we … local Thai and also foreigners … living in the villages should friendly ask the party organizers if they could lower the noise a bit so we can sleep again? This is what I call schizophrenic behavior! Believe me the village people were here long before any parties!

          Also … I also never said that the real Phangan trance freaks should go back to Hadrin and party with the bucket hooligans. Guys … read ALL the words in my article! I said create a NEW party zone somewhere off any residential area.

          Meanwhile … if party organizers and party goers still support the ‘BANNED’ party zones … well … you got the information now about how people are getting more and more upset … and therefore I think it is indeed an egoistic and disrespectful behavior once you got the message. But … you have to decide!

          And this again shows me that there might not be that many sensitive real old school Phangan trance freaks at those parties there anymore. Probably mostly selfish and egoistic party guys who want to desperately satisfy their souls? Please correct me if I’m wrong again – thank you!

          anyway … was nice talking to you STJ .. and please spread the word 🙂

          peace and respect

          p.s. got the jungle experience tonight! 29 Dec 2008 … boom boom boom the whole night again … isn’t that awesome 😉

          • Anonymous

            hi becki,

            thanks for your reply!

            we, that means a few of that >old phangan underground trance freaks< will be in koh phangan around middle of january. we had suffered too during the last years party develomement, that just supports moneygrowth by cleaning the path for more bucketstyle people. the only difference is, that we still like to trance sometimes...;) and, here in phangan it is still possible compared to places like goa. would be a shame to destroy that chance with the usual stubidity and ignorance! i would like to talk to you about that matter personal, we haven´t seen us for many years, although we know each other for long time;-) just to be true, we migt be able to create nice concepts on our virtual screens, but never real live facts! if this is our intention, we need the human touch of the real wold...! so, see you soon 😉 (an old fellow:) STJ

            • Islander

              There is only one solution for the people in Bantai, Ban Nuea and Ban Khai: Turn this stupid and monotonous noise down!
              If you really want to have peace and love – not only on the party place and under drugs – show your respect to the locals and stop this parties.

              Anything else is just bla bla bla and the noise still continuous and the locals still suffer.

              Why don’t they do it in their country? Because they can’t. There are laws protecting the people and they can go to the police there and can get help. But no, they have to come here and change this peaceful island into a nightmare at many nights. I know Thai people are not perfect too but they could sleep in every night some years ago.

              Anyway all this parties are commercial. Nothing about the old hippies. Bullshit! You can’t bring back the past and that is a fact you have to face. It’s all about money, corruption and drugs.

              I call this party people absolutely selfish and all their talks about peace and love are just bullshit. They should just get lost!

              • Anonymous

                I agree on that 100%! And you will see if the island is destroyed, everything is dirty and the nature gone also this selfish party people will move to the next wonderfull place in the world. And so on and so on….. And then also some of these greedy Thai people who are suppporting the parties will realize what they have done to this former beautyfull and save island……

    • Islander

      Dear “mitveranstalterin von einigen shivamoon parties”. Your are the biggest “Knalltüte” here. You and Alex (SATWAH) are a part of all this suffer.

      You like to talk about LOVE AND PEACE! I do can’t laugh about your foolishness. It’s your just ignorance to not see what you do to the people here!

      A good friend of mine can’t sell his land here for a normal price any more because nobody want to buy it. The reason is the noise. Thai people are losing a lot of money because of you! You causing a lot of trouble here!

      • Anonymous

        hello >islander< first i would like to assume, that you are, like you wrote, a natural born thai baan-kai-local with problems facing the party developement in your homeplace. if this is fake, and the whole story is just around a few farang guy´s internet campaign, then please ignore all comments. they are ment only to those LOCAL THAIS having my respect in suffer about the situation. as someone, who knows >your< island for more than 20 years now, from the very first beginning of farang visitors, i certainly was also involved on both sides of that party story. we had been the onces who had to leave our paradise place in the hills of haadrin beach in the early 90´s due to massive noise from the beach, from huge pa-systems that might rather serve a big open-air concert than a 80 sqare-meter-beachclub. it ment to be not only the noise, the WHOLE wooden house was shaking every single night! as a local thai resident, you might imagine the way our problem was regarded from the >haadrin authorities< (whom we certainly knew that time) - as a farang - living naturally in the hillsides, when even for you, as a lokal, it seems impossible to get respected. well, same as you have to do now, i had to face the facts. fact is, as a part of touristical developement on this island, this party scene is an inseparatable part of it. you and some native locals won´t break the power of moneyflow, corruption and threadness. unfortunately this happens now to you, as it did 20 years ago to us in haadrin. now you refer back to haadrin, but we can nearly be shure, a few years later, there will be some people in the middle of this island - disturbed by noise - refering to baan thai as a party location. i feel with you about your suffer, but do you really think if you blame this party people, personal or by internet will make them stop doing it? a few individuals will never turn the wheel of developement backwards, shure it makes them angry, you can shout at me, call me selfish, but that will never stop the noise! that means, same as we had to do in haadrin a couple of years ago, find another way for your personal happyness than blaming people for what they do, hoping they will stop doing it therefore! THEN it might give you a helping hand! kind regards, STJ

        • Hello STJ,
          First thanks again for the comment post. I really like to see some meaningful exchange here – great!

          I also don’t want to argue too much so you might think I want to start a dispute 😉

          But comparing Hadrin beach with Baan Tai area is probably not a good idea! I just re-checked with my Thai grandmother here and now it is sort of re-confirmed that there was actually nearly nothing at all at Hadrin beach in the early beginnings. Just some coconuts, fruit gardens, a few fishermen and a couple of houses for harvesting the food. So essentially not a real structure … not a real village.

          Then the tourists came, perhaps also you ;-), and the local Thai community adjusted to the local market demand and started providing the tourists with all they asked for. A bamboo hut, a banana shake and perhaps some weed. Later on better bungalows, a swimming pool, some air-conditioning and lots and lots of loud music. This is how Hadrin beach became the most active tourist place on Koh Phangan.

          But the essential point I want to make is that there was actually NOTHING there – could we agree on that?

          And then there is Baan Tai area. And I think there’s a whole different history there. Here in Baan Nuea we got the oldest Buddhist pagoda stated a few hundred years old. There is Wat Pho temple and there have been villages in Baan Tai area for the last 100 perhaps 200 years. Local Thai people have been living here for centuries. And I think this makes a big, big difference. There was already a social structure built for the last let’s say 100 years!

          And now … even without asking the Thai locals … foreign tourists get carried here by minibus to participate in party and dance all night long while most of the people here are simply upset. But again … and I have to agree with you … corruption makes this all possible in the end.

          I also wouldn’t blame it only on the party organizers … well … they started the shit in the first place … so it definitely shows some strange selfish behavior … but in my opinion the locals can also be blamed for not doing anything against it. I think the locals here are still not aware of the power they actually have. Once they group together and start acting as a whole then everything is possible in my opinion. Look … the Thai people even managed to get the prime minister Thaksin kicked out of the country.

          So the question is when will people wake up and realize that they are the power! This can also be said in a global sense … just have a look in the world around you.

          Anyway … STJ … always great to argue with you 😉 Please make sure you contact me when you get on the island so we can have a chat – thanks! Also … arrived in Hadrin the first time about 15 years ago but very fast realized that there will be a strong and rapid touristic development in that area. And it’s probably not such a good idea to build a paradise home up the Hadrin hills. Well … shit happens …

          Have fun

    • Anonymous

      liebe mitveranstalterin,

      in der hochsaison zwingen mich die “bantai parties” bis zu 10 mal (!!!) im monat aus meinen eigenen vier waenden auszuziehen weil es absolut unmoeglich ist dann auch nur ein auge zu zu kriegen. das sind mindestens 6000 baht mehrkosten nur weil ihr spass haben wollt. findest du das echt in ordnung?
      habt euren spass, aber ohne damit so vielen anderen menschen um euch herum den schlaf zu rauben. da hilft auch kein leiser machen, die stille der nacht traegt eure ruhestoerung bis an die letzte huette. geht unterirdisch oder setzt euch kabellose kopfhoerer auf.
      mit respekt, du hast es doch selbst auch schon gemerkt dass die “alten tage” auf phangan vorbei sind, dann realisiere doch bitte auch dass sich die welt um euch herum veraendert hat, dass ihr nicht mehr die einzigen seid. lasst die kirche im dorf, die “sogenannten” parties in haad rin und uns nachts wieder schlafen.

  • Anonymous

    YES, YES, YES,… finally somebody puts the thinking of so…ooo many people (thais and farangs) into words and is courageous enough to publish them.
    i totally agree to reduce the party zone of koh pha ngan on rin beach where it started and where it belongs to and keep the rest of the island clean and quiet. that would be a dream become true. but, as all my thinking in this direction, it sounds too good to become true. how about the authorities? police, administration and other responsible institutions, ministry of tourism? the organizers? this is not the ministry of ethics, this is reality!!! and reality on phangan is not an easy one. that would mean that some people start to obeye and respect law and order. hope it’s not only wishful thinking!
    looking forward to read a positive report on this subject soon, or even better, to be able to sleep again in my own bed, 30 nights a month.

  • Anonymous

    perfect, very good, your ministry of ethics has my 100% support!
    in peak season these bantai night disturbances are forcing me about 10 times per month out of my own bed, impossible to think about sleep, which means expenses of 6000 baht per month extra. but what about all these people who can’t just move “to higher ground”, and have to suffer all nights long?
    reducing the volume of the noise is not a solution at all because the silence of the night carries even the lowest noise to every hut in this area.
    my suggestion: move UNDERGROUND or wear wireless EARPLUGS OR HEADPHONES!
    or just leave the party in haad rin.
    thank you ministry of ethics.

  • Anonymous

    this whole site is fake and only written by one guy who owns a lot of land in the partie aera. furthermore does he own the websites with a,ll the adds from the luxury resorts. its alll about business only. you should ignore what this website is stating since its all just propaganda trying to get rid off hippies and getting stupid people with enough money to pay 10 times to much for land. its a hype and called the big KOHPHANGAN SCAM 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The Thai people from Baan Tai need to write a letter to the royal family. Explain the problem and tell them how the police will not help them, because there being paid off. Cc the letter to the Bangkok police and every government agency can. Include all of the media. Sorry Beckman, but a blog in the Phnangan Island News isnt going to move this party. Let the folks in Haad Rin know that the negitive coverage of this party could affect the future of the full moon party too. I don’t have to tell you what the impact a call from the Kings office would have on a drug fuelled, loud party.

      Regards Glyn

    • Anonymous

      Your funny and don’t know very much about Beckman! If anybody wants to check out the credibiliy of this post check with the folks that are being advertized on this site and you’ll find out that little if any money is being paid..
      As for Becki being a realestate moggle in Koh Phangan, you will have gotten the resident farangs on the island laughing..

      🙂 Glyn

  • Anonymous

    shiva moon should go from what i’ve seen online it is quite an annoyance and no fucker goes there anyway but the rest aren’t often enough or close enough to residental areas to talk about banning them(or in ban sabai’s case keeps volume down and never later than 2am) if the parties go people will just go to samui instead!!

    • Anonymous

      wau.., realy clever people how try to fight against partys on this iland..
      maybe they prefere, phangan to be ;like pattaya or phuket..,or samui.. nice to see young boys.,laidys with old fat falangs.. would be much better to have this sick situation., koh phangan should be happy and proud to get all these young people..there is only Ibiza wich can top phangan… its going strait to be like Ibiza soon..!! and there everyone is more or less happy.., beware; all the famous and rich are on and off from Ibiza.. so anyone in phangan how wants to stop full unrealistic and selfish.. the world is so off course there has to be also a place were jung and old can go party and get away from the normal strange way of life… and in europe and usa its the hard way… leets hope phangan will top Ibiza SOON.. so the life-quality will be for all better.. NO MONEY NO HONEY …………
      i know im a stupid falang
      but i;m a PROPEHT

      • Anonymous

        Ibiza has got better drugs.

  • Anonymous



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