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House for Sale / Lease – Secure your holiday home on Koh Phangan Paradise Island

Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island 01
Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island

A great, once in a lifetime opportunity awaits you on the island of madness, also well known as Koh Pha-Ngan Paradise Island in the Gulf of Thailand.

The real estate property market on Koh Phangan has never been so exciting, with escalating popularity and increasing tourist figures. Thailand is in many ways a perfect country to settle down in. Pleasant climate, reasonable prices, beautiful nature, wonderful beaches and people who are easy to get along with. It is natural that many foreigners are looking for a home and house here on the island of madness.

Set in spectacular natural surroundings of unspoiled coconut gardens, yet only 1.5 km away from breath taking sea, this exciting new tropical paradise home is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility. Located only 5 km from Thongsala it offers fast access to the island’s center with its ferry port, banks, post office and night activities like restaurant, bars, etc.

This lovely & brand new tropical paradise home comes with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, European kitchen and a large terrace. Total living space approximately 80 sqm. Benefits include beautiful tropical garden, parking area and a 3.000 liter fresh water tank.

Your Koh Phangan Paradise Home is built on 516 sqm coconut land with a land title of Nor Sor Sam Gor, which will be upgraded to Chanote land title in the near future.

Price: 1.890.000 Thai Baht

For more details please phone +66(0)84 6029307 or send inquiry to

Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island 02
Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island
Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island 03
Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island
Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island 04
Holiday Home Koh Phangan Island

7 thoughts on “House for Sale / Lease – Secure your holiday home on Koh Phangan Paradise Island

  • Anonymous

    “The real estate property market on Koh Phangan has never been so exciting,”


    I’m not knocking KPG but i wish the world was a little more truthful. for the benifit of the seller this house is reasonably priced and yes KPG can be good place for some.’ never better’ is pushing it though ..

    This wonderful island with its traffic light and concrete roads lined with picturesque power lines and tilted posts. kamakazi
    trucks, and the oh so natural beaches backed by new concrete resorts with there swimming pools attracting 3 day tourists bored with for the full moon.
    And I must not forget the terribly reliable & friendly taxi service or that really safe and smart rust bucket that belches out black smoke and sometimes breaks down, that brings you here from Donsak.

    Um… its all much nicer now than I remember it.

    • I’m not really sure why you would say “I’m not knocking KPG” then proceed to bash the shit out of it..

      It’s too bad that your life is so miserable that you have become so negative. I would like to know where you’re from so that I can avoid it.. Try focusing your energy on the positives… Which KPG has many that you chose to not notice on your visit.. Glyn

    • Anonymous

      A fucking bargain for just £27,000. you could not get a shoe box here in England for that.
      I will have three.

    • Svetlanazavr

      I wonder how foreigners can easily spend their money for properties that would never become their homes. Foreigners are not welcomed in this unstable country. You’ll never know when the law changes again so it’s better to read more about this paradise.

      • Anonymous

        why buy something you cant legally own the land its on???

        how many houses are for sale in thailand that thai people cant afford that farrangs have had built out there??

    • Anonymous

      i have to say that i disagree and think it is the nicest island in the gulf …its actually like going back in time 100 years.the old smokeing taxis power lines and and tilted posts for me anyway add to the rugged charm.i dont remember kamikaze trucks and the hippies on the full moon trail may look like pikeys but they are in fact as a rule really quite sorted and enlightened people on their lifetime pilgramage.

  • scott kopton

    I visited Thailand once and never again ,they dont want you there and buying property there??good luck . If you think that it is save your money, dont be stupid……


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