Welcome to the Koh Phangan Island Gourmet

Koh Phangan Island Gourmet

‘Lord have mercy on the people in England for the terrible food these people must eat! And may the lord have mercy on the faith of this website 😉 and god bless the mind of the man in the street!’

These very wise words sang by an even more wise man named Frank Zappa on his album ‘200 Motels’ in the late 70’s, might have probably inspired our Koh Pha-Ngan Island chef John Peter ‘Fat Gino’ Sanders, who’s of course British by the way 😉

So … inspired by those wise words John Peter ‘Fat Gino’ Sanders decided to lighten up the bad reputation of English cooking and opened his ‘Phangan Island Gourmet’ shop a couple of months ago. ‘Phangan Island Gourmet’ offers English Pies in all its different variations filled with beef, mushroom, ham, sweet corn, kidney, mixed vegetables and also blue cheese. Also on the ‘Phangan Island Gourmet’ menu are main dishes like lasagne, chilli con carne, Yorkshire pudding and as desserts there’s the option of apple pie, pumpkin pie and the world famous chocolate mousse made from real Swiss chocolate.

There’s of course even more stuff to find on the Phangan Island Gourmet’ menu and if you need more detailed infos on this subject then don’t hesitate and call the hotline number 06-9526388 immediately and ask for ‘Fat Gino’ who’s always there for you to guide you deeper into the fascinating world of English pies 😉

The ‘Phangan Island Gourmet’ shop can be found directly at the new pier beach road and is located next to the ‘Pusiri Travel Shop’, which mostly cracks me up laughing as Becki starts thinking about something … well … boys don’t have that … hahaha 😉

All the English Pies and other fascinating stuff of English master cooking is ready for take away and the freezers are filled up with hundreds and hundreds of plastic bags and Becki was quite impressed! As ‘Fat Gino’ has also perfectly understood the principles of global marketing he is already exporting all his plastic bags to the neighboring islands of Koh Samui and also Koh Tao – the Turtle Island!

Koh Phangan Island Gourmet
'Fat Gino' and Becki
Koh Phangan Island Gourmet

Becki was also quite impressed by The Official Working Permit of Mr. John Peter ‘Fat Gino’ Sanders which can be found in the shop stuck to a freezer. So this tells us ‘Phangan Island Gourmet’ is a REAL shop and not some of those drug trafficking companies who only sell pies to disguise their real business 😉

So … if you’re looking for some REAL English Pies from a REAL English chef then do not hesitate and dial this number 06-9526388! There’s of course a different pricing option for wholesales, ‘Phangan Island Gourmet’ officials announced!

All the best & have fun like usual 😉

Real English Pies
Inside Phangan Island Gourmet
Real English Food

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Koh Phangan Island Gourmet

  • Wow, a nice positive story about an Island improvement. I’ve eaten Fat Gino’s food and it’s great, for British food truly amazing. The fact Mike from A’s serves it says volumes about the quality. If you don’t know already, A’s Coffee Shop has the best grub on this island. Not cheap, reasonable and it shouldn’t be cheap when you’re the best! A’s web site is getting a bit old and dated. I know Beckman could fix it up in a nano second and you should, for almost free. “Maybe a beer tab thing”

    The picture on John’s the official working permit is too funny! I’ll consider taking some shrooms before I take a look at it in person! I hope he was having laugh, because it gave Karen and I a really good giggle. Okay, we’d just smoked a fatty. It’s fantastic to see La is still working in the kitchen, she’s not only fun, but knows how cook.

    John I have tell ya, “Fat Bastard” would have been better name than Fat Gino, but who am I to judge names? You can’t go wrong, because your food is great… We are both excited for you and can’t wait to try your latest creations soon.

    John we love ya mate, good luck and see ya soon…

    BIG HUGS from Canada…

  • Anonymous

    Most of my mates thought Gino looks way more francophone than english.. Does anybody else think that Gino looks very FRENCH?


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