Arrow Lady Bar in Sri Thanu village Koh Phangan Island

Arrow Lady Bar Phangan

Arrow Lady Bar Phangan

Opened in October of 2004, Arrow Lady Bar in Seetanu is about 6 miles north of Thongsala on the west coast road and is a pleasant change from the local bars and karaoke joints in the area by the very fact that the music doesn’t make you deaf and the prices are quite reasonable.

Arrow Lady Bar offers the usual selection of foods and drinks along with the ever more common pool table and a very nice complement of lively young ladies to either keep you company or play pool with.

It also seems to be the only bar locally to offer drinks all night which is great if you have been out partying and need a “hair of the dog” and some pleasant company. They also offer motorcycles for rent as well as petrol which is different from most bars. The islands first combined bar, motorcycle rental shop come gas station and lady bar. What next? Drop bye and try them out you are guaranteed a great welcome.

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26 Responses to Arrow Lady Bar in Sri Thanu village Koh Phangan Island

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish these bars never came to Phangan, I think its a shame they have then a shame people write about them.

    I know it cannot be stopped though and will only increase untill Phangan turns into a sex tourist destination like Samui and Phuket.

    I hope any girl working in these bars can get enough money from her falang so she can go home.

    DIscalimer: this is only my opinion dont write back telling me these girls are great or something they might well be, but I dont think they are, more like visual polution to the beauty of this island.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      All the girls are dogs and all the men are pigs
      from jem a traveller from london all i can say and i speak for many ferrang woman….get a proper job you ole dog bowls!!!!
      yep you guessed it wont be comin back and if i do i wont go near had yao and surrounding villages…such bad bad taste

    • Anonymous says:

      wot u talking! i thai lady girl bar worker. i live cock and get paymoney for sucking. i get bang all time and lick ass

    • ethan says:

      I got a great idea, how about all the tourist that think they can save the world and planet shut up and stay home in your own country and complain about crap.

      God I’m so totally sick and tired of cursaders, let it be. if a women wants to comfort a man or visa versa leave him or her the hell alone. Always remember you don’t have to come to Thailand or any other country in the world other then yours for that matter.

      shut up, stay home simple!

      For the rest of everyone, drink on, have fun, be safe

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope one day Thai girls will have a better reputations. Not only bars girl looking for sex and money…..such a shame i born here, live here, Koh phangan is my home….so sad to see things changed. And i feel really sorry to those farang guys who cannot find a pure love with out paying!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also find these kind of bars a sad addition to KPG,Surely if you want this kind of thing you can go elsewhere.I find it uncomfortable that human beings are on the menu(I dont mean on the actual menu,but girls are advertised)
    I feel sorry for the men who need to pay for company, and for the women who try to enjoy their job,it must be so uncomfortable trying to entertain some middle-aged westerner.
    Why cant you move your bar to Pattaya

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thats a bloody good idea isnt it,Encourage people to come and visit your bar for an alcholic breakfast,Then have aa ajacent motorbike for rent.How many fatalities will you be responsable for?
    And this page really doesnt suit the advertising of females,Sad Sad Sad.Humans as a commodity.The people that frequent these bars must be desperate saddoes

    • Anonymous says:

      Lighten up mate, I think Beckmans comments were intended to funny,never take him litrally!
      I agree, I wish the Island never had these girlie bars also. Here’s an oppertunity for the local authorities in Koh Phangan to make the Island a truely different destination.

      I know, becareful of what you wish for!

      • Anonymous says:

        nothing against bar girls i just thought phangan was a great place without the recent addition of girlie bars

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish the farangs never came to koh phangan.
    And I can tell you the girlie bars where always here, read karaoke bars.
    The locals are the biggest users of the girls, the farangs make up about 10% of the whole industrie so don’t be stupid.

    • Anonymous says:

      I shall have to disagree with you.I first went to KPG in 1989 and there were no sign of girlie bars.I also went to KPG in 1996 and again no sign of girlie bars.As far as I can recall the first one I saw appeared in about 1998.

      • Anonymous says:

        what do you think that al the karaoke bars are, girlie bars for the locals no matter what you say they are the biggest users of the girls.

        • Anonymous says:

          Everytime i ve passed a bar ,It is usually empty.But when there is someone in there, Its always a foreigner.Maybe you are referring to Thai places that I havent seen.I was refferring to bars lined out on the wat to Thong-sala.
          Actually.I have seen some young Thais in there,But i assumed that they were working there or freinds of the workers.

          • Anonymous says:

            A lot karaoke places are really the girlie bars for the locals.
            And it is a fact that the locals are the biggest customers of the whole girlie bar scene.
            It is not good but a lot of families sre totally depending on the girls so first the thai government must make sure that everybody has a decent income and then they have to end the girlie bars

  6. phanganisland says:

    Has any of the previous poster ever been at the place? I go there for eating because it’s the only place near Srithanu, that serves food until 1-2 o’clock. Besides this the girls are not the main buissness of Arrow Bar, I bet they make more ith the bike and car rentals.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have also been known to piss off every local in Si Thanu and regularly have the police called on them. There have been problems of people getting their final bill only to find out that extra drinks were put on it. Then when the punters complained the thugs showed up from the pool hall next door to enforce the payment. The place is a seedy brothel and not much more.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I feel very sorry for the people who go to that place. But if you need to , go and get sick!!!

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