Koh Phangan Party Zone gunshot attack and the marvelous feedback from the internet community!

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray 01

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray

A German expatriate based on Koh Phangan Island got shot for opposing all night long techno rave parties on the Island of Madness!

Well … headlines like the above were published pretty fast around the internet in the last couple of weeks. The only English language newspaper in Thailand which was indeed brave enough to report some details about the gun shot attack on Koh Phangan Island was The Nation Newspaper with one of its courageous journalists named Phoowadon Duangmee. Thank you for your support!

The Nation in fact published a few articles about the gun shot attack. German shot for opposing all night raves and Injured German complains about police investigation. Furthermore another article was just published a few days ago called Moontime madness. While browsing through The Nation website Phangan Island News Headquarters even managed to find another interesting piece of critical & investigative journalism. Pha-Ngan not everyone has come to the party! And if you like you can even do a search at The Nation website and you will find more interesting & challenging articles about Koh Phangan Island.

Actually the Koh Phangan Island News Headquarter had already established contact earlier with The Nation, Thailand’s biggest independent newspaper, and managed to distribute another article in the travel section about one year ago, called Beneath the Troubled Moon.

Well … another English speaking newspaper in Thailand called Bangkok Post, the world’s window to Thailand, couldn’t even be bothered to report only a single word about the gun shot attack. Similar all the local Thai language newspapers … shooting a farang in the kingdom of Thailand doesn’t seem worth reporting. Probably this would have simply been too bad news for the already damaged tourism industry on Thailand?

Anyway … but our beloved internet community picked up with the story quite fast and you’re welcome to go and have a look at the brainiacs from ThaiVisa.com and see what they have to say about this gun shot incident on the island of madness. Then we got another marvelous team of outstanding expatriates at the Thailand forum of TeakDoor.com and it is just amazing with what sort of Thailand wisdom those guys came up with.

Finally the gun shot attack on the Island of Madness made it into Twitter Bangkok and some more forums and news websites around the internet. If you have time and really nothing better to do then search a bit on Google. Furthermore we have found some other exposing blogs about Koh Phangan Island. The Real Koh Phangan & Know Koh Phangan!

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray 03

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray 04

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray 02

Becki Gun Shot X-Ray

So … and also please go and have a look at the articles and all its comments posted here on Koh Phangan Island News website and you will be more than freaking amazed what the internet community has to say about all this.

However … according to my private data mining research about general human behavior I really didn’t expect any other feedback or reaction from the internet community regarding the gun shot attack by some original Koh Phangan Island Gangsters.

But in my personal opinion this general attitude of looking the other way and just trying to not get involved with anything is exactly what causes all these problems in the first place. Let it be Koh Phangan Island or even the whole planet earth!

In my personal view we indeed need more social justice activists on the Island of Madness! We indeed need even more social justice activists every where on this planet who are brave enough to expose the awful truth in a violence free & peaceful way to finally change things for the better!

Peace, love & respect to each other!

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