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Koh Phangan Party Zone Attack – Becki’s gunshot wound treatment at Bangkok Hospital Samui

Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 01
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital

Hello & welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News – the one and only independent news network disclosing the awful truth about the island of madness, formerly better known as Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Well … first of all a very BIG thank you again to my very good friend Patrik from the Baancom headquarters for his outstanding help and enormous support in the last couple of days. If you’re ever going to have computer troubles during your stay on the Island of Madness and you’re not going to use the service from Patrik at then you’re in big trouble and you definitely deserve sudden death and immediate punishment by higher forces 😉 So … be smart … think again and do not hesitate and give Patrik & Rachanee a visit so they can fix your digital equipment as they just offer the best computer service and retail on Koh Phangan Island.

So … the news has finally been spread over the internet quite quick and now most douche bags on this planet must have received the awful truth that Becki got shot on the Island of Madness with its daily increasing insanity.

Shortly after the friendly and totally non-corrupt police agents 😉 from helpful Koh Phangan Police Station arrived at the crime scene around 5 am, 30th March 2009, they desperately wanted to give me a lift to the nearest hospital first instead of doing a police report. Pardon my sarcasm 😉

But Becki can sort of understand the concerns of our helpful island officers as a gunshot wound is nothing to play around with.

Apparently Becki arrived at the Phangan Medical Center around 5.30 am. The Phangan Medical Center is a sub branch of the Bangkok Hospital on Koh Samui and is located just next to the road between Baan Tai village and Thongsala. A doctor was called immediately and the nurses tried to take care of me as good as they could. The doctor then said something about internal organ damage and Becki was starting wondering what sort of organs could be located on the left side of my pelvis? Probably the male g-point as I could feel some wicked sensations there 🙂

However … we both agreed that they couldn’t do much at the Phangan Medical Center but instant care was necessary in case some major blood vessels got damaged. So the nurses then instantly offered me a fantastic ride via high speed boat to Koh Samui Island for a very affordable 15.000 THB. But as it already was about 6 am and the next normal express boat was just going to leave in about an hour I then friendly denied the offer as I was still feeling okay.

Next then came the extraordinary offer of a professional nurse to accompany me during my boat ride to Koh Samui Island. Service charge another 7.500 THB which I friendly denied again as the boat ride is just about 20 minutes long and for 7.500 THB I would expect some sort of different service … not only holding my hand 🙂

Anyway … the next friendly offer by the Phangan Medical Center was a tetanus vaccination shot and a few antibiotics to get things really started but Becki again simply denied as I had no idea how I would feel after all the medication had been pumped into my body. I just didn’t want to fall unconscious during my boat ride to Koh Samui and I was sure I was still in sort of good conditions without any medication.

Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 02
Becki and his hero M.D. Charan Paphangkorakit
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 07
Bangkok Hospital Angel Nurses
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 13
Becki and his angels 😉

Well … well … shortly before my paranoid friend James then gave me a lift to the Phangan pier the nurse handed me over an envelope with the final bill for that short 20 minute treatment.

3.451 THB the invoice said and up to this point I still have problems figuring out why it was so expensive. The bill said something about IV fluids for 470 THB, X-Ray for another 500 THB and some medical supplies for additional 1.781 THB. Though Becki can’t really remember taking any drugs at all so this must have been the most expensive wound plaster I ever got in my life 😉

After all the Phangan Medical Center on Koh Phangan looked indeed more like a money making machine to me but what can you do once some insane island moron attackers put a bullet in your body?

However … Lomphraya boat ride to Koh Samui was a breeze. Smoking cigarettes … watching the sun rise in shock mode … with a nearly thoughtless empty mind.

Once Becki arrived in Koh Samui the ambulance was already waiting for me and after 20 minutes we arrived at the Bangkok Hospital on Koh Samui in the Bophut area. As soon as I arrived there I could sense some other level of professionalism compared to Koh Phangan.

The staff was fluently speaking English though I couldn’t hesitate to start flirting with the nurses in my beloved southern Thai dialect and everything felt really warm, safe and most important professional.

First tests were instantly done … blood pressure … heart beat … pulse and whatever else they did there. Then my doctor arrived, M.D. Charan Paphangkorakit, a general surgeon at the hospital and he did a full body check, asking for medication allergies and simply told me that they need to operate me instantly to check if some blood vessels had been damaged, cleaning the gun shot wound and to reattach tissue damage and so on …

Awesome … but I don’t have any insurance so please give me an estimate what I can expect so I won’t have any nightmares after all. The estimate arrived a few minutes later with an approximate cost of 90.000 – 110.000 THB.

Well … that’s in my acceptable price range and the awesome staff at the Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui immediately also gave me a resident discount as my southern Thai dialect was so fluent after staying on Koh Phangan for the last 17 years. Really impressive … without asking they just offered me the resident discount. This is what I call service with heart 😉

So … a few minutes later Becki went through some x-ray rooms and some other rooms and some more rooms and after a while I ended up in a very, very cold room – the freaking operation room.

The operation team was again very friendly and Becki had to start flirting again as the whole situation was just too funny. So I asked the chicks in the operation room if they already got a boyfriend … mee fan laeo rue yang 😉 … but at one point the anesthetist must have gotten upset with my flirting attacks as he pushed some white liquid in the needle at my arm and just a few seconds later Becki finally went into the light … finally peace after all 😉

Woke up a few hours later around 14.30 and the nurse asked me some friendly questions about my name … where I was and all the wake up routine stuff. She then told me that they are going to transport me to my room and as Becki was such a brave patient they are going to reward me with some marvelous morphine injection of 10 mg and a few seconds later Becki was flying again towards the light!

Again … this is what I call service with heart 😉

Most of the rest of the day Becki was cruising around in Bangkok Hospital Hyperspace and I felt like nothing had happened at all. Simply a marvelous mixture of morphine and other liquids but my cry for another shot was sadly denied the day after 🙁 Even a take away mixture for later home use was not according to hospital policy 🙁

Anyway … friends of mine came over later that day and took care of little Becki and being accompanied by good friends really makes life a lot easier and more secure especially if you just got shot by some island lunatics.

My hero, M.D. Charan Paphangkorakit, constantly came looking after me and also the nurses were just a blessing. Even the security system at the hospital was just stunning as any requests about my person were first simply denied and only after they had received my permission people were finally allowed to see or phone me. Really impressive!

The nurses were simply said angels in white dresses and they did their job just perfectly. Blood pressure tests, fever tests, heart tests and whatsoever test were just brilliantly done and sometimes Becki didn’t even feel a thing as their service was so smooth and elegant. The intravenous medication was a breeze and the overall service from all the different nurses … phu yai baans … and phu chuai phu yai baans … was just outstanding. Thank you for that 😉

Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 14
Bangkok Hospital Reception
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 15
Bangkok Hospital Customer Service
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 17
Bangkok Hospital Cashier

M.D. Charan Paphangkorakit deserves a medal in my opinion. His English was more than fluent and excellent. His character simply nice, friendly and loving and his overall performance simply stunning and outstanding! Thank you for taking care of me and fixing my 14 cm gunshot wound with 49 stitches on the outside and many more on the inside, fixing the blood vessels and major tissue damage. I thank you so much and you will be my personal hero at the Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui.

All the rest at the hospital was really, really good! The room was more than nice and Becki simply fell in love with that remote bed which you can adjust into any position according to your needs. We had cable TV, air conditioning of course, a fridge, nice bathroom and the whole nine yards plus a nice veranda where someone could use his time for some personal recreation substance exercise. Additional we had a couch in the room which can instantly be transformed into another bed so my friends had a place to sleep during the night.

After all the Bangkok Hospital in Koh Samui doesn’t deserve a two thumbs up only! It definitely deserves a three thumps up as all different departments like cashier, reception, surgeon, nurses and everything else were simply said just perfect!

But Becki would like to add that a fresh cup of coffee would be really nice in the morning, preferably some café late if possible. Additional some more English speaking cable TV channels plus free internet access in the rooms would be more than appreciated 😉

And the only thing that worries me a bit is that massive high frequency mobile phone antenna attached to the roof at the hospital. After recent electro smog research Becki is no longer a big fan of all the high frequency electro smog stuff and some proper shielding inside the rooms could possibly enhance the healing of the patients. Just an idea 😉

But again … in my opinion the treatment at the Bangkok Hospital in Koh Samui was more than outstanding and if you’re ever going to be in some trouble than this is in my opinion the first choice and best recommendation for you!

Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 18
Becki’s Security Guard
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 22
Becki’s beloved Coffee World
Koh Phangan Bangkok Hospital 19
Becki’s Security Guard

Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui – Service with heart!

The final hospital bill after 3 nights and 4 days was also more than okay. For local Thais of course far too expensive … Phaeng maak maak … but if you compare it to Europe I think quite affordable. The bill said 127.393 THB plus a wound check a few days later with another 951 THB and the final removing of the stitches a few days ago for another 2.362 THB.

Altogether, including the very affordable Phangan Medical Center bill an approximate final cost of around 135.000 THB.

Additionally costs for mobile phone, express boat rides, taxis, hotel rooms, apartments, motorbike rentals, food and massive amounts of coffee and so on and so on … roughly estimated another 30.000 THB!

So the final total for this awesome Phangan style gunmen moron attack is 165.000 THB … impressive?

But luckily this plastic money credit card thing makes all of this possible and most of the bills are already paid 😉

So … Becki doesn’t really want to beg for any money at all as everything is pretty well taken care of and we indeed can take care of ourselves!

But if you think that Koh Phangan Island News deserves your support for the outstanding work we did over the last couple of years then please feel free and send us your donation today 😉 Thanks a lot for you support!

More to come soon …

And as always … love to you all!

Please check out the picture gallery -> Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui

14 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Party Zone Attack – Becki’s gunshot wound treatment at Bangkok Hospital Samui

  • jungle01000

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the morphine…;).

  • Anonymous

    Dear Beckman and phangan news. due to the seriousness of your situation and the high costs albeit necessary medical costs i will glaly donate 5,000 baht to help you in your hour of need. i feel this attack was totally sad and unacceptable. Some might say beckman should have had travel insurance but some farangs are in a similar position that if they stay in one country for more than 3 months insurance is not valid, it is quite complicated therefore, I am happy to help your cause. So if you can afford a little please help. I know where Ban computer is so I will ask the dear folks there to pass on my donation or to advise me where to give. So lets get the party started to help Beckman’s soul feel some island love he so rightfully desrves.

    • thanks so much for your lovely comment and your generous donation to the Koh Phangan Island News team. your help is more than appreciated and please leave your name at baan computer so i can at least show some credits towards your kindness in one of the articles which will be published here. thanks again 😉

      and yes … let’s get the party started and help Beckman’s soul feel some island love he so rightfully deserves – awesome 😉


      • Anonymous

        leets get the party started? what do you mean? dont you think, its time to leet these things cool down littelbit..
        or what are you goin to do know?? are you coming back to phangan? cu

  • Anonymous

    before you believe,read the Disclaimer:

    ALL characters and events in this website — even those based on REAL people — are entirely fictional! ANY similarity to actual persons and events is UNINTENTIONAL! This Website might also contain coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone!

    • again … what sort of trouble are you having with our disclaimer? do you think that all our articles are just some wicked island fantasies produced by pot smoking island lunatics?

      I can assure you that all our articles here reflect the awful truth about the island of madness. if you don’t think so then please send us over some hard evidence to proof your case. otherwise just be quiet or start posting some comments with real content – thanks!

      so i will not delete this comment to give you some form of relief but if you start posting stupid comments again then you can be pretty well assured that it goes directly into the rubbish bin. we just don’t have that much time to spend for people like you – sorry!

      hope that helps & all the best

  • Hey BatMan BeckMan, love your work. Nobody wants to be paying huge credit card interest rates! Have paypalled 100 Euro. Not much help towards that huge bill but I hope it encourages others to help out.

    You may want to offer an English option in paypal not just German. And the “which kitten do you want to safe?” (sic) question made me worry I was not on the real PayPal site until I realised this must have been for Phangan Animal Care. I should have written “Eartha Kitt” 😉

    • Actually it says: “Kitten Type you would like to safe!” which at first glance looks very much as if the paypal process had been pwned.

      • hi there space ship tong 😉

        thanks really a lot for your generous donation. it indeed helps us a lot – THANK YOU!

        glad that you enjoy our work as social justice activists and you can be assured that we will use your donation wisely and for a good cause.

        already went to the paypal donation button setup and modified a few settings so things are no longer that confusing after all 😉

        thanks again & see you around on skype …

        all the best & greetings
        p.s. also double checked the language thing but could not find an option in the paypal donation button setup. when i clicked on the button all was in english language … strange that you got some german language! probably paypal is doing some browser detection thingy which doesn’t seem to work properly? anyway … thanks again for your support 😉

        • Anonymous

          hey beki,
          are royou now going to buy gun with 100euro?
          you need for your own protection!
          you very stupid men when no get!
          cops no help you..!
          take care..

  • Anonymous

    hey man.
    that’s no good situation in wich you are!
    hope your in good protection!
    greetz from germoney.

  • Anonymous

    We are lucky to have someone like Patrik on the Island to look after our computers.

    The really good News is that the HALFMOON PARTY WAS SHUT DOWN LAST NIGHT AT 1:00 PM by the Police
    I believe they were told they could have a party once a month but these arrogant assholes believed they were above the law because they doll out tea money to the police.I would image that the police chief didn’t want to be transfered to a remote location to finish of his highly decorated career there.I believe the orders came down from Bangkok.

  • Anonymous

    We are lucky to have someone like Patrik on the Island to look after our computers.

    The really good News is that the HALFMOON PARTY WAS SHUT DOWN LAST NIGHT AT 1:00 PM by the Police
    I believe they were told they could have a party once a month but these arrogant assholes believed they were above the law because they doll out tea money to the police.I would image that the police chief didn’t want to be transferred to a remote location to finish of his highly decorated career there.I believe the orders came down from Bangkok.

    • Anonymous

      1 PM?

      that doesn’t sound promising….


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