Welcome to Tesco Lotus Supermarket in Thongsala on Koh Phangan Paradise Island

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus 01

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus

Finally July 4th 2008 Tesco Lotus has opened its first sub branch on the island of madness, formerly also know as Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Over the recent months local supermarket owners, like Lim-Pi-Phong & Big-A Supermarket, have bonded together and initiated a local protest campaign against Tesco Lotus Shopping Center. The Anti Tesco Lotus campaign supported by local supermarket wholesalers set up protest signs at every corner of Koh Phangan Island stating:

“We the people from Koh Phangan don’t want Tesco Lotus here!”

Unfortunately all the protest signs were removed a couple of weeks ago and as our team of investigative & un-corrupted douche bags was too busy with other more important things Island News Headquarters is unable to provide some nice shots of those protest signs.

However … interesting to know is the fact that local Koh Phangan supermarkets like Big-A and Lim-Pi-Pong always purchased their products at the nearest Tesco Lotus, Big-C & Makro branches on Koh Samui Island or at the mainland in Suratthani.

So, a statement like “We, the supermarket owners, don’t want Tesco Lotus here!” would have reflected the reality a bit clearer. Now the new slogan from local supermarket wholesalers says “Buy Local!”

Unfortunately it looks like that the real Koh Phangan locals must have somehow forgotten about the new “Buy Local” slogan as Tesco Lotus was totally sold out in the first 2-3 days after opening its doors to the general public.

As an answer to the global international threat caused by Tesco Lotus local supermarkets like Big-A and Lim-Pi-Pong have dramatically lowered their prices to attract more customers. A simple example provided by Marco, an Italian chef from Hadrin Beach, is the pasta Agnesi at Big-A’s supermarket. At the opening day of Tesco Lotus prices were finally lowered by 20% from 75 THB to 60 THB!

This leaves us with the final conclusion that Tesco Lotus doesn’t necessarily mean a global international threat! Instead it means more competition on the local market and results in cheaper prices for the general public on Koh Phangan Island.

The big rip off scams from local supermarket providers are finally over and we are excited to see further development on Koh Phangan Island.

By the way, Tesco Lotus is open every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus 02

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus 03

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus 04

Koh Phangan Tesco Lotus

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35 Responses to Welcome to Tesco Lotus Supermarket in Thongsala on Koh Phangan Paradise Island

  1. karen says:

    Yes great to have some price competition…..my example …..bags of dog chews (Five dogs I buy a lot of these) …..Limpipong Big A 110 baht exactly same bag at Tesco Lotus 69 baht….my dogs love Tesco Lotus and so do we!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So koh phangan has now it own independence day, we are now independent of the overchargers on this island for our shopping

  3. Anonymous says:

    About time Big A is the biggest wanker there is and Limpipong is his sister.. Cornflakes in big wanker A and his Sis 95 B Tesco 45 B.We have been rip off for to long by these wankers.What i would say is to never shop local again.Maybe throw a few rocks at them aswell. TESCO WE LOVE YOU..

    • Anonymous says:

      My dogs used bite people because the mouth muzzels were 200baht at Big A and Lipipong – now they stopped to bite people when I told them i can buy the muzzels for half the price at the new Tesco. They all smiled and told me they love Tesco now and promised they wont bite anymore people. So i rewarded them with the cheap chews from Tesco. They told me ‘why you never buy for us before’? I told them Big A and Limpipong are not dog lovers and just want our money and i dont have so much money to buy you chews! My dogs said fuck u for making us hungry for 3 years Big A and Lump-pi-pong!

      • Anonymous says:

        I will be in Koh Phangan in December and would love to meet up with you and your talking dogs, are they Thai dogs? Their command of the English language is fantastic, maybe I could borrow them for a few days as I will be conducting some bussines in Koh Phangan and my Thai is not up to scratch, they could then translate for me. I will be coming from South Africa so I will bring them some biltong treats as rewards. Big up to Tesco, and remember that people are not the only happy customers, Tescos has even got the dogs talking…….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Were the fuck is K.F.C..Give the markets a run for there money.Put the rip off fuckers out of buss..

    • Anonymous says:

      Top 10 wants for Koh Phangan please!!!!:
      1. MacDonalds
      2. Burger King
      3. KFC
      4. Pizzhut
      5. Cinema (multi screen please)
      6. 10 pin bowling alley
      7.Waterpark with lots of slides
      8.Hooters topless bar
      9. Big Arena for Famous Rock bands like ACDC to play
      10. Annual Rock music Festival – 3 days long, lots of camping, warm beer and toilets that we can set on fire and have a riot on the last night.

      Thats MY idela Koh Phangan.

      Thanks Tesco for starting the trend!

      We Love You Tesco!!!

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Hey you wanker..Whats up with you All your costumer going to Tesco.GOOD about time you robbing bastards got whats coming to you.TO all NON ISLAND people..NEVER SHOP LOCAL THEY ARE ALL ROBBING DRUG DEALING BASTARDS>>TESCO WE LOVE YOU

      • Anonymous says:

        just move over to samui. everything exist allready. enjoy it…and let me enjoy phangan naturally without this westerner crap

      • Anonymous says:

        Over the top dont ya think!!

        Ok i can see tescos being a benefit!! but whats it with Macdonalds etc sod off to samui if you want that!!

        Koh Phangan should remain its beautiful self.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are u some kind of joker ????????
        You wont all be so happy for tescos when all the shop owned by thia people have shut down due to lack of business. What all you fools have to understand is tescos have much bigger buying power which means cheaper goods to you the customer. If you want mc donalds, go to that dump next door. Ko samui

  5. Maddog says:

    I found Tesco’s amusing …..watching some of the Thais coping with the concept of queuing to pay for their goods …. never been known before!

    • Anonymous says:

      Very cool! I’m glad to see some competition in the market place! Seven 11 even provided some competition and there expensive… I Like the queuing comment, the Thais dont like having to wait behind a farang.

      This will help the island in long run… With energy costs going thru the roof they are going to need it…

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah i agree about the Thai not waiting BEHIND a farang – the twats always pushing in front especially in the 7/11’s!! On a similar subject, recently a Thai informed her farang boss that the other thai worker was stealing from him. The other Thai told the worker they should not have informed because they are thai and thai should support thai and that he is ‘just a farang’. I think this is typical of the thai attitude as even though he was their boss and paying their wages he was still just a ‘farang’. This attitude in Thailand towards foreigners is disgusting – they think of us and treat us as second class citizens … here’s another example ..last week my thai friend went into a chemist in Thong Sala and bought me some eyedrops – 165 baht on the bottle but the thai shop assistant said oh thats the farang price – as you are thai its 65 baht!! There you go …. Thailand the land of spoils!

        • Anonymous says:

          What are you doing here then if you don’t like it in thailand fuck off hhome then

          • Anonymous says:

            Better you fuck off dickhead – as its pricks like you who keep letting shit happen on this island! Who said they dont like Thailand??? Duh? Can you read english?? – people on this posting are simply raising some interesting points here. But as always there’s always small minded people who have to leave abusive postings… so I’ll follow your lead – now you go and FUCK OFF as us living inThailand don’t need abusive farang fucks like you!

        • Anonymous says:

          It would be interesting to see a farang set double stands like this in reverse! It’s very divisive to do what they are doing… It doesn’t make you feel part of the community. I find it amusing that loyalties do not even exist in the Thai community, they will shop for the best deal and be damned if its western owned or Thai!

        • Anonymous says:

          my girlfriend is working in england , she’s getting treated like the thais treat the farangs on KPG. same shit – different country

  6. Anonymous says:

    tesco is a big desappointment;it s just not big enough.they ve underestimated the koh pha ngan market especially for the alcohol section so for my restaurant,farang of course,i m still doing at least 70% of my shopping and that s because there aren t enough choice!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! I agree!! WE WANT A BIG TESCO HYPERMARKET!!!! Make it bigger and dont forget to add on the cinema and bowling alley and of course the DIY section so we no longer have to buy our gardening building materials from Limpipong!!! HURRAH!!! Tesco’s Forever!

  7. Anonymous says:

    nothing wrong with tesco on kpg, but just too small. can’t stop progress and why is there no mc. donald’s? dammed. may be we get electric 24/7 soon too, because they build bigger. and finally the ‘islandpricesucker’ have competition, ups, if that gives no blood or fire?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, there’s nearly a macDonalds – the Same Same Burger house down south in Hatrin – great munchie food for all smokers up north …but a long ride south! .. prices are double that of the global chain plus that damn petrol cost south and back …and they cook them from frozen (maybe bought at Tesco? jaja!!)…. but hey it is Phanagn! The good thing is they are open until early hours – 4am I think … now the Same same global takeover of koh phnagn has started! jaja! But the food is pretty good. Any other recommendations out there for Good alnight Munchie food on the island? … oh and watch your ass the Scandies are coming …

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do NOT EAT IN SAME SAME it shit and you will have the shits for days after….Belive me

    • Anonymous says:

      I personally believe in Karma, so all you people moaning about the KPG Thai’s not being nice to you, maybe worth looking at yourselves and your own attitude first.
      I lived on KPG for two years and got…involved lets say in Thai local business/culture, NEVER had a problem once. Dont forget its their Island and not yours. VISIT,SMILE,HELP OUT,ENJOY=GET GOOD THINGS BACK :)

      Over and Out. PATIHAN

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats true! Me and my mate ate there the other week and he had bad shits and I had bad stomach .. maybe the Thai and Burmese staff are doing the standard Asian thing like picking their noses or scratching their arses dont wash their hands???

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do they sell diapers. We\ll be on the island Christmas, and New Year. The two year old mey not be toilet trained by then.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I Think same same burger should give them away Free as everyone who eats there gets th shits..

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey! Ive eaten at Same Same Burger and the food is excellent. Looks like someone has a ‘beef’ with the place. Maybe youve been eating Pad Tai too long and your stomach cant take a heavy cheese soaked mega burger? Don’t tell me youve not had an upset stomach before from eating in a Thai place? This is Asia and everyone gets them and it is often not food that gives you it – its beer and alcohol !!!! I agree they are a bit pricey but I think the food is really good! Anyone reading this should give it a try before you have an opinion! Its great to have a proper burger place on the island as I never order them in normal restarents as the most dont know how to cook them properly!

      • Anonymous says:

        Same Same burger that is were I got my nob sucked by Jah inbetween cooking up a big burger he slipped out back and sucked my nob until the head went all purple and I squirted my man yoghurt all over his apron, it was very nice, I love Same Same burger House.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ahhhh, so this is how they make their mayonaise on the mega-burger …. good on you Same Same Burger …. but you should try to keep your ingrediants secret or everyone will be squirting everywhere!!!

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