Israeli tourist killed at the Full Moon Party Had Rin beach on the Island of Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Island Murder 01

Israeli Tourist killed at Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Sunday the 1st of April 2007, just right before the World Famous Full Moon Party at Had Rin Beach Koh Pha-Ngan, an Israeli tourist was knifed and beaten to death by local teenagers in Drop In Bar on the tourist island of Koh Phangan in Surat Thani province.

David Kakitelashvic, 31, was found dead with eight knife wounds to the chest, arm, face and back, and four signs of serious head wounds.

He was lying on the floor of Drop In Bar on Haad Rin beach when police reached the scene at about 2am. Police were told the tourist and four Israeli friends had arrived on the Island of Madness, also well known as Koh Phangan, to participate in the monthly celebration of insanity, formerly known as the Original Full Moon Party.

The Israeli tourists were in the Drop In Bar at Hadrin Beach drinking and dancing when a fight broke out between the Israeli tourists and about five local Thai teenagers in which one of the Israeli tourists was killed, witnesses said.

His assailants reportedly included the son of a local politician. Police will seek arrest warrants for suspects.

Well … Happy Full Moon Party?

Koh Phangan Island Murder 04

Israeli Tourist killed at Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Island Murder 02

Israeli Tourist killed at Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Island Murder 03

Israeli Tourist killed at Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

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33 Responses to Israeli tourist killed at the Full Moon Party Had Rin beach on the Island of Koh Phangan

  1. Anonymous says:


    Can you please connect me to the witnesses, or give me more details about what has happened there.

    Why the fight has started and where were his friends ?

    you may send me any information to this email address

    thank you.

    • Becki says:


      unfortunately i don’t have any more info as written in the article. I don’t know any witness … rather why or where or what exactly happened.

      Most of the info Becki just grabbed from the Bangkok Post article.

      But … Becki heard that the teenager who killed the Israeli tourist is actually a member of a powerful family here on Koh Phangan. So actually this is nice again as the local police doesn’t seem to have enough balls and issue a warrant to put that killer in prison.

      So … again … this is some sort of … he got a license to kill … and therefore we won’t be able to do anything about it … great?? Where’s the justice in this system?

      Stuff like this isn’t happening the first time here on the island of madness …

      Well … the main questions seems to be …. who’s your daddy 😉

      Have fun!

      • alex says:


        Thank you for the Information. Can you please tell me the name of the “powerful family”.

        If you would hear something or if you would have any new information please contact me at this email If it is ok, then I would like to have Becki’s email address.

        • Anonymous says:

          The police didnt find him at 2am lying on the beach. We helped in transporting him to the medical clinic and were with him for a bout 2 hours until he died following which the police arrived an hour later. He was also totally alone and his friends showed up only after he was dead. They had no idea what had happened. Its all propaganda bullshit.

          • alex says:


            Did you see what really happened, can you give me details about it, why did it happen.

            Thank you for helping him and trying to save his life

            • Anonymous says:

              From what rumors told me, he got short changed. They said he gave them a small bill though he payed with a 1000baht bill. Then they started arguing and when he finally got his money he was mighty pissed and grabbed the bill and spat on it, hence on the kings face wich led to them kicking him to death. That’s just what I heard from some guys that had gotten there right after though.

              • alex says:

                What was he buying, for what he paid them money?

                • Anonymous says:

                  I was there the night he was killed. I can see there are tons of versions of what happened, and I really don’t know the truth myself. Speaking with a Thai local on Ko Tao a couple days later, he said that drugs were involved. I also think he, or someone with him, broke a bottle over the head of a Thai. That’s what i’ve heard. The only thing i saw was a man being dragged away from the bar out of the corner of my eye. At that moment, some asshole hit a girl right next to me, and mates and I chased him down but lost him. We had no idea that the guy being dragged away was being killed. Found that out the next day.

                • anonymous says:

                  does it matter? I have been there in times when it was not the awful party full of selfish assholes and I have seen how some israelis treat the thais and other tourists. They seem to feel like kings and don`t have respect for anyone. One tried to grab my ass and I gave him a hit in the face, and he threatened me all the time after. So much about israelis and their respect for other cultures. I mean – spitting on the king? That is typical lack of knowledge for other cultures. No matter what the others did. Getting ripped off is normal in tourist areas. And so what? Don`t pay with big bills. I mean how stupid are people? There is death penalty for insulting the king also in Thailand. That also refers to tourists. If people don`t know how to behave they should not worry what happens to them. I have been travelling to many places and nothing happened to me ever. and the people to whom something happened always kind of had it coming in a way, because they were actually asking for it. That does not mean someone should be killed, but possessing drugs and insulting the king is still punished by death penalty, which is something these idiotic party people seem to forget easily. Shame on what happened to Ko Phangan, which was a nice party island many years ago, with spiritual people and not these assholes wanting to get high and continuing partying no matter what. And disrespecting the locals on every occasion. disgusting.

        • Anonymous says:

          isralis are all tossers and they think they own the island,i think he got what he deserved.they need to be tought a lesson the thais should do it more often and sort the bastards out.

      • Anonymous says:

        well i think all us non israelis know how the Israelis act on Phangan, they think they own the place and the women and a lot of them go there looking for trouble or are in such big groups as to intimidate others, they act and look like wankers. The thais hate them for there penny pinching ways–he got the wrong change and argued about it-well they probably short changed him by 5 baht, I have seen Israelis argue over 5 baht before

        • Chris says:

          Nice generalizing, asshole

          • anonymous says:

            I do not mean to generalize, I am a woman, maybe they are different to men, but as a woman it is just horrible how they stalk you down and think they are entitled to do anything they want.

            However: I do find it disgusting that a) some people here make nazi-comparisons here, idiot loosers, those people are even more disgusting, I find antisemitism is disgusting and I don`t think it helpse the cause of criticising a behaviour.

            and b) on the other hand I find it disgusting, if criticism of israelis is chalked up to antisemitism , too.
            I confronted the guy, who would not stop grabbing my ass, for his behaviour a few times before I hit him in the face, and afterwards he was only complaining on how I made him look like shit in front of all his friends. I mean hello? I was travelling alone and the guy had a lot of friends condoning his behaviour and no one of these assholes bothered to tell him how to treat a Lady? And then he asked where I am from and called me a Nazi. I mean what is this? Anyone not jewish is a nazi? Anyone who does not want his ass grabbed by an israeli is a Nazi? I mean fuck that… :)

            the people from ISrael who come to Ko Phangan for party are not representative of the general population. Some of them come here with an agenda already, just to satisfy their needs sexually or otherwise I have no idea… I think it`s a special crowd that acts like these wankers and unfortunately there are too many of them on Ko Phangan. Other than that I made very nice experiences with Israelis in other countries. I even discussed that thing that happened.

            I think what is bothersome is, that people go in a different culture, representing their own culture as superiour instead of adapting to the local customs. I mean I also got ripped off by Thais, and was also talking nicely and they apologized. They are just trying. Once they saw I respected their culture, no one was ever trying to rip me off. I assume they only do that to people who treat them poorly. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, I heard that 2 guys had gone into the bar following the stabbing and one was also badly beaten and bottled several times on the beach. Or was this the same guy??

    • Anonymous says:

      He was knifed to death because they threw a bottle at a poster of the king and when the locals said something about it, the israeli’s as normal kicked off and started saying more bad things about the king. S they got punished, i know! me and my mates saw it happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      rumour has it was related to the thai’s guys girlfriend who the isralie had somehow oversteped the mark.
      You need to remember that this is the way a problems are settled on the island. They don’t sit down and talk it out, why bother its easier to give you a beating, or when you really make them loose face kill you.
      The isralie must have really pushed the thai’s button to provoke an attack in public like that. Normally they would have taken him fishing and he would have been found maybe washed up on a beach somewhere.
      Its a very sad lose of life and any death of this nature is unecessary.

  2. alex says:

    Can someone tell me why the fight started and what really happened there.

    Any information can be send to this email

    • Anonymous says:

      I Kknow what happened with fucking death israel they always make problem here and no one like israel we really hate israel people i am hitler

      • Anonymous says:

        Relatively to a monkey you are talking to much, I just curious if I will cut your balls and give them to my dog and let you watch how he is eating them, would you still talking? I don’t think so… don’t be a hero unless you know with who you are talking, coz your life may become a real nightmare.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As far as the rumor goes … it was the son of OK Bungalow (politician) … still on the run

    Young hot-headed criminal locals are a real problem here …

    … and I’m if they catch the guy … we will be jailed for no more than 2 years … just because of the local connections

    • Anonymous says:

      Why all the fight started, why the Israeli was alone where were his friends, why no one helped or stop the fight. What really happened there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shocking news……though i think it was only a matter of time…..last time i was on the isalnd (2006) i saw some thais pull a knife on a guy, he was lucky and a fast runner

  5. Anonymous says:

    A Tip for KPG:

    if you in serious trouble with a local … kill him first (surprise attack) … or leave the island fast …

  6. Anonymous says:

    The end of the paradise…so pity…….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well…I was on the island in 2002. At that time I’ve never seen any kind of violence in there. I’d leave my laptop, camera and money inside a cheep nut on Haad Chao-Pao with no worry…But the things might have changed since then ?? I’m thinking to get myself there soon, but I really don’t like some motherf. got in my nut while I’m not in it. How is this situation now on the paradise island ?

    • Anonymous says:

      it has changed man, i was there last year, heard many stories, you still can enjoy, just watch out and be carefull

      • Anonymous says:

        Police doesnt decide things on these island, there are some families….a few years ago, one man who was considered the owner of the island and was against prostitues….took some guy who was trying to establish prostitution on the island, put him on his knees before everybody(locals) and blew his head with a gun….so untill that man died about 5-6 years ago.. there was no prostitution there…
        so don’t count on police too much, you are in the mess

    • Anonymous says:

      i was on kpg in 2002 and in 2007 and in ervery year in between .
      don´t see much difference , except the building boom. there was trouble in 2002 and ther is trouble in 2007, but its managable.
      still a very fine place to be !!


    • Anonymous says:

      Does anybody know what happend, to the guys who comitted this murder?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know what happend to the five guys who comitted this murder?

  9. Chris says:

    You god damn antisemitic asshole, watch your words.
    Israelis are the nicest people and when a local thai stole my wallet, an israeli guy gathered 10,000 baht for me from his israeli friends. where were my dear brits?

  10. grant davies says:

    just spent 2 months on ko phangan ,sri thanu and in that time witness alot of bike accidents
    were unexperience riders use the front brake on sandy patches on the road,the thai bike operators make a lot of money from farang when they return the bike back dinged up and the local clinics when people need to be bandaged up(ko phangan tattoo) sadly i witness a
    fellow aussie who was a couple of bangalows up from me who i knew for a couple of weeks overdose in his bungalow,seeing a 31 year old country men dead on a bungalow floor is something you do not forget easly!sadly i hear that happens alot with the young farang on ko phangan,offen they get there tattoo,s done then celebrate! do not expect sympathy from thai police,they were laughing when they put his body in the back of the ute! they see it all to offen! thai people see death differently to us,remember no your limits and respect the thai culture to enjoy the island.

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