Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Island cancelled – big waves & two drowned tourists!

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Cancelled

One day before the world famous Full Moon Party event could take place on Koh Phangan Paradise Island, two tourists drowned while swimming at Haad Rin Beach!

Possible reasons for the two drowned tourist bodies are the big and massive waves which currently hit the shore of Haadrin bay. Unfortunately Island News Headquarter doesn’t have any more detailed information about the names, gender, nationality of the two drowned tourists – SORRY! According to reliable sources, Island officials have therefore closed the entire main beach area and shortly decided to CANCEL this month’s Full Moon Party Dance Festival because of security & safety reasons!

“We cannot allow this to happen again – two dead bodies are enough!”, Island SWAT Team Officials announced.

So … finally, as far as Becki can remember, it has happened for the very first time! Please correct me if I’m wrong! The first Full Moon Party ever got CANCELLED – let’s hope that this was probably the last one!

Anyway … Becki had a short look at Had Rin beach the night of the Full Moon Party … and it was actually true – there was NO FULL MOON PARTY!

Police agents locked up the entire sunrise beach side and you could find flyers everywhere informing you that it’s definitely not a good idea to go swimming at the moment! How thoughtful! Though the Party Zone was packed with thousands of party hungry aliens … well … please come back next month!


So … see you next month! And my best wishes for the two souls re-entering the source!

12 thoughts on “Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Island cancelled – big waves & two drowned tourists!

  • Becki

    Hi again,

    well … found some more details about the terrible accident of the two drowned bodies at Haad Rin beach in the Bangkok Post.

    Two tourists, Maria Lindstrom, 21, a Swedish national and Viola Ossman, 22, also a Swedish national, were swept away by heavy currents.

    • Big waves in the Gulf have made news on the BBC. Becki should have gotten some live video on this event… Are the uncorrupted reporters busy getting corrupted??

  • ouzodave

    Published: 16th December 2005 11:32 CET

    Swedish tourists drown in Thailand
    Two Swedish women have drowned in the resort island of Pha Ngan as torrential rains tore across southern Thailand, police said Friday.

    Josefin Ossman, 21, and Johanna Sofia Lindstrom, 21 from the Linköping area, were pronounced dead late Thursday after they drowned while swimming at Pha Ngan, despite warnings about the unusually strong current, police said.

    “Police had warned them that the current was too strong to swim at Rin beach, but six of them did not heed our warning and went ahead and jumped into the ferocious sea,” Colonel Pinyo Hualkasin told AFP.

    Pha Ngan hosts a monthly full moon party, popular especially with young tourists who travel to the island for a night of drinking and dancing.

    But Pinyo said provincial authorities had cancelled the party set for Friday night because of the powerful storm that has been lashing the Gulf of Thailand.

    “We cancelled the party on safety reasons,” he said.

    Twelve Thais have died in floods across 14 southern provinces since late November, including a boy and his father who died in a mudslide that buried their home in Songkhla province Thursday.


    James Savage


    Why does Had Rin beach not have lifeguards or even a flag syatem etc ?, please dont tell me that they do not have enough money.


    • seville

      How do I say this with out sounding harsh.
      In Thai Culture you grow up learning that you must take care of yourself and think through your intentions before you act on things.

      That being said, a person who decides to go swimming would be expected to look at the waves and make a good decision as to go swimming or not. It is sad that the girls drowned, but in Thai Culture they should have thought about it before they went in the water and it was their Karma that lead them to their fate.

      Also Weasel, who is “they”. I’m not saying that you don’t have a point, but one must remember this is Thailand, not the west.

      Again, I feel sorry for the friends and families of the girls, but they made a mistake.
      I was told that the tourist were being told not to go swimming by many locals.

      This same type of thing happened one season when the Jelly Fish were very heavy in the water. Tourist were being told not to go in the water and some of them ignored the warnings and died.

      The government could post signs all over to swim at your own risk and people would ignore the signs.

      A common thought is that the girls death was an excuse to close the party. I’ve read that people were seen swimming in the sight of the police the night of the party and the men in Brown did nothing to get them out of the water.
      Also, the tide is out the night of the full moon and the waves tend to die down a lot.

      Anyone, have confirmation on what the sea looked like the night of the Party. What’s it like now?

  • Becki, you must have suffered some memory loss from being on the island too long.

    The party has being cancelled before, more than once. The monks decided to impose there power upon party goers and close the event from happening on buddha day. a day before or later i think is when it takes place

  • Becki

    hi pete,

    sorry to burst your bubble of island illusion that becki suffers from severe memory loss 😉

    The party has NEVER been cancelled before! This was the very first time and has been reconfirmed by multiple highly reliable island departments!

    What you describe is very well known as something we call POSTPONED! Meaning it is moved by a day or so … but hasn’t been cancelled! this has happened indeed many times before 😉

  • Anonymous

    im 2 years late i guess writing this comment.
    one full moon party was canceled its no big deal, josefin and maria are my firneds and i was in the water when it happened…there were no warnings from the police, they said that to cover their backs.
    it was an afternoon swim around 5pm we went in for, sober and undrugged.
    there was a strong undercurrent dragging us in the water , we were in the water a minute before we realized this….there were many heroes that night, the local divers did all they could to supply oxygen, 5 australian doctors on holiday saved our llives, and american guy named mike personally saved mine.
    josefin and maria will never be forgotten

    • Anonymous

      that is very true. i myself was there also. i saw the whole thing from only a few metres away and their were no warnings, no life guards, no help from locals, only other tourists. they need to make changes and have warning signs and life savings rings and a method of helping anyone in danger.
      It was one of the most frightening things ive ever seen also for the fact that i personally could not do anything to help.
      R.I.P. Josefin and Maria.

  • Well this is really late but on account of moving to study in Sweden, I thought about this and came upon this site. I was the Canadian guy who worked CPR on both girls in the clinic and then transported one of you girls to the hospital. I remember Mike, Bill the surgeon, the Med students and an Israeli paramedic. After this incident, we had managed to get lifeguards set up on the beach with the help of the owner of a dive shop through a fund, but it only lasted a year or so from what I heard.

  • Catherine

    I am very late to comment on that but here I am…
    I was a divemaster in Koh Phangan and went to see my friends at Cactus that end afternoon. We saw people in the water, than we realized 2 of the 6 we could see were facing down. We went a bunch of people in the water doing a human chain to be able to come back to the beach as the current was so strong. Yes the waves were big, the tied was half the beach but still, 2 feet in the water and it was draging you into the sea. I tried to rescue one of the girl doing CPR, I really did my best, even on the back of the pick up, all the way to the little clinic who by the way, had nothing to save anyone and who had no one to help. They didn’t know what to do. That’s when foreigners called friends doctors to help… thanks! It was scary at the clinic, hearing, we have another one, we have another one… I tried not to count. Sadly, we could not save them which makes me sad for months as it was the first time someone died in my arms. I had nightmares and flash backs being so sad that they couldn’t have helicopter or the Navy on the island because of the weather. I realized that life can ends at anytime. 2 months before that day, I had an appendicites in Phangan and I was transfered on a speed boat to Koh Samui. If I had it the same day, I couldn’t have a boat to transfer me and I could’ve die. I don’t know why I search on the net today but here was my story. My Condolence to both families… Catherine

    • Hi Catherine, Raph and all you others who tried to save my friends that day.

      It is a day that will never be forgotten for many people. On december the 15th, 10 years will have passed since the incident. I still think about it a lot.

      Big love to you all.


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