Full Moon Party

Loy Krathong Festival & Full Moon Party on the Island of Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Nov 2005

Floating by moonlight on Koh Phangan Paradise Island! On the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, when the tide in the sea is at its highest and the moon is at its most bright, Thais throughout the Ko Pha-Ngan Island will float their Krathong into the Gulf of Thailand. It’s Loy Krathong time or the ‘festival of light’ possibly Thailand’s most beautiful festivals.

Well … Becki also did a research on Google to find out a bit more about the origin of this festival and surprisingly found out that there are many different legends surround the origin of the Loy Kratong festival. The most popular version is an expression of gratitude to the goddess of water ‘Phra Mae Kongka’ for having extensively used and also polluted, the water from the sea, rivers and canals. A Kratong by tradition contains food, betel nuts, flowers, joss sticks, candle, a coin and hair or fingernail clippings.

The ritual is very simple! Just light the candle and joss stick then watch it carefully as it floats away. If the flame continues to burn it is believed to signify longevity, your wishes will be granted and you will be released from sin and all your troubles of the previous year with it. It is a romantic night; couples that make their wish together are thought to stay together in the future. Well … not sure about that 😉

However, that’s the info Becki found in about 15 minutes with our good friend Google! If someone wants to dig a bit deeper into the ancient history of Thai festivals then click here and start your personal research. Finally Becki has to say that all this Loy Krathong ritual sounds very nice & fascinating but I personally think it’s just BULLSHIT – sorry ladies and gentlemen ;-(

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Full Moon Accident
Haad Rin Pier Sewage Disposal
Ministry of Morals and Ethics

Throughout the year you just don’t give a shit about the pollution of water and all other nasty things humans do with this planet. And then … once a year you build this very nice looking banana boat, put lots of flowers on it and make a very holy face and wish for other stupid things and all your sins and trouble of the previous year will just be washed away by the gratitude of the goddess of water named ‘Phra Mae Kongka’. Wow … that’s awesome! But do you really think it works that way?

Then the next day you continue polluting the planet as a freshly washed SIN FREE SOUL and immediately forget about any gratitude to any goddess on this planet. Well … that’s quite a practical religion and reminds me also about Christianity where you go to see a priest once in a while, confess all your sins, do a bit of holy praying and then continue killing people in Iraq or put your cat in the microwave! Awesome! A praise to human stupidity!!!

Whatsoever … finally Becki managed to find the sewage disposal at Haad Rin pier where all the shit is send directly to the goddess ‘Phra Mae Kongka’, with a few Loy Krathongs floating just next to it … to show our gratitude 😉

Spacing at Full Moon Party
Full Moon Party Thommy Club
Zoom Bar Full Moon Party

So … also on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month in the year 2005 the monthly top event Full Moon Party was taking place at world famous Hadrin Beach on Koh Phangan Island. It was again the usual party and you could find the usual suspects at the beach. Police officials announced that it was a safe party with no abnormal activities or any terror threats! Though police officials stated that there was a fight amongst ‘farangs’ on the beach. Island police agents also caught again a lady boy with a couple of Visa and Master Cards, a few cell phones and a few digital cameras. That’s of course suspicious as a lady boy is only allowed to have a few paper tissues in its pocket to clean the oral stimulation hole after a successful blow job to a stupid tourist in the secret corners of Haad Rin’s coconut gardens.

IT of course ended up in the GANGSTA’ CAGE which is located next to Thommy Resort. And this time Becki got a close shot 😉

The GANGSTA' CAGE Full Moon Party
Mara, Andre & Becki at the Full Moon Party
THEY LIVE! Full Moon Party Haad Rin Beach

On my way to Haad Rin Party Zone Becki also saw a couple of accidents like they usually happen once everybody is up to the monthly farang money hunt! Also the whole Full Moon Party thing seems to get more and more organized by some officials from the Ministry of Morals and Ethics. ALL the clubs at Hadrin Beach are shut down by exactly 9 a.m. and then the officials from the Ministry of Morals and Ethics supervise the massive clean up on the beach.

So … no more partying until 3 o’clock in the afternoon like it used to be a couple of years ago when we still could celebrate the ORIGINAL FULL MOON PARTY at world famous Haadrin Beach!

Soon the Original Full Moon Party will also belong to one of those ancient legends of Koh Phangan Paradise Island 😉

Have fun & breathe deep without any fear!

Cactus Club Fullmoon Party
Wasted at Zoom Full Moon Party
Zoom Club Haadrin Full Moon Party

One thought on “Loy Krathong Festival & Full Moon Party on the Island of Koh Phangan

  • Anonymous

    Dear Becki and co.

    I love reading the stories and seeing the pictures of the Full Moon Madness. Please can we can have some statistics on the numbers of arrests (as well as for what people where arrested) and numbers of accidents etc at each full moon party. Such information is usually given after festivals in europe such as Notting Hill Carnival etc.

    Keep up the good work




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