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8 Israelis Injured in Accident on the Island of Koh Phangan

Accident Koh Phangan Island
Accident on Koh Phangan Island

Eight Israelis injured, one of them seriously, in a car accident in the Koh Phangan island in Thailand.

Eight Israelis were injured on Friday in a car accident in the Koh Phangan island in Thailand, Channel 2 News reported.

The accident occurred when the driver of the cab in which the eight Israelis were riding lost control of the vehicle and overturned.

Seven of the eight suffered light injuries and were taken to a local clinic for treatment. The eighth victim was seriously injured and was transferred to a local hospital.

The Israeli consul in Bangkok has been notified of the accident, Channel 2 reported.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry told the channel that the Israeli embassy is in contact with the victims and are working on having them transferred to a hospital in Koh Samui.

Koh Phangan Island in the South of Thailand is a popular destination for many Israeli tourists. There are many Israelis in Koh Phangan these days, as an all-night “Full Moon Party” will be held on the island on Saturday night.

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