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British woman was not raped on Koh Phangan island as she had previously claimed

A 25 year old British woman has accepted that she was not raped on Koh Phangan as she had previously claimed.

Hospital tests and CCTV showed no evidence that a crime had occurred and the woman had to admit that her fears were completely unfounded.

She was named only as Joanna. A distraught father had contacted the British embassy by phone at the weekend to say that his daughter had been raped in her hotel room at Had Rin beach.

Koh Pangan police and tourism authorities were contacted and immediately went into action. The location where the woman was staying appears to be Coral Bungalows, but this is unconfirmed.

Joanna was taken to the hospital for an examination. Nothing untoward was found; toxicology tests showed no drugs in her blood or urine and there was no evidence of rape.

She was taken to the police station where an interpreter was provided from the local tourist agency and consular assistance from the British embassy were in attendance as observers.

Joanna said: “I woke up naked. My panties were on the foot of the bed and other underwear was on the bed too. My jewelry was laid out on a surface nearby. The bedclothes were piled up outside the bathroom door“.

She admitted that she didn’t remember a thing about the night before.

I thought something must have happened to me,” she continued, saying that she suspected a fellow British man she had been talking to at a poolside party on Saturday night might be involved.

Then she was shown the CCTV and other still photography. She had been the only one to enter and leave her room all night.

When confronted with this evidence she apologized to the authorities saying she must have been mistaken.

She thanked everyone involved for their professionalism and went back to her hotel.

So sorry about that” says British woman after claiming she was raped on Koh Phangan.

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