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Russians caught partying on Koh Phangan in violation of the emergency decree curfew

Seven Russian tourists were arrested and charged with violating the emergency decree curfew while partying on the island of Koh Phangan on Sunday night, police said.

Acting on a complaint filed by local residents with Koh Phangan district chief Poonsak Sophonpathumrat, police raided a two-storey house at Nai Wok village shortly after midnight.

Neighbours said they were being annoyed by a group of foreigners holding a party and playing music very loudly.

When the police, led by Pol Col Pisit Wisetwong, arrived, they found the seven Russians, men and women, in the house. An amount of marijuana was also found.

The tourists were taken to Koh Phangan police station where they were charged with violating the emergency decree curfew and using illegal drugs.

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Photo credit @ Supapong Chaolan via Bangkok Post

Russian tourists caught partying in house on Koh Phangan island
Seven Russian tourists are caught partying in a house on Koh Phangan island, Surat Thani, in violation of the emergency decree curfew. (Photo: Supapong Chaolan @

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