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Dengue Fever Hype on Koh Phangan Island

Dengue Fever Koh Phangan
Dengue Fever Hype on Koh Phangan Island

Just to let everyone know, the latest hype over Dengue Fever is just that:

There is no epidemic! It is a normal occurrence in all warm humid climates. A person can get Dengue on Koh Samui Island, Koh Tao Island, Phuket or even Krabi. In fact, it is endemic in South East Asia as well as in the deep South of the United States, like Florida.

It is transmitted by certain mosquitoes and these mosquitoes live all over the world. If you are that concerned about it then perhaps you should think about going someplace colder!

5 thoughts on “Dengue Fever Hype on Koh Phangan Island

  • Anonymous

    You just need to use some common sense and protect your self from bites ie; cover up or wear repellents when mossies are active and when your asleep…

    • Anonymous

      Dengue Mosquitos are active during the day, and are found in shady areas, unlike their evil cousins
      who operate at night transmiting malaria.
      Yes you do need to protect yourself and probably thats all you need to do, BUT has anyone contracted Dengue in the past week on the Island.
      What would you do if you did?
      How would you know if they had?
      Is there real mediacal support for Dengue?
      Its not all hype Im sorry to tell you, Its real
      a friend of mine contracted Dengue on Koh Phangan 2 years ago, she was so ill it took her over 3 weeks to make her way to KL to get a flight back to South Africa. She was fucked for ages after that.But besides trying to say that its not hype,
      I am concerened about a friend of mine who was last staying over somewhere on Hat thien bay.
      She was doing a 5 day detox at some lodge,
      Her last email she was describing the symptoms of Dengue to me, she was feverish , vomiting
      and the true sign, aching muscles. That was the last I heard from her. If you read this, and know any info on this place on hat thien doing detox missions please forward the name or contact or anything to
      I would appreciate. Kap kun kap
      Ryan Beifus
      Cape Town
      South Africa

      • Anonymous

        I contracted Dengue Fever on Koh PhaNgan 4 weeks ago (beginning Nov.2005) in Haad Yao; North of Hadrin Beach

        VERY SICK for 8 days;
        Still recovering 1 month later…

        There is NO real medical support for Dengue according to Koh Samui International Hospital. They only gave me a muscles relaxing medicine & one to help the stomach;
        Get PLENTY of vitamin C, i.e. at least 1 gram per day; 2 grams won’t hurt your organism.

        Why do mosquitoes exist……?

  • Anonymous

    This virus is unfortunately very common now in Thailand.
    Fever, muscles pain, joints pain, vomitting;
    No medicine at the moment;
    Get PLENTY of vitamin C:: 1 to 2 g./24 h;
    Drink AT LEAST 4 liters of water/24 h;

    be strong….
    impermanence brings relief

  • Anonymous

    Back in 1995 Dengue Fever was Ripe!!!!
    People were dropping like Flies, it was generally caught on the sunset side of haad-rin. I got it twice within 6 months, all i can say is i hope for everyone’s sake the little ******** have been eaten by ants!!!!
    Healthy Haad-rin, now there’s a picture:)


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