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Half Moon Party Festival Koh Phangan charges 100 Thai Baht entrance fee!

Koh Phangan Party Zone
Half Moon Party Entrance Fee

Dance with the art of sound – psy connect to culture, art, life, nature and cosmic love! Let us mix half moon for you – 15 hours full on …. till dawn!

Well… this is what Outdoor & Hi Times Productions proudly present on their party flyer to make you feel that you’re invited to a really nice cosmic love sharing psy trance party! But once you arrive at the so called cosmic sharing whatever party zone in Baan Tai village you might start to realize that they somehow forgot to mention on their flyer that all the cosmic fun is actually NOT FOR FREE !!!

Intentional? Accidental? Accidentally on purpose? You be the judge! Really not a nice way to welcome all your psychedelic trance aliens. At least they should inform you about that tiny entrance fee – wouldn’t that be fair enough? Well, if they don’t – Koh Phangan Newspaper will 🙂

But I have to say once you were willing to pay the 100 Baht entry fee you’re offered a free drink!

And, by the way, Thais don’t need to pay they can enter for free – nice, isn’t it?

Amazing Thailand – Welcome to the land of the smile 🙂

Sawadee Khap

6 thoughts on “Half Moon Party Festival Koh Phangan charges 100 Thai Baht entrance fee!

  • Anonymous

    Remember behind the smile is a set of razor sharp teeth and here in the land of them and us we are just a walking meal ticket!
    From a Farang(Foreigner/Alien)

    • Anonymous

      Guess it depends on who you know! If you hang around sleazy thai people then don’t be surprised when you get ripped off. I personally know lots of nice, honest Thai people but then most of them don’t hang around farang! Wonder why when you see so many behaving in such rude and disrespectful ways??

      • Anonymous

        Contradiction or what? what are you trying to say? who behave in rude and disrespectful ways, Thai’s or farangs?

        Guess it depends on who you know!!!!!!!!!!!! who do you think you are? someone special!!!!!

        Ignorance is the root of all evilxxx

        • The point is that the entrance fee was left off the poster. This is inexcusable cynical commercialism of the worst kind. If I printed posters without mentioning the entrance fee accidently I would add the info on each poster by hand because I have value integrity.

  • As a promoter on KPN i can tell you why we have had to start charging.. police cost us x-amount, speakers 4000 Baht, Djs 3000 Baht, decor 2000Baht
    If we get 150 to 200 punters we break even.. if we get more we can split the profits between the enormous amounts of people it takes to make you moaning gits have a good time… the Thais done pay cos they normally bring people with them… and they can’t afford it.. bet you haggle over a 20 Baht bottle of water (i can get six for that… stay at home and drink alone then!!)

  • Well, All i have to say is i was at the Half Moon party in Ban Tai April 2004. And no doubt it was the best party i have ever been to and so much better than full moon. No commercialism NOT! I wish i could get any pic from April 2004 Half Moon. I got to know everybody, it was like a big family! You got any pic? Mail me @ Drome@Post.Com !? I got pic from the April FMP 2004 if you want to change, got two full cameras, around 50 pictures 😉 Thanxs!


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