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PAC – Phangan Animal Care could use some help!

PAC - Phangan Animal Care
PAC could use some help!

For all of you animal lovers on Koh Phangan, and those who have visited Koh Phangan, there is a solution, or at least, some help, to the major dog overpopulation on the island.

Thanks to British Vet Shevaun Gallwey for opening the Phangan Animal Care clinic on Koh Phangan Island. Purely a non-profit clinic they routinely round up strays on the streets and at the temples and sterilize and vaccinate them. They can always use lots of help, even if you aren’t a veterinarian or vet. nurse. But if you are and want to donate some of your skills you would always be welcome.

Check out the Phangan Animal Care website . You can donate at several donation boxes around the island, the Jungle Gym in Haadrin, Blue Lotus Resort in Ban Kai, and Buakao Guesthouse in Thong Sala are just a few. All your spare baht will help. You can also find contact info on their website if you are interested in helping. Their help on this island in just the year they have been open has definitely been noticeable. There are a lot less very sad looking dogs on the island thanks to Shevaun and all the invaluable vets and nurses who have donated their time and skills.

Please help PAC – Phangan Animal Care – to keep up the good work!

One thought on “PAC – Phangan Animal Care could use some help!

  • rosie cumbers

    you all do such an amazing job with the animals at your centre, and i will be spreading the word to everyone:


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