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Dr. Taeng Dental Clinic Baan Tai Village Koh Phangan Island

Dental Clinic Koh Phangan Island

Newly opened since a couple of months, here on Koh Pha-Ngan Paradise Island, is the Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic in Baan Tai village.

Well … to be really honest … Becki is actually not such a big fan of any dentist around the planet just because I might have experienced some terrible childhood dental phobia trauma in my early years. But fact is if you don’t visit those wicked dentists from time to time, usually they recommend you one dental check every 6 months, you might end up with some even bigger tooth scenario like root canal treatment and that sort of nasty stuff.

So … after hours, weeks and months of intensive arguing to myself that it might probably be an awesome good idea to go for a dental check again, as Becki’s last dentist visit was more than a year ago, I decided to give the new Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic a visit for my annual teeth disaster prevention.

Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic is located directly at the main road in Baan Tai village close to the Baan Tai pier. There’s a big dental sign next to the road so you can’t really miss it. The friendly smiling guy at the reception is called Nong and within a few minutes Becki was sitting in the doctor’s office … my mouth widely opened and softly re-experiencing my childhood dental phobia 😉

Now comes the scariest part when the dentist pokes around in your mouth with those wicked instruments on search of those tiny holes and caries spots. But actually Becki was really & totally surprised how careful and sensitive Dr. Taeng did her work. I didn’t feel any pain or whatsoever and within seconds I felt safe, secure and sort of relaxed.

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Dr. Taeng, Nong & Ying
Dr. Taeng & Becki
Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic

Have you ever been to those sadist dentists who really love to poke around deeply in your tiny holes and sort of enjoying this? I still can remember Dr. Sadist, another dentist on Koh Samui Island, who really seems to get a hard on while you are experiencing massive pain! Screw you Dr. Sadist 😉

Gratefully Dr. Taeng is not that kind of a person and Becki can only recommend her and her team with a two thumbs up! Pre-investigations also revealed that most of her patients seem to be satisfied with her work and service. At least I didn’t hear any negative stories when asking friends around here on Koh Phangan Island.

Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic is open daily! Monday to Friday from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Offering oral surgery, filling, scaling, cleaning, dental prosthesis, root canal treatment, tooth whitening, dental esthetic & prevention. If you need to know more details or want to arrange an appointment then please call 077-238820.

Also available at the clinic’s waiting room is a computer and wireless internet access! So if you need to wait a bit you can spend your time browsing the internet, e.g. Koh Phangan Island News.

Thank you and have a nice day 😉

Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic
Dr. Taeng Dental Home Clinic
Dr. Taeng Certificate

8 thoughts on “Dr. Taeng Dental Clinic Baan Tai Village Koh Phangan Island

  • Anonymous

    I managed to crack one of my front teeth at a Full moon party back in November 2005. I can fully recommend Dr. Taeng’s dental clinic, looks good as new 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I went with a ‘filling’ problem – an old one that appeared to have fallen out – and she put too much filling in my tooth which unbeknown to me off-set my jaw, causing horendous pain for 4 weeks and a ‘locked jaw’ – I had to udertake a medical analysis myself (as the doctors & dentists said I needed an operation – more money in their pockets!!) as to why my jaw had locked and 5 weeks later after much reflection and analysis as to my activities that I realised it was the inept dentist who then on my return (without apology) drilled out the ‘overfill’ and said ‘dont worry I wont charge you’ even though the reception staff tried too!!! And it took a further 3 weeks for me to open my mouth past 20mm again and eat food properly – and guess what …. I still have the gap in my tooth that I went in to get filled!! Thats my amazing experience! Welcome to Thailand! Dont believe the hype!

      • And here we go again – a month after this email reply a broken tooth that I had filled by the same dentist a few months back broke up and fell out – I have 1/2 a tooth left in the back off my jaw … and guess what – Ive been waiting a month already with the discomfort until I get some time to get up to Bangkok to get a PROFESSIONAL dentist to sort out all the problems Dr Thang has created!!! Offset jaws, 3 fillings falling out and now half a broken tooth after the filling fell out and all open to the elements!! Oh and if you wonder why this dentsist promotes to farangs it is BECAUSE the Thai’s won’t use her as she has a bad reputation in the Thai Community!!! Check out the expensive building, expensive signage, expensive interior and expensive eqipment – Well all i say is you can have a nuclear reactor but if you got some braindead using it then the tools only as good as the operator – look at Chernobyl !!! Good riddence I say!

  • Anonymous

    i went to dr taeng to get some crowns done, cause there soo expensive in the uk, i had three crowns, xrays, a filling, some stains from smoking removed, she is brilliant, no pain at all, this was the second time i have seen her and it only cost me around 550 pounds, it would of cost me around 2000 pound at my home dentist, i have already booked my next appointment when i go back, i went for a check up at my dentist at home, and she said the job is very well done, i would definatley recommend dr taeng!!

    • Anonymous

      I am going to Koh phangan in Jan … i need a crown… does anyone know, should I book for appoint well in advance for this crown, Is Dr Taeng busy?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, great clinics and stuff are professionals, speak good english.

  • Before i came to thailand i heard some stupid rumors about the healthcare there and when i lost a front tooth in some accident i was kind of nervous about going to local dentist. i just wanted to say that all these rumors were complete BULLSHIT!
    DR Taengs clinic is very clean, with brand new equipment and is up to any standard in any western country, and the most important thing is that shes a real proffesional. i didnt have enough time on the island to make a permanent tooth so i did a temporary one, the doctor warned me that usually a tooth like that will hold only for a week or two but now after two MONTHS its still holds! so i finished my trip and now i am back in my home country doing the permanent tooth, and i am sure that without DR Taeng and without a front tooth i wouldnt enjoy my trip so much.
    So long story short, just wanted to say THANK YOU! and that i HIGHLY recommend this clinic!

  • Dr. Taeng rescued me! I was on a vacation in Thailand, Koh pangan island and broke two of my front front teeth in the swimming pool. Dr. Taeng treated me with a lot of patience. The result looks perfectly good!!


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