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Koh Phangan Party Island – Just say No Drugs!

Party Island Phangan – Just Say no drugs!

Welcome back to the island of madness and daily increasing deliriousness & lunacy here on world famous Koh Phangan Party Island.

  • Addicts are not welcome!
  • Enjoy traveling on Koh Phangan naturally!
  • Don’t mess with drugs!
  • Just say no drugs!

These are some of the unforgettable slogans you can find nearly everywhere on Phangan Island at the moment. This just reminds me of my first Full Moon Party exactly 14 years ago when Becki set his first step on this magical island on 14th Nov 1992. So it has been 14 years now and Becki is still alive and indeed kicking ass.

Anyway … marketing slogans were different that time in 1992.

  • Speed Punch!
  • Magic Mushrooms!
  • Diet Pills!
  • Ganja!
  • Marihuana!
  • Acid!
  • Blue Pills and Red Pills … though Becki has to admit that Ecstasy wasn’t that popular that time.

And I will never forget that English bloke asking me … ACID? Well … of course! And gratefully Becki purchased that awesome sheet of paper with all those funny smiling sun shines printed on it. 25 hits per sheet and finally Becki was equipped with some marvelous mind altering substances and ready to take off for some intensive brain research programs at world famous Haad Rin Beach. Mission accomplished said the inner voice!

20 minutes later Becki wasn’t exactly sure what the actual mission was … and now … 14 years later Becki still hasn’t figured out the final mission assignment … ha ha ha 😉

Koh Phangan Addicts not welcome!
Koh Pha-Ngan Sunshines Acid 1992 😉
Ko Pangan Don’t mess with drugs!

However … just be aware when traveling to ‘Unforgettable Thailand’ that 2-3 years ago the Thaksin administration issued a license to kill assignment to all those un-corrupted police agents and finally slaughtered about 3.000 drug trafficking suspects … mainly Thai citizens of course. Later on the Royal Thai Police, which is under the authority of the King of Thailand, officially announced to re-investigate this massive slaughtering of thousands of usual suspects, but so far Becki hasn’t received any updates on that case.

Well … so the question is … are drugs really that bad? Was God really experiencing a serious nervous breakdown when he/she/it decided to create all those natural plants like cannabis, mushrooms, coca plants, poppies, peyote, etc … etc?

Do you think that magic mushrooms growing on the top of cow shit was an accident? Where do you think that phrase ‘That’s good shit’ did came from? Why do you think that Hindus think that cows are holy? Holy shit!

Why is marihuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet! Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to be a bit paranoid? Do you know what I mean? How do you make nature against the law? Marihuana grows nearly everywhere … it serves a thousand different functions … all of them positive! To make marihuana against the law is like saying God made a terrible mistake!

Or could it be that God left all these plants on earth for a specific reason? Why is it that all our ancient cultures had some priests, shamans or holy men who were experts in usage of all these so called illegal drugs? Experts in guiding you into some other mostly forgotten aspects of human life!

Well … not all drugs are good, of course. Some are great 😉 Drugs have done good things for us, don’t you think? If you don’t think so then please throw away all your music albums, tapes and CD’s and burn them. Because the musicians who made that great music which has enhanced your lives over all these years were all real fucking high!

Koh Phangan Enjoy Paradise naturally!
Koh Pha-Ngan Just say no drugs!
Ko Pangan Addicts not welcome!

You also never see positive drug stories on the news, do you? Isn’t that weird? Because most of the drug stories Becki experienced were real awesome positive! Isn’t it always the same negative LSD story on the news?

Young man on acid thought he could fly and jumped out a building from the 12th floor. What a tragedy!

What a dick! Fuck him … he’s an idiot! If he thought he can fly why didn’t he take off from the ground first? You don’t see ducks lined up to catch elevators when flying to the south, isn’t it? Ducks start flying from the ground … so we just lost another moron … let’s celebrate!

I don’t mean to sound cold or cruel or vicious … but I am so that’s the way it comes out!

How about a positive LSD story? Wouldn’t that be newsworthy just once to base your decision on information rather than scare tactics, superstitions and lies? Just only once?

Today young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration … that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death! Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves!

Wouldn’t that be good news?

The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And if you choose to go on then you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down and round and round … it has thrills and chills … and is very brightly colored and it is very loud … and it’s fun for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a very long time and they begin to question. Is this real? Or is this just a ride?

And other people they have remembered and they come back to us and they say … Hey … don’t worry … don’t be afraid … ever … because this is just a ride!

And we … we kill those people! We have a lot invested in this ride … look at my bank account … this has to be real! Shut him up!

Remember … it’s just a ride! But we always kill those people who are trying to tell that to us. Have you noticed that?

But it doesn’t matter … because … it’s just a ride! And we can change it anytime we want. It’s only a choice … no effort … no work … no job … no savings of money … it’s only a choice right now … between fear and love!

The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door … buy more guns … close yourself off …

The eyes of love … instead … sees all of us as one!

What’s your choice going to be?

So … to tell you the awful truth … and Becki really doesn’t want to take credits for other people’s work … most of the stuff written here was just simply copied word by word but I just thought it fits in here perfectly. Therefore this article is dedicated to Bill Hicks another great soul who already left this planet a couple of years ago. Thank you Bill Hicks for the work and inspiration you have done … God bless your soul!

If you have never heard of Bill Hicks then I strongly recommend you to start some personal investigations on his work – thank you!

Love to you all!

13 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Party Island – Just say No Drugs!

  • Anonymous

    so does that mean everyone should be saying no to alcohol/ethanol as well?

  • Anonymous

    Oh. and caffeine too.

    Are they aware there probably insulting 90% of the tourists coming to this island by calling them addicts? I’ve never heard of anyone being clinically addicted to acid, mushrooms, mdma or anything like that.

    It’s a pity this country is bowing in to the archaic hypocrisy that is the “war on drugs” that a lot of SE Asia, US, Australia etc has taken up, as opposed to the more modern (and effectively proven) approach of “harm reduction” which a lot of european countries are adopting.

    Either way, people are going to go on holidays to get smashed. Be it on alcohol, or drugs.. (not that theres any difference!)

  • Anonymous

    hahaha ,this slogans are a joke and makes me laugh!

    • Anonymous

      A good idea for KPN to reduce the amount of drugs on the island, so KPN can move forward in a positive direction!!

  • Anonymous

    i think “just say no to ripping off tourists” is probably more needed 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi becki, you are joke! i love this article, every entertaining and very true. You had me and the guys in my office in stiches!

    • Anonymous

      They should give out MDMA for free to all the R’N’B posers that hang around Drop Inn bar fuck me they wpould be running for Zoom club in 5mins.

  • Anonymous

    On the subject of drugs does any body know what happened to a guy called Adam last full moon, he was caught with 5 yabba pills and some weed does any one know were he is?

    • Anonymous

      maby he is 100 000 bath poorer and is waiting for his passport that the police “lost” so he has to sit in jail for a week or two until he get it back… hmm… yes it happend!

    • Anonymous

      this wouldent be an andam from canada would it?

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy travelling on Koh Phangan naturally.


    Pot grows naturally from the earth. Manipulation of nature to form illicit substances causes confusion and sometimes death. Stay natural and listen to nature is the point these slogans are trying to make.

    • Anonymous

      no, stupidity and not listening to ones body causes death

    • Anonymous

      all chemicals come from the earth, just cos somethng comes from a plant doesnt make it any better. a lot of illicit substances occur naturally in plants, animals and even your brain!


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