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French ‘religious leader’ arrested for 3 month visa overstay on Koh Phangan Island

A French national who allegedly claimed to be a religious leader was arrested on Koh Phangan in this southern province on Sunday and charged with overstaying his visa, police said.

Evariste Douabou Koudoukouho, 39, was detained outside a mosque in tambon Ban Tai by tourism police who were looking into a complaint about a foreigner staying near the mosque who was claiming to be a religious leader and asking people to join religious activities being held there.

After seeing the man who fit the description in the complaint, police asked to see his passport and found that he entered the country on a 30-day tourist visa, which expired more than three months ago.

The man was charged with overstaying his visa and handed over to police at Koh Phangan station for further processing ahead of a court appearance.

Read the full story at Bangkok Post – French ‘religious leader’ cuffed on Koh Phangan which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

Photo credit @ Bangkok Post

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