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Elephant steals camera from tourist and snaps an incredible selfie

Elephant Selfie - Credit Caters News Agency
Elephant Selfie – Credit Caters News Agency

A lucky tourist on Koh Phangan Island managed to capture an incredible selfie when an elephant grabbed his camera and started snapping pictures using his trunk.

Christian LeBlanc, 22, was feeding the elephant in Koh Phangan, Thailand, when he ran out of bananas.

He claims the plucky beast nabbed his GoPro camera while it was on the time lapse setting and ended up taking the incredible snaps.

Mr LeBlanc, from Vancouver, Canada, said: ‘It’s definitely my best selfie and quite possibly the best ever.’

In the amazing series of photos, Mr LeBlanc can be seen offering taking a few selfies himself before offering the last banana to the elephant. Then before he can step away to gather more treats for the elephant his trunk reaches out and nabs the GoPro, which continues to snap away.

Mr LeBlanc, who is studying in Bangkok, added: ‘The selfie happened while I was feeding the elephant bananas. I ran out of bananas so it grabbed my GoPro by the handle while it was on timelapse.’

‘Luckily elephants are very gentle and I got it back with one of the best photos I have ever taken.’

Thank you to Daily Mail “The world’s greatest ‘elphie’: Elephant uses its trunk to take incredible selfie with tourist in Thailand after stealing his GoPro camera” which was brought to us by Google Alerts.

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