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How Royal Thai Police on Koh Phangan Island solve a murder case!

Thai Police Koh Phangan
Thai Police Murder Case

About three weeks ago there was a shooting taking place in Srithanu village on the west coast of Koh Phangan Island. One drunken Thai guy lost his mind and shot another Thai guy in a restaurant near the market in Srithanu village.

Fortunately the police was able to catch the murder, but as often happened before, it did not come to a court hearing. Instead the people involved agreed to compensation. The family of the young boy killed received half a million baht. 150.000 baht of that amount went to the Royal Phangan Police Force for negotiating with the involved parties.

At least the family who lost their son can now buy their long awaited car. Such blood money can be quite useful I guess. Imaging if one of your closed one gets murdered you could finally buy what ever you had in your dreams. Just make sure that you don’t let them get away too cheap. And do not forget if a farang gets murdered you may not get any money, you have to be careful that you don’t have to pay to the murder instead.

However a cheap funeral on this island cost around 8’000 baht or if you do not want to spent that much money you can just throw the body into the sea (the fish and crabs do the rest for you).

Keep in mind that we are in the amazing Thailand, and everything is possible (like wonderland)

5 thoughts on “How Royal Thai Police on Koh Phangan Island solve a murder case!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone ever got caught with a joint or high? How much did you pay? or have you heard any prices from someone you met on the island? I even heard they dont take any bribes no more becus they had to swore not to under holy water 😉 And when i stayed on Phuket (hell!) everyone told me its impossible to bribe them for drugs, and it was all dry up only some ganja and it had gotten up in price since last time i was there, and this was after the drugwar and there prime post post and tell me !

    • Anonymous

      Keep in mind I’m talking about a small amount of ganga! If your going to pay off a cop it has to happen before you get to the station! You usually need at least 20,000 baht! Otherwise your going to spend a week or so in prison, a living hell.. Then you see a judge and pay about 100,000 baht and you don’t get a mark on your passport 😉 You could hang out for a couple of months and fight the charge and pay about 5000 baht and get deported 🙁 This is typical Thai, if you have the cash they will overlook most anything.. If your looking for smoke on Phangan it’s easy to find! The cops own a couple of bars that sell it fairly openly.. Be discreate I have seen people smoking openly in Thongsala and that’s not recommended!

  • Anonymous

    I am not in the least surprised that the police accept bribes every one else does too except (thank God) the Monks
    I cant even say the name of your so called paradise island without shedding tears for my son Luke who drowned in Laem Son Lake in April . still its advertised as a fresh water lake safe to swim in what a disgrace
    you are waffleing on about were to buy drugs how shallow you are when the world is turned upside down by the Tsunami disaster I know only too well how all those people are feeling . why dont you all stop pretending life is a great big party and look around you at were you are choosing to live
    the police turn a blind eye to even murder and allow drugs to be sold in the clubs they own go somewhere safe people its not paradise there its Hell

    • First of all, my condolance for the lost of your son.
      Loosing someone you love is very hard, always in every form.
      But if you write, that this iland is no paradise, but is hell, i can not stop from giving my opinion. Because, just as life, this island is what you make of it yourself.

      Ofcourse it is more difficult to calculate a danger in an strange enviroment, especialy when you dont know who to trust or who to believe. And ofcourse, habits are different here, and that makes it more difficult to untherstand the ‘bad’ things that happen here.

      But pleasse, let this not stop us from trying to reach out to new experiances, and enjoying what life has to offer, the good and the bad.

      Ofcourse a tsunami disaster is horible, but should it make us stop from partying?

      Maybe Luke would still be alive when he never visit a strange country, but what sort of live is that were you must life in fear, and dont try to dicover the world for your self?
      Is that a life or a bubble?

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