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Koh Phangan Island gets traffic system upgrade in Thongsala town!

Traffic Lights Koh Phangan

Hello again … after 3 months in Frankonia Becki has finally made his way back to the hidden jewel in the Gulf of Thailand, named Koh Pha-ngan!

New Traffic Lights – who would have thought that? But finally they are here and are conveniently placed at the end of Thongsala main town directly at the road connections to Haad Rin Beach and also Chaloklum village.

Because of the more and more increasing traffic chaos at one of the island’s main traffic junction the local Minister of Koh Phangan’s Transportation System has introduced a new automatic traffic control system to re-assure safety in the daily traffic insanity on Phangan’s road system.

They come in 3 trendy colors – Red, Yellow and Green – and function similar to traffic lights in other western countries. Green for GO – Red means STOP and Yellow you better DECIDE QUICK! The new and improved traffic system upgrade seems to work as most people somehow really stop there when they see the light turning red!

I’ve seen it 🙂

Traffic Lights Koh Phangan
Traffic Lights Koh Phangan
Traffic Lights Koh Phangan

One thought on “Koh Phangan Island gets traffic system upgrade in Thongsala town!

  • Tortoisebob

    A sensible idea I think! But it’s gonna be kinda strange having to adhere to traffic laws on Ko Pha Ngan! Wierd!!


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