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Koh Phangan Island Lawyer – I am specialized in Troubleshooting!

Phangan Island Lawyer 01
Phangan Island Lawyer

Hi my name is Tom, i come from Germany, My Thai wife and I run the Archery Club here on Koh Phangan.

I haved lived here for 17 years on Koh Phangan. Since that time i know Mr. Thakrit Sritongkul very well; his and my family are good friends over a long time.

So he ask me for some References. What can i say?

Mr. Takrit Sritongkul’s Family has been on the islands (Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao) and is very influential and powerful!

As he was born on the island and he is from a very powerful family, he knows and has many connections to all important people and institutions.

His relationships range from Police-, Military-, Government-, and Administration-Official’s, up to and including Judges, Prosecutors and Ministers in Bangkok!

I have accompanied him many times for bail out hearings and problem solvings. So i know how he is working. He has been a great friend to me, also he has helped me a lot.

He made it possible for me to get a 30 year Land lease registered within 1,5 Hours, also he helped me by some boundaries clearing.

My Friend knows very well the foreign mentality. He traveled in a lot countries, and also from his resort business he can understand the thinking from foreign people.

Call me and i will introduce him to you. +66 (0)8 95 30 40 80

Phangan Island Lawyer 02
Phangan Island Lawyer

You need help ?

I am specialized in Troubleshooting !

Call me !

I can help you !

Mr. Thakrit Sritongkul

Mobile: +66 (0)8 46 39 92 59

With friendly support from Koh Phangan Lawyer

14 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Island Lawyer – I am specialized in Troubleshooting!

    • Anonymous

      All these special connection … I guess a good lawyer in Phangan could be also described as “Tea Money Expert”

      • Anonymous

        beware…. this might ALSO be a scam!!

        • Anonymous

          yea man, just another spam..

          • Anonymous



            good luck with your “buissnes”

            • Anonymous

              lol ^^ this island is a shithole .. stay out of there

              • Anonymous

                on your way then. dont let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.

                I ddon’t know this guy personally, but Sritongkul is one of the oldest, most well established koh phangan familiy names.

                There are basically less than 10 surnames for old island families.

                god forbid you should ever actually need to call the man though.

  • Anonymous

    Do not to get involved with any local lawyers, they
    are far more concerned about looking after there pocket, and the interests of there friends and family on Koh Phangan, than any westerner here.

    Best practice, best advice and due diligence is simply unheard of.

    I strongly recommended using a Bangkok based lawyer, preferably approved by the westerners own embassy.

    On several occasions, I have witnessed issues with the local police, and local government vanish when the BIG GUNS arrive.

    Always, always have any legal documents in Thailand, translated and notariesd before signing.

    Have all house registration books, chanottes, contracts, car papers checked by an impartial third party, to make sure your name is on them after registration etc.

    • Anonymous

      The Pu Yai ban is a good place to start when it comes to local disputes, and in my experience seem to be reasonably impartial. as there is a certain loss of face for them if they are seen not to be.
      Small contacts and agreements have clout when witnessed by the Pu Yai Ban too.

      • Anonymous

        This is one of the most bizarre posts I’ve ever read on the site 🙂

        I know how KPG works…but to use the words and language in this article is very, very odd!

        Take care all and have a good 2011…

        Patihan of Kohphangan.

        • Anonymous

          anyway it will cost more than 1000 dollar even when the police or their spies only see you.
          you cannot vanish your cigarette and think ,ok they will not find anything,i dont worry….too late
          they have already sth in their pockets or hands to give you or to put in your pockets…
          the beach is dangerous too, all what is public area, like your bungalow at the beach is “public” for the cops.
          could be a spy….5 minutes later the cops come…specially in areas the resorts sell the shit,take care because they need “food”….
          And a Lawer from the island is just another moneymaker….so stay 48 h in jail, then go kosamui for subscribe some papers and wait for your will come soon…
          check out good connections,because everybody has the best ones…..
          there a better lawers in kosamui…
          take care,dont use drugs on kophangan…it s a bloode game….

  • Anonymous

    What’s happened to this once-useful site?
    Is it dead?

    Koh Phangan is indeed a shithole nowadays, thanks to the local monkeys who don’t give a fuck about destroying the place they call home.

  • SangSomNamBla

    Yeah what happend to that website?
    Still registered to Flederer Ralf or that beckspaced “becks” guy.

    HE still alive?

  • BobtheBuilder

    DO NOT I SAY DO NOT ever use a lawyer on Koh Phangan and I tell you that from experience they are all a bunch of crooks


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