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Please Help Save PAC – Phangan Animal Care

PAC Koh Phangan Animal Care
PAC Koh Phangan Animal Care

PAC – Phangan Animal Care was set up by Dr Shevaun Gallwey, in 2001 as a nursing clinic to provide Koh Phangan Island with free nursing care for all owner less animals, neutering program for population control & rabies vaccinations.

PAC has only one permanent staff member, Amphai Thongpliu (Por) who after 16 months of training, became PACs’ Head Nurse in 2004, and has been the back bone of PAC ever since. The rest of PACs’ staff have been a series of overseas volunteers.

Since opening, the clinic has cared for every animal in need, regardless of species or ownership. In 6 years, PAC has improved the health of the islands’ animals by neutering, vaccinating, treating and educating.

But everything changes!

Due to new regulations, PACs’ rental agreement will be terminated April 2008. Due to the massive influx of imported animals (pedigrees, etc), PACs’ work no longer focuses on its intended target (beach, street and temple animals).

To continue our work and remain to our true mission, PAC must …

* buy or lease land
* build a permanent clinic
* register as a legal Thai foundation

We can make this happen with your generous help! PAC needs to raise 3 million Thai Baht (80.000 US$)! We need your support to reach this goal!

* support upcoming fund raising events
* give generous donations
* provide sponsorship from businesses

For further information and details please visit our website PAC – Phangan Animal Care or contact us by details below. Thank you!

Phone: +66(0)77 238375
Mobile: +66(0)89 8757513

Website: PAC Phangan Animal Care

3 thoughts on “Please Help Save PAC – Phangan Animal Care

  • Anonymous

    Hi there, I’ll be in Ko-Pha-Ngan in three weeks time, from 27/01 onwards.

    I would love to come by and take a look at your facility, you’re doing great work! Maybe I might have some ideas to help you out :-).

    See you soon! Steve

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who remembers the sorry state of homeless local dogs (95%) in Koh Pha-Ngan prior to 2001, must really appreciate the thankless work PAC is doing to help all these poor animals.

    If as a result of apathy PAC can’t remain in Koh Pha-Ngan, then the whole island will be a much poorer place, not just the unfortunate dog population.

    Please, help save PAC in any way you can – even if it just spreading the word.

    jose ‘-)

    • Anonymous

      I hope that the mayor office will help and do something to keep PAC alive !


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