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Spanish man allegedly stabbed a Chilean man to death on Koh Phangan

A Spanish man has allegedly stabbed a Chilean man to death on Koh Phangan in the southern province of Thailand.

Police were reported at 1am on Saturday. When they arrived at a rented house in tambon Ban Tai, they found signs of a struggle inside and the body of the Chilean man, 41, with a knife stuck on the left chest and multiple stab wounds on the torso.

Chang San Yu, 31, the victim’s Chinese girlfriend who lived with him, was in shock.

She later told police while she and the Chilean man were sleeping, the Spaniard knocked on the door. When her boyfriend opened it, the visitor, armed with a knife, allegedly stabbed him. Both struggled and the Spanish man kept stabbing him until he fell down and died in the kitchen. The attacker then escaped with the motorcycle parked in front of a nearby house, she said.

She added she did not know whether the two men had a brawl before.

After police located the Spaniard, they caught him when his motorcycle fell into a ditch during a pursuit. They took him for questioning at Koh Phangan police station. The Spaniard gave confusing statements about someone trying to kill him.

Police records showed the man had stolen at least three motorcycles before.

He was charged with premeditated murder, carrying weapons in public places and stealing.

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Photo credit @ Supapong Chaolan via Bangkok Post

Koh Phangan Murder Chilean Man - 2020 May
Rescue workers carry the body of the Chilean man who was stabbed to death at his house on Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, in the early hours of Saturday. (Photo supplied by Supapong Chaolan @ Bangkokpost)

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