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Top 10 reasons why Koh Phangan Island is INDEED Paradise!

Koh Phangan Paradise

01. Beautiful Smiles
02. Amazing Sunsets & Sunrises
03. Delicious Food
04. Than Sadet Waterfall

06. A Special Sense of Belonging
08. Tranquility
09. Relaxed Atmosphere
10. PEACEFUL people

All things have duality! The night, the day. Good & bad. Please don’t let anger possess you. These are only observations of the truth and the truth is not always beautiful flowers and happy smiles.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons why Koh Phangan Island is INDEED Paradise!

  • scut

    Thumbs up Pete…that’s more like it

    • glyn

      Now you’re taking the piss… I bet this post doesn’t generate near the response of the negative one! Come on Koh Phangan speak up and be heard….

      How long will it take for Thaksin Shinawatra to get the balls to return to Thailand.. I hoping he never does!

  • Anonymous

    NIce site

    Im not sure that displaying a picture from Coral Draw will have people fooled however,That sunset is not KPy.

    • Becki

      Thanks for the nice site comment 😉

      But the sunset is actually a SUNRISE and the effects are done by Adobe Photoshop 😉

      Also not sure if this is Koh Phangan … just got the picture from a friends Thailand picture archive. Could also be Koh Samui … who actually cares? If you feel fooled over than I’m deeply sorry … hahahahaaaa 😉

      It’s a nice picture anyway …

    • Anonymous

      ok, forget the picture. The people are great. Check out Mr. Lek at the reggae bar, had salad. Mr. Lek is a kind-hearted stoner and we love him! He often offered tourists a place to crash when they visit Had Salad but have no place to stay. When he does his market run to Tongsala he offered a ride with him, and also a lift back… if we wanted to come back at the same time as him. He even offered his phone number to some tourists, just incase they get lost and needed to get back. When I was on KP for Songkran (Thai new year), he offered to take us all for a day out to the street party at Tongsala. Mr. Lek has many friends that return to see him each time they visit KP, and that’s how it’s always been for the past 10 years. Oh, his bar does wicked Burger too! and has a pool table and a massive tv. I wish I have his photo to stick it on the site! big up Mr. Lek (c u in Nov!) x

      • starry

        oh for got to log on!… the last comment was from “starry”. please visit mr. lek. hes joke!

  • Anonymous

    So you do not have to go to Irak. Remember: The glass is always half full, not half empty!! Go on like this and your live is so much better!!!

  • Anonymous

    This picture its from switzerland, Montreux and the mountain its France.
    I am living in Montreux:-)

    see you next month to the island!


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