High Alert

Koh Phangan Island News Headquarters receives again another threat!

Koh Phangan Island News Receives Threat!

This time from an ‘official’ police agent from the ministry of foreign affairs in France!

Well … that’s of course awesome and probably many of you might understand now why they burn all those cars in the suburbs of Paris at the moment 😉

I mean, did you ever trust in any police force in any country in this so called free democratic world? Did you? A couple of months ago a Thailand newspaper called “The Nation” conducted a public opinion poll in the south of Thailand, asking the people how they feel about the Thai Police. They were asked if they would feel safe or protected if an official Thai police agent showed up somewhere close to them.

And the results of that public opinion poll were awesome again. Around 80% of the populations in the south of Thailand DID NOT feel safe or protected in any way once in contact with an official Thai police agent!!! 5% didn’t know what to answer, of course 😉 And another 15% felt safe and protected … probably the wifes and relatives of the police agents or business partners of the corrupted police network …

Anyway … Koh Phangan Island News headquarter received again another threat! Telling us we are responsible for any content posted on this fascinating open portal reporting the awful truth about Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Well … the point of international interest is the article ‘Trouble in Paradise’ posted by our member monkey a couple of weeks ago. Telling the story of an ‘official’ French police agent from the ministry of foreign affairs and his experiences on Koh Phangan Island. Lot’s of stuff was said in the article and the truth is that we don’t have any official proof if it’s right or wrong!

Therefore the article ‘Trouble in Paradise’ is removed from Island News Website! And the entire team of Koh Phangan Island News Headquarters wants to deeply apologize to Mr. Dickhead!

We are really sorry for any kind of inconvenience this article might have caused you!

With best regards
Island News Headquarters

The following information was submitted by the user:


Name: dickheaded
Email: sosserruriers@free.fr
Location: paris
Company: sos service
Comments: dear sir
I have been informated with the french police that there was an article about my wife and I in your site: the police wanted more information about what is said in that article named ‘trouble in paradise’ By the way my wife and I have never been in jail and i work myself for police at the french ministry of foreign affairs. all what is said in that article is falke. after i contacted my lawyers in bangkok they tall me that you are responsible of any content of your site…. so please before that case(i will check tomorrow) turns bad for anyone ,cancell that IMMEDIATELY otherwise my lawyers will contact you.


And here’s the French version, too


Name: dicheaded
Email: sosserruriers@free.fr
Location: paris
Company: sos
Comments: Cher monsieur
c est avec surprise que j’ai recu une information vennt de la poice francaise concernant l article intitulé ‘trouble in paradise’ non seulement cet article est mensonger mais peut nous causer,a ma femme et moi meme, de serieux problemes, apres avoir contacté mes vocats a bagkok je vous prie de retirer IMMEDIATEMENT cet artcle sous peine de poursuites, vous etes personnelement reponsable de ce qui se passe sur votre site……


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