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Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices – Part 3

Accidents on Koh Phangan Island

Welcome back to Koh Pha-Ngan, the island of madness and daily increasing insanity! Here’s the third part on Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices. The second part can be found here -> Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices – Part 2

Then Becki would like to inform you about another of these so called ancient Thai traditions. And you, as a farang, should really respect those traditions and adapt to it as smooth and as fast as you can. Well … so what’s this tradition?

Imagine a local Thai causes an accident by hitting another road user. Imagine this happens on a mostly quiet road, preferably in the night or at some place where the chances are good that nobody else would see them. Imagine the vehicle is still in some sort of conditions that allows you to drive further with it. Well … imagine what the tradition oriented local Thai person would do? Call the cops? Check after the other person he hit? Probably calling an ambulance or something in that direction?

Well … if you would have answered yes to any of those questions you have not yet adjusted to the local Thai traditions! And that’s bad as you should really respect those traditions, isn’t it?

If you believe it or not … they mostly just drive away as fast as they can if the chances of not being seen is guaranteed in some form! It’s really as simple as that 😉 And Becki is not making up these stories! They are just simple facts Becki experienced many times over the last 15 years living on the island of Paradise, called Koh Phangan!

So … if you ever get involved in any sort of accident, no matter you or the other one caused this accident … well … if chances are given … remember … do not think … and adjust as fast and smooth as you can to the local traditions!

If you don’t grasp your chance then you will explore some more stunning miracles about the land of the charming smile!

Accidents on Koh Phangan Island
Accidents on Koh Phangan Island
Accidents on Koh Phangan Island

First, shortly after the accident happened, no matter how deserted the road was at that point, hundreds of Thais will then suddenly pop up out of the nowhere, like mushrooms do after a refreshing morning rain, and in about 2-3 minutes you will be surrounded by the local Thai community. And then after another 30 seconds the vehicle owner will just stand next to you and somehow he/she managed to transform into an exceptional and trusted specialist for vehicle spare parts, prices, fees, damage costs, etc.

It’s also still a Phangan miracle to me but I’ve seen that many, many times! But this just proofs that the local network of jungle drums and smoke fire works perfectly!

However … next step then are the local cops! In case of a murder they usually never show up but in case of an accident the chances are very high that you’re going to have your first contact with that special kind of life form. The police agents will then introduce you to the next golden rule here on the island of madness. So … what’s that other golden rule then?

Simple and very easy, like usual: YOU, as a farang ALWAYS have to pay for ALL damages caused by the accident even if you didn’t cause the accident or didn’t do anything wrong at all!

Well, that’s what I like to call SIMPLICITY! Keep things simple and easy so even the most retarded person can understand it 😉

Next … if you did cause the accident simply by driving on the wrong site of the road or by doing anything stupid or whatsoever … then just go to the next ATM and pay them whatever they ask for. But keep in mind that you sill can bargain about the price 😉

If you didn’t cause the accident at all … well … from now on everything is up to your cleverness, strength and endurance. Please keep that in mind!

To be continued -> Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices – Part 4

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