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Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices – Part 5

Accidents on Koh Phangan Island

Welcome back to Koh Pha-Ngan, the island of madness and daily increasing insanity! Here’s the fifth and last part on Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices. The third part can be found here -> Koh Phangan Vehicle Rentals, Accidents & High Petrol Prices – Part 4

Option No. 2:

First of all, DO NOT PANIC! Also remember to always smile as much as you can even if you’re in any kind of shock. Smile … Smile … Smile 😉 And from the very first moment on constantly refuse to pay any amount of money. Be friendly … don’t loose yourself … as this is exactly what they are trying to achieve! Smile … look them friendly in the eyes … tell them that you DID NOT CAUSE the accident and that you’re not willing to pay one single Thai Baht! Instead, tell them that the Thai should pay for all the damages on your rented vehicle as he/she had caused the accident. Don’t be scared … breathe deep without any fear and try to relax as much as possible! Remember again to smile as much as you can … don’t hesitate … do not doubt anything … be self-confident … always refuse to pay … and smile again … this will drive them really nuts 😉

After a while the police will then send you to the local police station to show you their power and scare you off more! Again … don’t be scared … smile … breathe … and concentrate on the wonders and miracles which are going to be revealed right in front of your eyes! Because the next thing which is going to happen is a generous discount offer on the money they want you to pay. So first it was, let’s say 50.000 THB, and now they are going to ask for only 40.000 THB! Smile … be friendly … and tell them again that you’re not paying one single Thai Baht. It wasn’t you who caused the accident and instead, the Thai should pay for all of it! Breathe … relax … smile … and wait for the next bargain … 35.000 THB! This will then eventually go on for the next couple of hours … you wait … smile … constantly refuse to pay any money … and after a while the 50.000 THB have oddly enough transformed into let’s say 10.000 THB 😉

But even then you keep refusing to pay one single Thai Baht! Please keep that in mind! Keep on smiling and in most cases, after many, many hours, the police cops will then come and say, okay you can go now 😉

Well … that’s what I call amazing Koh Phangan, the island of madness and daily insanity!

Hereby I want to guarantee you that I’m not making up these stories by myself. That shit actually happens nearly every single day on Koh Phangan. Some people, who had experienced this drama, Becki met personally and other incidents I got reconfirmed by the local island network of mouth propaganda. It’s simply just the awful truth!

So … please share this information about general guidelines on vehicle rentals and accidents here on Koh Phangan Island. Recommend this article to all your friends and be well prepared if this shit is ever going to happen to you.

Accidents on Koh Phangan Island
Accidents on Koh Phangan Island
Accidents on Koh Phangan Island

Always remember to drive very, very slow on Koh Phangan’s public road network. Becki’s average speed is about 30 – 40 km/h and so far I haven’t been involved in any accident.

One last word, if they ever are going to put you in jail for an accident you didn’t cause then fight those bastards! Stay in jail for a night, pay the security deposit and ask for a non-corrupted lawyer at your embassy in Bangkok. Sue those corrupt police networks and rental shops because if YOU don’t do anything nothing is going to change ever!

And Becki knows one successful case here on Koh Phangan a couple of years ago. A Dutch guy renting a jeep and he got hit by another Thai car on the road. Then again the same corrupted island scenario but the Dutch guy refused to pay anything at all. They put him in jail; he contacted his lawyers and then sued the jeep rental shop, because they were renting out jeeps without any insurance on the car. Finally he won, got paid all his expenses and the rental shop had to pay a fine of 100.000 THB because of the missing insurance!

The power is all in your hands! What are you going to do?

Though, I also heard from another case which went to court and then the judge said you’re guilty, just because, if you wouldn’t have been here that accident wouldn’t have happened 😉

Well … that’s some kind of marvelous logic, isn’t it?

What more to say … Amazing Thailand?

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