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Koh Phangan Safari & Elephant Trekking Nature Tours

Koh Phangan Safari Elephant Trekking

Discover Koh Phangan’s natural magnificence by elephant, mountain trekking & Safari 4WD Jeep!

Trek the jungle rain forest with Phangan Safari Elephant Trekking Eco Nature Tours! Come along with us to experience a personal view of Koh Phangan Paradise Island in Southern Thailand on an informative vacation that you’ll never forget.

Looking for a small, well-organized tour group to join for your unforgettable holiday vacation on Koh Pha-Ngan Paradise Island in Southern Thailand? Come with us to experience the exciting natural wonders of rain-forest jungle, elephant trekking, ocean, wildlife, rural Thai folklore, culture, and customs that you won’t see on other tours. Choose our safe and comfortable Eco-tours for a truly amazing experience you will never forget!

Koh Phangan’s pristine National Park wilderness preservation sanctuary abounds with exciting wildlife encounters: the sights and sounds of gibbon monkeys bathing… the melodic chattering calls of vivid technicolor hornbill parrots preening. The pervasive smells of tropical floral blossom bouquets… strange exotic fauna… aromatic flora, trees and roots. A dreamy romantic paradise, deep in the mysterious misty jungle environment of legendary Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

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Koh Phangan Safari Elephant Trekking
Koh Phangan Safari Elephant Trekking
Koh Phangan Safari Elephant Trekking

3 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Safari & Elephant Trekking Nature Tours

  • Anonymous

    Living on the Island I regularly drive past the home of the “Elephant Traking” ( as they have quite ironically written on thier sign ). Every single time I drive past I see the poor baby elephant tied up to a post by its leg with a chain thats about 1 meter long. It rocks back and forth in that classic -” set me free Im going crazy” rocking motion.

    I feel that if they are going to use the elephant for income, at least repay it by letting it roam around that huge area they have in front of the inclosure.

    So I ask the host – how can you promote this tour ?

    • Anonymous

      I love elephant treking, i have been north thailand before i feel same like you but after that i had a talk with the old man who always ask elephant to do this do that, Elephant they se for treking groth up with them not in jungle and believe me whoever groth up with elephant not only make income groth up with relationship and elephant love owner even over protect, you know elephant here they have doctor to check , and they enjoy to go with the owner take tourist trekking and they happy, but if they tired or sick owner will never take out for trekking becasue elephant will get mad and dangerouse. for the baby elephant .. with the chain that for take care not to run away to the road and also if have tourist visit .. make it saft , for peopel who work with elephent there .. i feel like they stay to eacother ,,, okay elephant work for them they got income elphant get food and doctor. but in the time no work no income they just like family .. you know if you want to take them to jungle. you think the elphent want o leave ?

    • Anonymous

      yes these poor elephants are not kept well.

      Seeing these creatures being kept all day on chains that are not much longer than their own bodies is not pleasant at all.

      See for yourself:

      This groups of elephants is a family. The youngest is 2 years old and the oldest nearly 100. If you respect these creatures, do not make the safari owners any richer until they improve conditions for these noble beasts.


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