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Koh Phangan Party Zone Shooting and the story of a police report – Part One!

Koh Phangan Police Report 01
Koh Phangan Police Report

Sawadee Khrap & welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News – the one and only news magazine reporting about the daily increasing insanity on the Island of Madness!

Just 2 weeks after the gunshot attack I finally managed to get hold of the tourist police on Koh Samui so they could provide me protective service while being on Koh Phangan trying to file a police report regarding the gunshot assault.

Actually I was quite amazed about the tourist police on Koh Samui. Shortly after the gunshot attack happened I phoned the Tourist Police Headquarters in Bangkok and told them what happened. Then a few days later two friendly tourist police cops showed up at the hospital and took a report about the gunshot attack. I told them the whole story, told them about my suspects and even showed them this website so they can gather as much information as possible.

Then the two friendly and fluently English speaking tourist police cops handed me over some freaking chicken soup basket, took a few pictures, asked for my mobile number and just left. So I expected they would do some awesome police investigation and phone me a few days later to inform me about the outcome of their detective work but to my surprise (was I really surprised?) nothing happened at all 😉

So then I was quite surprised to accidently ran into my lovely tourist police cops at the local starbucks coffee shop a few days later on Koh Samui. I think they all were also more than surprised to see me again as they probably wished for to actually never see me again – case closed 😉

After an intensive chat at the local Starbucks coffee shop the friendly tourist police cops from Koh Samui finally started revealing the awful truth!

They told me that they are more than aware of the dirty business and corruption of police officers on Koh Phangan Island and anywhere in Thailand but at last they also had to confess that they got a family with kids and therefore would never touch that hot potato or get involved in such mafia like police business. If they would start messing around and dig deeper into the whole story … well … you know … someone could get shot … and they all do love their kids, wife & family!

Okay … makes sense! But at least I finally managed to arrange a police protection escort for Koh Phangan the next morning.

The Seatrans speed boat left quite early the next morning and Becki was surrounded by three friendly tourist police cops, all wearing guns and firearms and other impressive war toys – awesome!

A big black SUV was waiting for us at the pier in Thongsala and a few minutes later we arrived at the local Phangan police station ready to file the police report. Unfortunately the police officer processing my case was not present though the tourist police told him earlier that we would come that day.

The atmosphere at the police station in Koh Phangan was more than super toxic and some police agents looked at me in such a way that they probably just wished for Becki’s instant and sudden death!

And to be honest … I think if I wouldn’t have gotten that special tourist police protection task force from Koh Samui the local Phangan cops would have just shot me directly in the face, dig a hole behind the police station and buried me right there. Fucking stupid annoying case closed!

After 30 minutes or so the Phangan police agent working my case finally found the way to his work desk and with the help of the tourist police I could start filing a police report regarding the gunshot attack. I told them all the details of what happened that night. Told them about my suspects, anonymous phone calls, gun fire at my house, internal warnings from some party organizers … the whole nine yards!

The whole procedure took about an hour and finally the police cop handed me over the police report, written in Thai language of course, and told me to sign here – please!

Koh Phangan Police Report 02
Koh Phangan Police Station
Koh Phangan Police Report 03
Original Koh Phangan Bullets!
Koh Phangan Police Report 04
Tourist Police Koh Samui

I then of course instantly denied my signature and explained that I have no idea what he has written in the police report and would only sign the report after I received a word by word translation from someone I could trust. End of story!

A while ago there was another incident on the Island of Madness with two British tourists who got brutally attacked at Had Rin beach and local Phangan police filed a report stating that they just had an accident! Not just one single word about any brutal attack … assault or whatsoever … who can you trust?

After I denied my signature the whole police station sort of went insane and the general atmosphere of super toxic reached a climax of total biohazard and then I finally had the rare pleasure to look some of those Phangan police cops directly into the eyes while they were discussing my case.

And finally Becki started realizing that reptiles from the Draco Star System must be real and that I, at last, had the uncommon enjoyment of a real first close alien reptile contact …

Some of those Phangan cops are not only evil … but more than super evil and probably able to vaporize you with just a single reptile thought! Luckily I had my tourist police task force standing next to me the finger ready on the trigger … though I’m still not sure if human weapons will have any effect on super evil alien reptile creatures?

However … I asked for a copy of the police report but was told that this is not possible because it is still an ongoing investigation. What a laugh 😉

Finally, still sitting in the Phangan police station, I instantly phoned the German Embassy in Bangkok and asked for assistance and the atmosphere went yet another step from biohazard to deadly toxic nuclear and the local Phangan cops were pretty much pissed with me!

Friendly & more than helpful Margaret from the German Embassy then spoke to the police officer on the phone for a few minutes and afterwards told me that the German Embassy will now initiate an official course of action and apply for a copy of the police report which will then be send to the German Embassy in the next few days. Once they receive the document they will send me a copy which I can then translate by an interpreter to get a word by word translation. Once satisfied with the content I could later go to the police station one more time to finally sign the police report. What a freaking mess 😉

But at least some sort of good news. Everything seemed set and I was more than happy to leave evil Phangan police station with its super evil agents from the Draco Star System!

To be continued …

18 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Party Zone Shooting and the story of a police report – Part One!

  • Anonymous

    Moral of the story here…If you get in trouble on the island, skip the local police
    And go straight to the tourist police on Samui or call your embassy.

    Take it easy Becki,


    • well … if only things were that easy 😉 wait until you read the second part of that story … I promise you will be more than amazed …


      • Anonymous

        according to me, would be such better not to show picture of your 2 tourist policemen of Koh Samui on your website for their security…but it is just my point of view. Then, we all know about police on Phangan, be careful with them, as u said, better not get involved in anything with them, business is quite their only job in my mind..Take care, so happy of the end of ur story, hope phangan will stay a little bit more un peace as it could be.

    • Anonymous

      Nice Job Becki, You got big balls man

  • Anonymous

    im i the only one that think the local police is good?ilost my wallet with visacard and 6000 baht,took to days then the chief of the police in haad rin,came back with my wallet with all money and even visacard,som becki you must done something really bad..take care and outta trouble

  • Anonymous

    Well Becky, I think it’s great that you’re exposing the awful truth about the Phangan police. And I know it’s not the first time. You need to ensure that that the news papers are aware of this story too.

    I have heard now that a number of people in Pattaya have been nailed with attempting to bribe police. A Canadian offered a million baht and was charged. So it’s possible for things to change! It takes Phangan a little longer than most of Thailand. I’m not saying Pattaya is not corrupt, I’m sure it still is, but some small improvements can take place. I find it a little worrying that the tourist police can afford to go to Starbucks, which I would consider expensive!

    All of this corruption in Thailand being made public has to be hurting Thai tourism. The airport departure scams have been widely reported around the world and that alone has to scare off some folks. The only way to motivate the government to fix the problem is to make it public…

    Good on ya Glyn

    • Anonymous

      nice one becki!

      all the best


      • Anonymous


        Part two sounds like it could be an interesting installment……..

        Will wait to see it.

        Take care KPG’ers 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Hi Becki.
    Where is the funny comment of Chris/Germany gone?
    Do you have deleted it and why?
    I wanted to show it to a friend of mine but i can’t!
    Do you delete these questions too?

  • Anonymous

    cheers mate,here it is again.but maybe not 4 long time because becki don’t like it.he only like to tell the awfull truth,but he don’t like to hear it=;o)

    i think about starting a website called „wiesentheid smalltown news“ to report the awfull truth of a very small town , located in southern germany , wich is the hometown of becki aka beckman aka ralf flederer .
    The main-business of the locals of wiesentheid is not the tourism like in kpg , most of them are small farmers as you can easily see if you put the name of the town in google-earth.
    Wiesentheid is surrounded by many small fields where the wiesentheid-farmers grow some sorts of corn and vegetables.
    Then i will complaign against the dust and dirtpollution caused of the farming-vehicles(in germoney called BULLDOG) , used by the farmers who are driving all day and in harvestingtime all night long too from their houses to the fields and back.
    Many of the BULLDOGS are very old ones.
    So it’s not only the dust in the air and the dirt on the street that hurts me and maybe some other people of wiesentheid.
    It is the very loud sound of the very old engines in their very old BULLDOGS when they roll slowly down the road.
    It sounds like POPOTT-POPOTT-POPOTT (according to the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM in baantai).
    And last but not least,it stinks like hell when the farmers are carrying the waste(i don’t like to describe that in detail) of their cows and pigs out of town to the fields.

    So , me and some other people of wiesentheid(who not get their income from farming) are against the farmers!!!

    and i will make me a lawyer for them and

    1.force the farmers to shut down the very loud and old BULLDOGS or buy new ones wich are more silent for our better sleep.
    2.Force the farmers to clean the road after dirtpolluting it with the dirt of the bulldogtires for our clean shoes by walking down the road.
    3.Force the farmers to fly out the cow-and pigshit by paragliders because that’s more silent too and maybe don’t stink.

    I swear i will not be shy to force them to be silent and clean as long until they do their work like nurses in hospital , silent and clean!
    Because me and the some other people , wich get their income not from farming have our right to sleep and our right for clean shoes!!!

    If i really will do so , as the german that i am , for sure some of the german farmer’s or their german son’s will beat me up „thaistyle“ with some wooden stick or baseball-bat.
    If i fight back then , they will get more angry too , like that thai-guys that have shot beck’s-man in his hip(from near distance!they had could killed him too , if they had wanted , i think ).
    not to think about what will happen to a stranger(because some germans are nazi’s and don’t like any stranger at all), who put his nose into the local businesses and complaign about that in public via internet by writing names and showing photograph’s of persons involved to the case .

    Many germans have illegal weapons too and if something like the case of shooting becki happens in a small town in germoney , the police-investigations will stuck as well.
    Because nobody will have seen or heard something happend to a stranger .

    So in my point of view every stranger have to behave everywhere as a guest and not as a public investigator!

    At last i like to say that i hate violence and hope that this so called „partywar“ ends peacefully for all !!!

    cheers and all the best to all , including you , becki !
    from chris=;o)


    • hello chris from germoney 😉

      so I will not remove your comment again so others can read what you have to say … i personally think your comparison of farmers in my home village Wiesentheid to the party zone battlefield in Baan Tai village doesn’t fit at all!

      I don’t want to go into details of your comparison but I just want to say again that it wasn’t only Becki, the foreigner who should behave as a guest, who had a problem with all that terrible techno party noise pollution. Instead … mostly ALL of the thai village people in and around Baan Tai village had or still are having problems with that situation.

      So … over the last couple of years I could see the village people complaining about it at the local Phangan authorities like police and district office over and over again without any improvements at all. At one point I just offered my help to the village people as I thought the village people just didn’t know how to do things the proper way. It just wasn’t like Becki was the one and only one complaining … NO … mostly all village people didn’t like all the techno parties in their village … got it?

      Then finally Becki showed the village people how to do stuff … file official complaints … get the signatures … contact the right people in the right positions … and guess what? It worked 😉 Not for very long … but it worked! And if village people wouldn’t be so scared of local mafia like structures who easily go and shoot you then a long term improvement for all parties involved shouldn’t be a problem, don’t you think?

      And finally for the very last time … it was never about shutting down any parties anywhere on the island! It was about finding the right spot for party organizers so local thai & farang people in the village of Baan Tai could live a peaceful and tranquil life like they did for centuries before any party arrived on koh phangan. Why is that so difficult to understand?

      So, dear chris, the only thing I didn’t like about your comment was that you painted a picture about me which doesn’t reflect the awful truth at all! This was the only reason I removed your comment. If you want to act as a smart ass person then please get your record straight and don’t post false information – thanks!


    • Anonymous

      That is a pathetic analogy Chris! First of all, farmers are feeding the planet, which I for one consider an essential service.

      Becki was not trying to get rid of the parties on Phangan. He was attempting to have them move to a more remote location, so that the people of Baan Tai and others in the area can sleep at night. Frankly I think it isn’t that unreasonable.

      Had the party organizers got there acts together and moved they could have had a party every night. I personally think the parties add something to the island but not at the expense of locals.

      I’m not sure why you would make this post so personal, I have not seen Beckman make this a personal issue and he isn’t attacking the character of any individual.

      I’d recommend you go back to school to learn about the role farmers play in today’s society.

      Cheers from Canada Glyn

      • Anonymous

        i think a good idea to send the bantai parties to Wiesentheid ,or send the farmers to grow corn at the bantai dancefloors…….that will work out good for everyone!

    • Anonymous

      I do not any farmers working when others are sleeping…

      • Anonymous

        wow how entertaining !

        • Anonymous

          It may all seem entertaining but it has hurt Phangan’s reputation and it’s tourist trade. This includes the parties. It’s to bad that folks just can’t be more considerate of others and work together. A more cooperative environment would mean parties would go unnoticed by authorities and you could boogie till you drop. Glyn

  • Anonymous

    becki, you seem to like being shot…. when i read your site, i’m pretty sure it will happen again any day soon!

  • Anonymous

    “oh! me know big mafia – you’re dead now!”
    you fookin pathetic little thai monkeys…
    i’d like to see you try and bring your noisy shit parties anywhere near phangan beach here in bantai. i’ll kick your collective ass all the way to haadrin if you try, you piece of shit gutless scum…
    thinkin about it? the british don’t just pack and go home like the germans. bring it on – i’d love to take you all down, you retard inbred little monkeys… fuck you all!


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