L’Embuscade Restaurant Francaise in Thongsala on the Island of Koh Phangan

Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 01
Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan

Bonjour … common ca va? Mon nom est Becki and today I would like to introduce you to the tasteful world of two French monsieurs named Philip and Nico from the French Restaurant L’Embuscade here on Koh Pha-Ngan, the island of madness, in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Restaurant Francaise L’Embuscade first opened about 6 months ago and is run and managed by monsieur Philip. He originally comes from Cannes, a city in the South of France, famous for its delicious and mouthwatering French specialties. Philip also is a certified chef with many years of experience in Switzerland.

After a few times holiday in Thailand over the last 6 years Philip finally realized that the French government actually charged him far too much tax on his monthly income. Therefore he decided to say au revoir to the French tax system and finally moved over to a far better place on the other site of the globe, called Koh Phangan, also well known as the island of madness.

Philip offers every day new specialities francaise, menus and a la carte dishes with an emphasis on good and always fresh ingredients. Some examples from today’s menu would be Filet Mignon de Porc, Blanquette de Poulet or even some Magre de Canard which sounds lovely but actually Becki has no idea what this means as my French is not that liquid. And to be honest Becki hasn’t tried any of the French specialities from chef Philip yet, but I promise to do so and will keep you updated!

Our next monsieur de France is called Nico and he sure is a nice and relaxed French man. Nico also comes from Cannes in the South of France but has spent the last 11 years here on Koh Phangan Paradise Island actually … well … not doing that much at all … just enjoying life! What a wise decision 🙂

Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 03
L'Embuscade French Croissant Koh Phangan
Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 02
L'Embuscade Restaurant Francaise Koh Phangan
Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 04
L'Embuscade French Country Bread Koh Phangan

Nico is responsible for every day fresh french croissants & chocolate croissants, French Country style bread and delicious slices of pizza at L’Embuscade. All of Nico’s baking skills are self taught and Becki has to admit that he’s doing a really great job! Becki personally loves the French croissants and in my opinion just the best ones you can find on the island. Thin layers of buttery dough with lots and lots of air in between … just like it’s supposed to be!

Then the French Country Style Bread … it’s just awesome! Crispy wheat flower bread with a thick crust … dark baked and just fucxxxx delicious! Also tried the slices of pizza this morning and sadly … nothing to criticize … just tastes really good.

So finally Becki has decide to give a two thumbs up for our French monsieurs Philip and Nico from the Restaurant Francaise L’Embuscade. Keep up the good work you’re doing monsieurs 😉

The L’Embuscade Restaurant is located in Thongsala main village on the Post Office road just next to the old Meeting Point. If you somehow get lost or have a mental breakdown then just dial 0870610116 and ask for French monsieur Philip or Nico so they can guide your way.

And as we live in the land of the cheap charlies a price orientation might also be useful. Croissant & Chocolate Croissant 35 THB, French Country Style Bread 35-40 THB, Slice of Pizza 50-80 THB, Daily French Specials 100-350 THB

Have fun & au revoir 😉

Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 06
L'Embuscade Monsieur Nico
Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 05
L'Embuscade Restaurant Francaise Koh Phangan
Embuscade Restaurant Koh Phangan 07
L'Embuscade Monsieur Philip

5 thoughts on “L’Embuscade Restaurant Francaise in Thongsala on the Island of Koh Phangan

  • Sorry but I did have lunch there one day with a friend…and though their pate and bread was perfectly delicious. My blanquette de poulet was microwaved out of the freezer (not for long enough!), the rice was brought in to the restaurant from outside in a plastic bag and my first mouthful of chicken was still iced……
    attention to detail not so good.. I am sure they can do better.

    • Anonymous

      my name is nico and i make the bread in this place.thanks to beki for the nice comments, and i will kik philippe’s ass for the blanquette not hot enough and for the rice!i come back in september and we will progress for sure!!!

    • Anonymous

      i am the bakerman ‘thank you for your comment,and i will kik the ass of my friend! i’m back in khophang and open my own bakery,NICO’S BAKERY! you can tell everibody! see you when you see me!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Do they do a roast beef dinner and pie chips and gravy?

    • No. But the Vantana does. Both of which are excellent.


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