The Circus Bar Thongsala – The one and only German Beer Garden on the Island of Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Circus Bar 01
Koh Phangan Circus Bar

Sawadee Khrap & a warm and happy welcome to Koh Phangan Island News – the one and only online magazine offering fresh and up-to-date news about Koh Phangan Paradise Island in the South of Thailand.

Again … hopefully our dear gutter press readers won’t be that disappointed 😉 … Koh Phangan Island News headquarters got indeed more positive news about the Island Of Madness, formerly also well known as Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

This time we received an invitation from the Circus Bar – The one and only German Beer Garden on Koh Phangan Island!

The Circus Bar is run by Martin, a really friendly, helpful and outstanding guy from Germany, Munich. The Circus Bar started a few years back at a very remote location hidden around Baan Tai village but since this year’s high season the Circus Bar has finally moved to a more popular location close to Thongsala main town.

Its location is quite easy to find. Just leave Thongsala towards Baan Tai / Haadrin Beach on the main road. Pass the hooker bars on the left or just stop by for a few minutes if you feel a desperate urge. Then cross the bridge and after about 100 meters you will see a red sign with green letters on the left hand site welcoming you to the Circus Bar.

Don’t hesitate and drop in for a draft beer and our friendly and helpful host Martin is more than happy to guide you into the secrets the Island Of Madness has to offer. As a long term patient Martin knows all the bells and whistles about Koh Phangan Island and I am sure you will appreciate some of the island wisdom he is able to present.

Reason for our invitation at the Circus Bar was another birthday party event which Martin organizes from time to time. On the free menu that night was some sort of special pork roast or ‘Rollbraten’, like we Germans say, with potato and cabbage salad. Emphasis is on Free Food – something our team of non-corrupted cheap charlie douche bags has never been able to refuse 😉

Koh Phangan Circus Bar 02
Koh Phangan Circus Bar
Koh Phangan Circus Bar 03
Koh Phangan Circus Bar
Koh Phangan Circus Bar 04
Koh Phangan Circus Bar

Apart from those special events the Circus Bar is open every day, please correct me if I’m wrong, and offers a nice and laid back atmosphere especially for the German speaking community.

The Circus Bar Beer Garden presents all kind of different beers including the usual local brands, draft beer and even some famous German Weissbier.

Additional they offer a small menu with some German Beer Garden standards like Wiener Schnitzel, Pork Steak, Nürnberger Sausages, Fleischpflanzerl, Gulasch, Chilli con Carne or some delicious fried potatoes with egg.

So thanks again for the nice invitation plus the delicious food and hopefully this article will help direct more visitors to the Circus Bar – The one and only German Beer Garden on Koh Phangan Island.

You really deserve it – thanks!

Please check out the picture gallery -> The Circus Bar – The one and only German Beer Garden on Koh Phangan Island

9 thoughts on “The Circus Bar Thongsala – The one and only German Beer Garden on the Island of Koh Phangan

  • Anonymous

    Hello becki.
    where are the articles about the banned partys?
    i am amazed why you took them off the page!
    greez from germoney

    • Becki

      well … the usual threats and stuff. will keep you guys updated as soon as i can 😉

      • Anonymous


        Good luck to these guys, I hope things go well with your bar.

        PATIHAN (Missing KPG big time…..)

        P.s Hi Becki, Keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous

      What is it? A murder threat? I hope you are not in trouble after all the work you have done to support the villagers of Ban Nua, Ban Nok and Bantai!

      Please take care of yourself!

  • Anonymous

    nice one this bar
    i’ve been to kpg a year ago and went to the bar a few times. the food is good and the drinks are cold, and above all, the bartender is a nice guy (and his thai compagnon too)
    thanks for the good times

  • Putting an Ohm symbol on the bar is very cynical and an insult to Buddhism even though it is probably unintentional. I know there are many bars like this in Thaliand that cater for farang that are more into spirits than spiritualism (but like the idea of being spiritual).

    • “About 200 Buddhist students held a rally outside an outlet of the international franchise Buddha Bar in the Indonesian capital accusing it of defaming their religion.”

      • Anonymous

        I stand corrected.

        Actually it is the Hindu symbol of Ohm that is used at the bar. Buddhist Ohm symbol looks different and it is only in Tibbetan Buddhism not Thai.

        Nevertheless, its is disrespectful to associate a bar that serves alcohol with either Buddhism or Hinduism.

        • Are you on Crack? Hindus can drink. I’ve been to India several times and Indian Hindus drink like fish.


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