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Koh Phangan Island – A taxi driver, some drugs and the Royal Thai Police

Koh Phangan Police Drug Arrest 01
Koh Phangan Police Drug Arrest

Hello there and welcome back to Koh Phangan Island News – the one and only independent newspaper reporting the awful truth about Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

Two weeks ago we celebrated another infamous Full Moon Party at world famous Hadrin beach and in the aftermath we had quite some amazing gossip about the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) showing up on Koh Phangan Island and furthermore non-confirmed rumors about some arrests of local police cops which were involved doing some nasty drug trade business on the Island of Madness, formerly also known as Koh Phangan Paradise Island.

So this article can be seen as pure, 100%, Koh Phangan Island gossip as you probably will never find any official documents in some police department. But this funny and hilarious story was brought to us by various reliable island sources and therefore deserves being posted and published on Koh Phangan Island News.

Apparently, during the last Full Moon Party period in February 2009, the local Royal Thai Police from Koh Phangan arrested a taxi car driver, who was in possession of a few YaBa Pills, locally known as ‘crazy medicine’ containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine.

Once arrested the taxi driver was then brought to the local police station and there he was being questioned and interrogated by the local SWAT team to gain further information regarding the YaBa drugs and its source of origin.

The unidentified taxi driver then stared laughing and said, ‘Hey guys, what are you doing? The drugs are yours! You provided me with those pills! So what the heck is all this about?’

Inspired by such an awful accusation the local Phangan SWAT team then sent of the taxi car driver with some numbered bills to purchase another pack of ‘crazy medicine’ from his local uniformed dealer and BINGO … Koh Phangan SWAT team was finally able to arrest one of their own brothers doing some nasty drug trading business on the Island Of Madness.

Once the local police cop from Koh Phangan, who lived just next to the Post Office in Thongsala and grows a small mustache, was arrested, he was then departed to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters in capital city Bangkok where he probably received a bit of spanking on his buttocks and some further lecturing to be a bit more careful in the future.

Finally he then was released and re-located, without any punishment nor prosecution nor any reports in any newspapers, to a more remote location. According to reliable island sources his new territory of protecting the law now seems to be neighboring Koh Tao Island.

Isn’t that amazing news 😉

Again … this story should be only seen as hearsay though reconfirmations from various reliable island sources actually proof it to be of high probability. If you can provide any more information regarding this case you are more than welcome to leave a comment – thank you!

This indeed shows you one more time that the Royal Thai Law is an extremely flexible and dynamic system which will punish the poor dreadlock weed smoking rastafari tourist with sudden death or massive payments while the guardians of the law who do the real drug trading will receive some minor buttock spanking plus a nice relocation to a new territory until some weed has been grown over the whole story – without any prosecution or whatsoever!

Welcome to the land of the smile … welcome to the Island Of Madness!

7 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Island – A taxi driver, some drugs and the Royal Thai Police

  • Anonymous

    Amazing Thahahailand !

  • Anonymous

    I am also reliably informed that approx 5 months ago the phangan police arrested 2 of their own officers, one local and one courier from Bangers at the pier….. Total haul 200 yabaa pills….. Now the local thai is in Koh Samui jail awaiting his fate, but i cant seem to uncover what has happened to the 2 BIB…. Anyone know any more details… or are they also re-located to koh tao…? ( after a bottom spanking of course!)

  • Anonymous

    It seems to be the story of “Don Quichote…and the wind and the mills”

    the wind is getting more smooth, the mills are working “same same” and “Don” is getting older and older,second by second.

    There is already a big account and let’s have a look,this one is becoming more big!!!!

    Or maybe more crazy!>>>>People need money.No money,no honey.

    Please don’t stop reporting this stuff.

    cu a friend

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, people should know a little bit more about “amazing thailand” and his officials!

      • Anonymous

        i love the police on koh phagnan. for years they have done all the illegal stuff, gambling, exstortion, and riding around on their bikes with hookers on the back!! always the right people to turn a blind eye to most things if it means they are getting a few king sheets in their back burner!! but this happens all over thailand and incidents like this are highly ammusing and are what makes thailand great!! i remember when my mate got knocked off his bike by a car and was unconsious for the best part of a day, and the police came around took his blood for testing (whilst he was out cold), came up with the idea that he had been drinking and then charged him for it and made him pay for the damge to the car i think all in all it was about £2,000!! and the woman that knocked him over??? what do you reckon, sweet FA!!

  • Anonymous

    the police also used to organise the fake visa runs over to burma and back!! dont know if they still do it but had some good times with them on a boat being up to no good!!

    • Anonymous

      hey becki,
      how was your sleep last night? Shivamoon now moved down in the creek.. can you still here it so loud..?? hope for you,you get your sleep now…:)


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