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Dive Bulletin from a sedate Chaloklum village on Koh Phangan Island May 2003

Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan 01
Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan

It’s a very quiet time here in paradise. Time for dive school owners to relax & appreciate what made them stick here in the first place. (While there still is something left to appreciate, hopefully!)

Time also to do sensible jobs like writing a letter about the school to the mighty Beckmann’s Koh Phangan News web site. We’re still here in the middle of Chaloklum Village (up North) after 9+ years of the usual trials & tribulations usually encountered in a small & genuinely eccentric fishing community. Oh, the stories we can tell, if not restrained!

From the distant days of renting long-tail boats, to buying our present monster (22m long/5m wide) fully fitted dive (& live-aboard) boat, ‘Chaloklum Tour’ (yes, I know, we could have chosen a more glamorous name), we’ve kept to our simple policy of giving the best service we can, all the time. Word of mouth recommendations are worth more than anything else to our type of customer & we’re useless at marketing anyway (incidentally if you know someone who might be interested in some diving managerial/marketing work, Phangan style, please get in contact with!).

Guaranteed small groups, genuinely personal teaching & diving trips. We like to do everything the way it’s meant to be done, without time pressure. You know it’s no fun if you rush it! All the details are on the website Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan, plus a comprehensive guide to local marine life in our 600+ u/w photo directory.

Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan 02
Koh Phangan Diving
Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan 03
Dive Boat Chaloklum Diving
Chaloklum Diving Koh Phangan 04
Scuba Diving Koh Phangan Island

3 thoughts on “Dive Bulletin from a sedate Chaloklum village on Koh Phangan Island May 2003

  • Anonymous

    don’t dive with these cunts. they are a bunch of wankers! mark, dive inn.

    • Anonymous

      Mark the owner from Dive Inn in Chaloklum is no longer with us.

      He died whilst diving Sail Rock soon after he wrote this message. His body was recovered 24 hours later at the bottom of the rock with only a little air in his tank used.

      Without speaking bad of the dead I think looking in the mirror may have been a good idea!

      For viewers of this blog – Best to check to find the approved PADI dive schools on Koh Phangan.

      RIP Mark. We will miss your mullet, your directness, your drunkenness and your sense of humor. Rest in Peace.

  • Anonymous

    yeh they sure are…They are a rude bunch of fools…
    and they fill their tanks 24/7 and disturb the peace of the klum
    Sedate? i lived next door to this noise polluting money grabbing outfit


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